For the Visually Impaired
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The Villages Support Group
Call-in Support Group
Free Independent Living Classes for the Visually Impaired

     New Training Workshops

The Villages Support Group

New Vision for Independence is committed to excellence in providing rehabilitation, community education, and support services for people with low vision or blindness and their families to promote independence, acceptance, and self-confidence. The local VIP support group is:

1:00 p.m. 1st Thursday of the month
Bridgeport Recreation Center (across from Palmer Legends)
Contact Jim Stickel at

Free Independent Living Classes for the Visually Impaired
Classes being offered here in The Villages

Imagine closing your eyes and pouring a hot cup of coffee, dialing the phone, writing a check, or cooking a meal.  Daily tasks that are simple to perform with vision can seem nearly impossible to complete if you are blind or have low vision. 

Independent Living Skills classes for adults with blindness or visual impairment are now being offered in The Villages.  Instruction will be provided in the following:

  • Adjustment to Blindness
  • Communications
  • Basic Anatomy of the Eye
  • Personal Management
  • Home Management
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Advocacy
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Low Vision

Classes are held twice a week at various locations in Lake and Sumter Counties.  All classes are free.
For more information or to register
for classes call New Vision for Independence at 352-435-5040.

New Training Workshops

New Vision is proud to announce our new Workshop Catalog. We have developed these small-group workshops to help you learn the skills you need to maximize your independence and adapt to vision loss, and hopefully make some friends along the way. These workshops are a pre-requisite to any in-home visits for these specific skills.

Interested in attending a workshop? Contact New Vision for more info!
Below is the current workshop list:

  • Daily Living
    • Adjustment to Blindness
      • Understanding Visual Impairment
      • The Grieving Process
      • Friends and Family
      • Embracing Your New Normal
    • Writing & Reading
      • Writing Large: Writing for Yourself
      • Writing Guides: Writing for Others
      • Large Print Phone/Address Book
      • Reading without Your Eyes: Accessing Audio Books
    • Personal & Home Management
      • Cleaning Skills
      • Medication Management
      • Handling Money
      • Clothing Management
    • Cooking & Dining
      • Dining Skills
      • Kitchen Safety
      • Cooking
  • Orientation & Mobility
    • O & M Basics
    • Transportation

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