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ision Impairment Services In Our Neighborhood

"Life After Vision Loss"

New Vision for Independence (New Vision) — Helping people in Lake, Sumter, and The Villages overcome vision loss since 2005 — provides unique training to persons experiencing severe bilateral vision loss that is affecting their daily functioning in daily living, vocational, or academic activities. New Vision serves people of all ages — babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors — who reside in Lake and Sumter counties and The Villages. New Vision is the only provider of these vital services for this population in this geographic area.

New Vision eliminates barriers to independence for people with vision loss through rehabilitation, community education, advocacy, and support services.

New Vision is a nationally accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and was incorporated on July 18, 2005.


Free Adult BLIND Independent Living Program

The Adult BLIND (blind living in new dimensions) Independent Living Program is for adults over the age of 55 with a bilateral visual impairment who need assistance adapting to vision loss in order to maintain maximum independence in their homes and in the community. This program is also available for adults under age 55 who do not wish to participate in the Vocational Rehabilitation program. Training in this program includes:
  • Independent living skills training like kitchen safety, accessing print materials, dialing the phone, adjustment to blindness counseling, and low vision devices training.
  • Braille literacy.
  • Orientation and mobility for safe travel in the home and in the community.
  • Assistive technology to use a computer confidently.
Apply through New Vision for Independence ( at 352-435-5040.

While services through New Vision may differ slightly, this video from DBS about the Independent Living Program can give you an idea of the services available under this program. It is presented with audio descriptions.

To be eligible for free services and programs, you must meet the eligibility criteria from the Division of Blind Services:

"An adult must have a visual impairment in both eyes and require services to: improve or maintain their independence at their home and community, OR to obtain, maintain, or retain an employment outcome."

Blind & Beyond Radio

“Blind and Beyond” is a weekly radio show for people who are visually impaired, about the delights and challenges of how they live successful and productive lives. Join hosts Michael & Lynne Golder and their engaging guests for a fun and informative show. Tune in on Sundays, 7:00—9:00 p.m. on 1680 AM radio, call in 518-712-0057 to listen on your phone, or online at

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