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Updates for This Week

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  • AARP Fraud Watch articles have been added to the Crime Watch pages and the links updated. The articles include 7 scams reported on the Fraud Watch Network, 8 red-hot frauds, $1 billion lost to cryptocurrency scams, Amazon reimburses victim of tech support scam, criminals target Medicare benefits, and how to stop cybercriminals in their tracks.
  • The current District Weekly Bulletin (updated 6/23/2022) is available (click on link & scroll down through the bulletin for details). It features: District office information; Independence Day office, recreation, trash collection, decoration policy information; what a fire district means for The Villages; billing and paying utilities online; next Resident Academy to learn about our local government (Monday, July 18th, 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Savannah Center) and how to register; safety tips so you aren't tricked into letting crooks access your system and information (click on flier on left); District employee spotlight on Diane Edwards; signs not allowed on stop, street signs; about Community Watch; do NOT put hazardous waste in your trash, where you can drop it off & next mobile collection amnesty day (Saturday, August 6th); courtesy phones around The Villages; registration for Camp Villages summer camp now open, catalog & register; District 5 (that's us) public meeting (Friday, July 6th, 8 a.m., Seabreeze) to discuss amending Deed Compliance, reimbursement of attorneys fees, pressure washing & hedge trimming, etc.; using multi-model paths;; a complete list of recreation facility closures & maintenance, and more.... 
  • Closures & Re-openings (see current District Weekly Bulletin for a full list of closures):  
    • Lake Miona Recreation Complex indoor facilities will be closed for maintenance Friday, June 10th until further notice.
    • Pimlico Recreation Center shuffleboards courts will be closed for resurfacing Monday, June 20th — Sunday, July 10th.
    • Belvedere Recreation Area adult pool will be closed for remodeling Friday, July 1st — Saturday, July 23rd.

Ladies Book Club

Lynnhaven Neighbors

  • Time is running out. Hurry and sign up for Wild Card Bingo & Dessert on Friday, July 8th. It's a super FUN game where anyone can win. Again, we'll be playing for CASH prizes, and the more people sign up, the bigger the prize payouts. Guests are welcome. DEADLINE is coming up.

COVID-19 News in 2022
Friday, June 24th

  • Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again (more than 100,000 reported new cases across the country each day, nearly double the rate a month ago and 4 times higher than this time last year), but COVID-19 deaths from those infections are about a third lower than a year ago. The virus, for now, is causing milder symptoms, and that may have a lot to do with our rising immunity level caused by both vaccinations and previous infections, and the real number is likely much higher than that because many people now rely on at-home tests. At the start of the pandemic, cases went undetected because tests were unreliable and supply was limited (1 in 10 or 12 actually being captured), which aren't reported to health departments. "For people to have that information at their fingertips to be able to get the results that they need so that they can act on them immediately — that's totally worth it, but it comes at the expense of the data."  But even if case counts are much higher than they appear, this summer may not see a health care crisis like previous surges. Beyond vaccination, if the virus is spreading a lot in your community right now, anyone who's high-risk because of age or underlying conditions — or lives with someone who is — would be smart to dial up on personal COVID-19 precautions: being selective about time in public spaces indoors and wearing a high-quality, well-fitting mask when you do.
  • New research published Thursday found that nearly 20 million lives were saved by COVID-19 vaccines during their first year, but even more deaths could have been prevented if international targets for the shots had been reached. Researchers used data from 185 countries to estimate that vaccines prevented 4.2 million COVID-19 deaths in India, 1.9 million in the United States, 1 million in Brazil, 631,000 in France and 507,000 in the United Kingdom. The main finding — 19.8 million COVID-19 deaths were prevented — was based on estimates of how many more deaths than usual occurred during the time period. Using only reported COVID-19 deaths, the same model yielded 14.4 million deaths averted by vaccines. Oliver Watson of Imperial College London led the new modeling study. The findings "quantify just how much worse the pandemic could have been if we did not have these vaccines." An additional 600,000 deaths would have been prevented if the World Health Organization target of 40% vaccination coverage by the end of 2021 had been met. Another modeling group used a different approach to estimate that 16.3 million COVID-19 deaths were averted by vaccines. That work, by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle, has not been published. "We may disagree on the number as scientists, but we all agree that COVID vaccines saved lots of lives," he institute’s Ali Mokdad said.
  • A recent survey conducted by Affordable Health Insurance found that more than half of Americans adults owe medical debt, whether they had insurance or not. The survey of 1,250 U.S. adults found that 56% owe health-related debt and almost 1 in 6 people with medical bills aren't currently paying it off. A large chunk of the debt came from Covid-19 treatment and testing. And nearly 1 in 4 owe more than $10,000 in medical bills. One striking finding from the survey is that having insurance made little difference. In fact, 61% of respondents who have employer-provided insurance, largely due to a confusing and patchy coverage system that includes co-pays, deductibles and out-of-network coinsurance, often leading to denials of claims. A problem more pervasive than previously reported is because much of that debt that patients accrue is hidden as credit card balances, loans from family, or payment plans to hospitals and other medical providers, and is blocking patients from hospital, doctor, or other provider care because of unpaid bills. Hospitals recorded their most profitable year on record in 2019, notching an aggregate profit margin of 7.6%, according to the federal Medicare Payment Advisory Committee, with many hospitals thriving even through the pandemic. As of last year, 58% of debts recorded in collections were for a medical bill. Even Medicare coverage can leave patients on the hook for thousands of dollars in charges for drugs and treatment, studies show.


