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Updates for This Week

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Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.    Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.       Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.    

New Website Updates (this week):

Ladies Book Club

Lynnhaven Ladies

  • Back by popular demand, we're having Wild Card Bingo & an Ice Cream Social in June, our last luncheon social until the Fall. Mark your calendars.
  • Read about and see some pictures that were taken at May's luncheon social, A Day at the Races & Derby Day Hat Contest. Looking forward to Mother's Day, Ann Lewe read a tribute to mothers A Mother's Love.
  • See what else is Coming Up in 2018.
  • Send your Lynnhaven Ladies dues for 2018 to Marion Getzes. Send your check made out to Lynnhaven Ladies to her and include your name (as you want it to appear on your name badge), address, home phone #, cell phone #, email address, home state, full or part-time resident; and if you were a previous member, but not this current year, the last year that you were a member.
  • For more information about Lynnhaven Ladies....

Lynnhaven Neighbors

  • The club had its first golfing event of the year Friday, May 18th. In the afternoon, members played in a 9-hole golf scramble at Pimlico. In the evening, club members met at Laurel Manor for a dinner prepared by Oakwood and music provided by Flashback. Read about it and see some pictures that were taken at the events.
    If you attended either or both of these events, please take the survey while the events are still fresh in your mind. It is completely anonymous. Thank you.
  • Next golf scramble is in September and Larry Seymour and Bill Sims could use some help. Call Bill Sims (412-973-3429) or Ralph Helwig (352-205-3810) if you can lend them a hand.
  • There won't be a dinner social in June, July & August, but the President's Putting Cup will be Friday, July 27th, at the Arnold Palmer putting green, followed by a potluck dinner at President Ralph Helwig's. Mark your calendars now and watch for more information once we get closer to the date.
  • To welcome new neighbors to Lynnhaven and introduce them to the club and its activities, or to share with those who are not aware of the club and its activities, print and share the Welcome Letter created by Lynnhaven Neighbors. You can also save the letter to your desktop (main screen on your computer) so it can always be found and printed quickly. Be a good neighbor....
  • See what else is Coming Up in 2018.
  • Lynnhaven Neighbors dues for 2018 should be sent/delivered to Barb Hartmann at 2410 Wilson Way. You must pay with a check made out to Lynnhaven Neighbors; include your names (as you want them to appear on your name badge), address, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • For more information about Lynnhaven Neighbors....

  • Those who continue to need our prayers... Jim Scanlon, Lois Grace & John Grace.
  • Can anyone recommend a good Optometrist to Marilyn McLean?
  • Remember when... buffalo roamed pastures throughout The Villages?
  • A law passed in 2015 requires Medicare to remove Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. Beneficiaries will begin to receive their new cards in May, and the rollout will continue into 2019. This is a good move, since Social Security numbers are the key to identity theft, and having them displayed on Medicare cards has long presented risk. Unfortunately, scammers have come up with ways to take advantage of this change.
  • Be sure to read how to make a 911 call from our cell phone to get help quickly and possibly save a life. We're so used to speed dial that many of us forgot how to do it and what is imperative to say and do when calling from a mobile phone... And, learn what information you must give immediately so that help is sent to your location... and state. Remember, cell phones are wireless so the dispatcher has no way of determining where you are calling from. Pass the information along to everyone you know.
  • I hope you paid attention to the URGENT WARNING that scammers are now going to the Social Security Administration's website, setting up a "my Social Security" account under your name to steal your social security benefits. They explain how the scam works and warns that only 1 social security account can be opened per social security number. Set up your account NOW to beat the scammer setting one up under your name and social security number. With Equifax's (one of the three companies that keeps ALL your information, including your social security number) multiple data breaches, scammers may already have your Social Security number and information. You are playing Russian Roulette if you don't protect your benefits and bank accounts.

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