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So many of you have sent along useful information that we all could benefit from. Many of you have probably seen most of these (if so, skip over them), but others may be new to you or have not yet been passed on to you. After verifying that it is valid and current information and not a hoax, I will include some of the most useful here.

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     The Latest on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updated
Last Week's COVID-19 Information
COVID-19 Information
     Number of Confirmed Cases
10 coronavirus symptoms you may not be aware of
     Have a mild case of COVID-19?

     Thinking critically about Coronavirus news & information
13 Coronavirus Myths Busted by Science
District Weekly Bulletin 5/20/2020 New
World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Advice, including when traveling.
Coronavirus Outbreak: Live Updates New

Cloth Masks: What to Know
     6 Essentials for an Effective Face Mask New
     Make Your Own Face Mask
          Make No-sew Sock Masks (click on instructions at right) New

Home-made Sanitizers
     Gel Hand Sanitizer for On-the-Go
The Spray Recipe
Disinfecting Spray for Your Home

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesFlorida Consumer eNewsletter for May

Golf Cart Towing with AAA
Save on Car Insurance

Aging at Home
     Common Problems & Solutions for Aging At Home
     Home Modification Self-Help Guide
     Making the Move to Assisted Living

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

When to Use Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room
     Urgent Care Offices in Our Area

Urgent Care Offices
Emergency Rooms


     Driving Roundabouts
          Recycling Drop-Off Points

          Recycling Old Phonebooks
FREE Service for Singles


     Petfinder Website
Ask AAHA: Animal Health Information
     ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center
     Links to Animal Services Websites

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