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How We Are Adapting in the Age of COVID-19

Coronoavirus can't stop us. We started using the #CoronavirusCantStopUs tag on our Facebook posts lately as a reminder to our clients, supporters, and team that we continue to serve those who need us, albeit a little differently now.

It's only been a month!

  • On March 16, we suspended in-person services for those considered "high risk." We notified all clients and provided information for the Florida Dept. of Health's COVID-19 information line.
  • We moved our monthly support groups to a weekly, call-in group, providing resources, socialization, and love.
  • Two days later, we closed our office, ceased all in-person services, and our team began working remotely.
  • Over the next two weeks, we called all of our clients to check-in and assess needs. We began offering individual and group classes - in fact, in just those two weeks, we hosted 73 group meetings, totaling over 3,600 minutes, via conference call.

We are now a month out and our services keep getting stronger. We have embraced technology and creativity in all our programs. While some services are on hold, we've discovered new ways to serve our clients and community. Keep reading to learn more about what New Vision looks like now! Help us maintain our services during this hard time. Please make a donation today even $5 right now can brighten a dark day (learn how below).

Thank you for reading stay safe!
Chantel's signature

Chantel Buck, President/CEO


There's really sooo much more!

  • Weekly, and sometimes even daily, check-ins with clients who may be having a hard time just to talk.
  • Typing training where our instructor Dan delivers a laptop to a job seeker's front door, then does a lesson over the phone in his car in the client's driveway.
  • Independent living skills classes, where supplies for each of the 6 sessions are delivered to the clients' doorsteps.
  • Helping families adjust to e-learning now that schools have moved online, including providing computers, iPads, and working with the Division of Blind Services to get them free magnification software.
  • Job readiness and mock interviews via Zoom.
  • Saturday group activities for our kids via video chat, such as bingo, painting quaran-tees (shirts), educational videos, and gardening.
  • A class in creating your own cloth face mask over the phone.

I'm so proud of our team and I hope you can see why! #CoronavirusCantStopUs from fostering independence, inclusion, and hope. Please help us keep up the good work - donate today! 

XO, Chantel

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