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So many of you have sent along useful information that we all could benefit from. Many of you have probably seen most of these (if so, skip over them), but others may be new to you or have not yet been passed on to you. After verifying that it is valid and current information and not a hoax, I will include some of the most useful here.

Equifax Data Breach: What to Do
Learning Resources for Seniors
Village Helper John McCormick
Tips for Safe Shopping on

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

When to Use Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room
     Urgent Care Offices in Our Area
The Villages Hospital Emergency Room

     Moving with Pets
How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

     Caution Pet Owners
          Bobcat in the Neighborhood
               Don't Leave Pets Unattended on Screened Porch or Lanai
               How to Handle a Bobcat Encounter
          Coyote Sightings
               How to Handle a Coyote Encounter
               Fox Encounters
          Living with Florida Wildlife

     Driving Roundabouts
     Golf Cart Batteries

          Recycling Drop-Off Points

     Senior Discounts
     Singles in The Villages FREE Service
     Blind or Visually Impaired FREE Classes & Instruction

     Florida's Construction Lien Law Protect yourself! Don't pay twice for home improvements! If you've paid a contractor for work done, but he doesn't pay his sub-contractors, those sub-contractors can sue YOU and put a lien on your home for the money owed them.

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