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Updates for This Week

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New Website Updates (this week):

  • The FTC warns of new tax scams you should be aware of and avoid.

  • John & Nancy Manion provide an update and thanks everyone for their support as they try to move on after the death of their daughter.

  • Yet more sad news. Long-time Lynnhaven resident, Hank Lubben, has passed.

  • Polly Sheehan is looking for a 2-bedroom rental for APRIL with a golf cart here in Lynnhaven or Belvedere. Can you help?

  • The Ringlands are adopting a cat, but they need a cat carrier to bring her home. Anyone have one that they can buy or borrow?

  • The Sheehans have a travel pet 4-in-1 "Snoozer" carrier for sale.

  • I hope you paid attention to the URGENT WARNING that scammers are now going to the Social Security Administration's website, setting up a "my Social Security" account under your name to steal your social security benefits. They explain how the scam works and warns that only 1 social security account can be opened per social security number. Set up your account NOW to beat the scammer setting one up under your name and social security number. With Equifax's (one of the three companies that keeps ALL your information, including your social security number) multiple data breaches, scammers may already have your Social Security number and information. You are playing Russian Roulette if you don't protect your benefits and bank accounts.

Ladies Book Club

Lynnhaven Ladies

  • For next month, the Ladies will be entertained by Cliff Moody and his Remember When Doo Wop group. It'll be a fun trip down memory lane to the happy days of the 50s and 60s.
  • Read about and see some pictures taken at the Pocketbook Auction & Salad Potluck.
  • See what's Coming Up in 2018 to see what's planned for next year. Looks like another fun year ahead for the Ladies....
  • Send your Lynnhaven Ladies dues for 2018 to Marion Getzes. Send your check made out to Lynnhaven Ladies to her and include your name (as you want it to appear on your name badge), address, home phone #, cell phone #, email address, home state, full or part-time resident; and if you were a previous member, but not this current year, the last year that you were a member.
  • For more information about Lynnhaven Ladies....

Lynnhaven Neighbors

  • For April, the club is having the Photo Scavenger Hunt that was so much fun last year. Signup begins THIS Sunday, March 12th.
  • If you attended March's evening at Laurel Manor on Friday, March 16th, Irish comedian George Casey, please take the survey while the event is fresh in your mind. It is completely anonymous.
  • Read the survey results from February's Bingo & Ice Cream Cake night on Friday, February 16th.
  • The club really, really needs an Events Coordinator. Won't someone please volunteer? Call Ralph Helwig at 205-3810.
  • See what's Coming Up in 2018. Looks like another fun year ahead.
  • Lynnhaven Neighbors dues for 2018 should be sent/delivered to Barb Hartmann at 2410 Wilson Way. You must pay with a check made out to Lynnhaven Neighbors; include your names (as you want them to appear on your name badge), address, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • For more information about Lynnhaven Neighbors....

  • Maureen Wasden is looking for a 3-month rental with a golf cart for next year. Please call her if you have a villa or small home available at that time.

  • Carrol Rhodes is selling two La-Z-Boy rockers with rattan arm rests.
  • Jim Scanlon begins chemo this week for liver/pancreatic cancer. Betty asks that you keep him in your prayers.

  • Good news! Lois Grace's mass has been removed and her prognosis is good, but she still needs our prayers. She also shares a breast cancer awareness message for us.

  • As we enter tax-filing season, it pays to be aware of the signs that point to possible tax identity theft.

  • The FTC has taken legal action against two deceptive schemes targeting or affecting senior citizens: phony sweepstakes offers and bogus computer technical support services.

  • Think you or someone you love might be suffering from depression? Symptoms often show up differently when we're older. Read Depression in Older Adults.

  • When is the right time to move to assisted living and how do you make the right choice for you? Read Making the move to Assisted Living: A Guide to Knowing When It's Right and Making the Right Choice.
    Also, if preparing to make a move, read Moving Advice for Seniors and People with Disabilities. Both of these articles are recommended by Susan Williams.

  • New Vision for Independence, the only service in our area that supports those with low vision, has released its latest issue of its newsletter. Order a large print 2018 calendar, learn the facts about vision loss, learn which businesses were recommended and received the Axy Awards (most blind-friendly businesses). You can also make donations to this organization through the website, see what fundraising events are coming up, and read tips for preserving your vision.
    See the organization's new Training Workshops catalog. These workshops are a pre-requisite to any in-home visits.

  • Twice this week alone, I've been tricked into answering a phone call from a telemarketer. The number displayed on my phone (and our TV) was my doctor's office, then a local number I thought was a friend's number. They were neither. My husband says he gets them on his cell phone, as well. Just yesterday, I got a phone call from a woman who had a missed call that displayed my phone number on her phone. She was returning my call... the call I never made, to a person I don't know. This is called Spoofing. Click on the FCC's article, Spoofing and Caller ID, to read about the practice, when it is illegal, and what you can do. Wikipedia's Caller ID spoofing explanation is also very good and easy to understand.


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