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So many of you have sent along useful information that we all could benefit from. Many of you have probably seen most of these (if so, skip over them), but others may be new to you or have not yet been passed on to you. After verifying that it is valid and current information and not a hoax, I will include some of the most useful here.

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Free Golf Cart Towing if You Have AAA
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Aging at Home
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     Home Modification Guide
     Making the Move to Assisted Living

Free Golf Cart Towing if You Have AAA

Great news! If you have AAA coverage here in Florida and your golf cart breaks down, you can now call them to have your golf cart towedSally Inderwish called them to confirm what she'd heard and the gentleman at AAA told her that yes, it is true. Since so many of us use our golf carts to get around here, they are adding this service for their customers, but ONLY in Florida. That will save us the cost of another towing service. Thanks for passing this information along, Sally.

Important:  If you originally got your AAA coverage from another state or area of the country, you must transfer your AAA coverage to Florida to get this benefit. Thanks to Leesa Willis for letting us know about this.

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