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  • Get your tickets to The Villages POPS Chorus' next concert, That's When the Music Takes Me. You may see some of your Lynnhaven friends and neighbors in the chorus.
  • The Florida Consumer eNewsletter for June is available. It features: hurricane preparedness tips (things to do), add a fuel plan to your emergency plan and some tips about price gauging & contaminated fuel, home repairs, food & generator safety & insurance; meaning of a hurricane & tropical storm warning vs. watch; June is Internet Safety Month, with tips for you or your grandchild using the Internet safely to avoid being a scam victim, including safe browsing, shopping online, being careful about what you post, etc.; Bed Bug Awareness Week (June 5-11), how to ID a bed bug, avoiding them & choosing effective treatments; about Florida’s state consumer protection agency, food and product recalls.
  • Use Caution: Wild animals have been spotted in Lynnhaven, so beware. Always stay alert to your surroundings and keep your pet on a short leash when going out after dark and never let them stay on your screened lanai unattended after dark. Read about how you can cut down on these encounters and what to do if you come upon a bobcat or coyote. Be aware... 'tis the season and they have babies to feed....
  • Gary Kadow has passed along a press release about mosquito season and the new Spraying Alert system, how to sign up to get notices of when they will be spraying in your neighborhood, how you can cut down on mosquitoes, how to protect yourself from them, the reasons spraying may have been cancelled, and how to call Sumter County Mosquito Control if there is a problem in your area.
  • Gary Kadow shared an article in the Daily Commercial about his latest Project SOS endeavor, The Villages' Project SOS has created a lifeline for Ukrainian soldiers. Gary said that "although Project SOS is dedicated to helping our U.S. military and their families, we also recognize that the courageous military in Ukraine are defending the same principles that we do, mainly their freedom and liberty. In light of that, we began a Ukrainian Relief Fund...." Project SOS is also creating an underground railroad to get supplies bought with those funds across the border to those Ukrainian soldiers. The article tells you how you can contribute to the fund.
  • Attention: Charity Navigator, which rates legitimate, fiscally efficient and accountable nonprofit charities, has a page on their site dedicated to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis. Here you will find highly-rated charities involved in humanitarian relief, recovery and peace-building efforts, with 3 & 4-star ratings (max. is 4 stars), categorized under medical services, medical supplies, non-medical supplies (e.g., food, water, sanitation, and hygiene), emergency housing, long-term assistance, other (e.g., cash/cash vouchers, logistic supply, animals), with many nonprofits overlapping into multiple categories. Click on the name of a highly-rated nonprofit to see how the charity was scored, with details about how the charity uses your donation. You can also donate to your selected charity or multiple charities through its Giving Basket page to make your giving easier, safer, and more impactful.
  • Want to help Ukraine and provide Ukrainian refuge relief? As with any crisis, the scammers come out in droves, set up fake charities that look and sound authentic to trick you into sending your money to them instead of a real organization that is helping. The FTC provides some guidelines for making sure your money goes where you want it to go... to do some good. To help us decide, the TODAY show verified 7 charities working to help Ukrainians, NPR identified 9 charities, and The Washington Post identified 13.

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