Walking at Night
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Be Visible Walking at Dusk, Dawn or at Night

Thanks to Leesa Willis for this suggestion.

Need to walk your dog or go for a walk just to get out of the house? If the sun is going down (dusk), before it comes out (dawn), or when it's gone (at night), Leesa suggests you wear light clothing and/or carry a flashlight, or just make yourself visible somehow.

"I wish we could get word out to our early morning or late evening walkers. I wonder if the police have any information that would help or even some reflective vests to hand out. I go to the pool very early every morning and I cannot tell you how many walkers I do not see until I'm right up on them. It's amazing how many folks wear dark clothing (click on picture to see the difference clothing makes). They are absolutely invisible."

Leesa is not alone. I was walking my dog just after the sun went down. My friend was backing out of a driveway. I saw her and moved out of the way, but she didn't see me. When her car was in the street, she was startled to see me waiting for her. She said I'd scared the daylights out of her (sorry, couldn't resist the pun) and almost gave her a heart attack! After that, I didn't go out without my small LED flashlight (also a good idea, if only to scoop poop).

I also ordered flashers to clip onto the traffic side of my shirt or jacket. They came as a packet of two. Since my dog is black, I clip one on the top of her harness so people can see her, too. I liked this because it was rechargeable so I don't have to change batteries. I also liked it because it also came with short velcro straps for securing the flasher onto a bike or leash and longer velcro straps to put on your arm or wrist. They also came with a carrying pouch, but I don't use it since I keep them by the door.

A few years back, the district (I believe) was selling flashers that you hung medallion-like around your neck. They were attention getting, but since many of us can't see as well at night and tend to drive down the middle of the road unless another car is coming, I felt I really needed two to be really safe, one in the front and one in the back, plus the flashing under my eyes could pose a problem and reduce my ability to see. They even had a place you could take it for the battery to be replaced for you at no extra cost. It was a good idea, but I wanted something smaller.

There are other products you might like. There is reflective clothing you can wear that illuminates when light hits it, or get a reflective vest to slip over your shirt or jacket before going out (as low as $6.99 online at Walmart).

But at the very least, please wear light-colored clothing when walking near or after dark.

P.s., I do not recommend those cute little flashers that clip onto your dog's collar. I had one in the shape of a little bone, but it stopped flashing when my dog stopped to sniff and she stopped to sniff a lot.

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