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Updates for This Week

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  • Stay alert. There's been a burglary in the neighborhood... in broad daylight. Fred Heidemann found out about it and I've added some tips for keeping your home and car safer from break-ins. Keep in mind that most burglaries happen between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace just informed Marion Getzes that their mattress order has been back ordered and they are in desperate need of funds to buy mattresses. She is taking both cash & check donations. Sleep in Heavenly Peace volunteers make beds for children who have no beds and must sleep on the floor here in Florida. Please help!
  • Mil Fuhrman is back home after her surgery and is doing well.
  • The current District Weekly Bulletin (updated 2/25/2021) is available (scroll down through the bulletin for details). It features: a summary of the types of calls The Villages Public Safety personnel respond to; job opportunities available in the district and how to sign up for the online notification tool in order to apply; a reminder that you can submit a question, comment or concern to the district 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and how to submit it; how to protect yourself and your pet when walking at night; announcement of new equipment at the Fit Clubs at six recreation complexes and where you can get recreation information; announcement that the Enrichment Academy's Spring/Summer Course Catalog coming out on March 3rd; updates on facility and golf course renovations and improvements; what's involved when recreation centers are cleaned; the meeting of the Sumter Landing Community Development District (SLCDD) Board has changed to the 2nd Monday of the month at 1:30 p.m. effective March 8th; information about bond payoffs, where you can find your bond amortization schedule and how you can pay it off (now until March 16th); the deadline for ordering a Veterans Memorial Brick by March 31st, along with the ordering form; tunnel closures for painting; a complete list of closures and re-openings, and more....
  • Closures & Re-openings (see current District Weekly Bulletin for a full list of closures):
    • Recreation Centers:
      • Churchill Street Recreation indoor & outdoor facilities and family pool will be closed for maintenance THIS Saturday, February 27th.
    • Tunnels:
      • Tunnels under Buena Vista Boulevard, the three tunnels under CR 466, and El Camino Real are scheduled to be painted February 1st through Friday, February 26th.
  • Contributors has been updated.

Ladies Book Club

  • We'll be discussing Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty THIS Thursday, March 4th. Sharon Burr will be leading the discussion. See you then, even if it's just through Zoom. If you want to sit in, be sure you give Peg Tabor your email address and she'll send you a link beforehand so you can join us. See you Thursday....

Lynnhaven Neighbors

  • For March, the club will have a driveway sing-along with Cali McCord, a singer impersonator, on Wednesday, March 24th. Your admission is a donation for the Wildwood Food Pantry: non-perishable food donations or a donation check made out to the Wildwood Food Pantry (checks only, please). Sorry, this is limited to Lynnhaven Neighbors members only due to space limitations.

Lynnhaven Ladies

  • The Lynnhaven Ladies will be resuming their meetings Thursday, April 8th, with Clark Barrios entertaining us (watch for more information as we get closer to the date). We will need to follow the recreation center's COVID-19 protocols: wear masks, social distance, bring your own beverage because no water or ice is available, etc.
  • Check out what has been planned so far for 2021. If you have an idea for a program, please contact the new Program co-chairs.
  • Kathy Giles is the new Helping Hands coordinator, but since we haven't been meeting, she has no volunteers to help cook a meal for someone getting, or otherwise help a member needing a helping hand. Please call Kathy at 750-5117 if you are willing to be called upon if needed. Thank you.
  • There have also been some changes in the Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2021—2022. See who is serving on the council and how you can contact them.

COVID-19 News of 2021

Friday, February 26th

  • The FDA granted Johnson & Johnson emergency use approval today. Only one shot is required, it does not have to be stored in super sub-zero freezers, appears to produce less severe side effects than the other vaccines, and it could have 20 million doses out the door by the end of March. FDA researchers who have poured through the drug company’s data say the vaccine is both safe and effective. The J&J vaccine might be less effective for people over age 60 with risk factors like diabetes and heart disease, but may be better for those having had allergic reactions to other vaccines. Stay tuned.... As for which one you should get, the best answer is whichever one you can.
  • The drug companies producing America’s COVID-19 vaccines told Congress Tuesday they will produce a combined 140 million doses over the next five weeks. To date, Moderna and Pfizer have produced 82 million. If the projections hold true, the persistent frustrating shortage of vaccines may be nearing an end, but then they haven't met goals so far. Moderna plans to increase the number of doses per vial, Pfizer says it will increase production in the coming weeks, and adding Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine should get more vaccine into the pipeline. The CDC's newest data shows a big improvement in the amount of vaccine produced and the number of shots delivered. 
  • Following an outbreak of COVID-19 cases at a Chicago exercise facility last August, the CDC issued new guidance to gyms this week. There were 55 COVID-19 cases that were identified among 81 attendees of indoor high-intensity classes. Twenty-two (40%) persons with COVID-19 attended on or after the day symptoms began. Most attendees (76%) wore masks infrequently, including persons with (84%) and without COVID-19 (60%). The CDC now says that gyms should insist on people wearing masks, especially during high-intensity activities. "In addition, facilities should enforce physical distancing, improve ventilation, and encourage attendees to isolate after symptom onset or receiving a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result, and to quarantine after a potential exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and while awaiting test results. Exercising outdoors or virtually could further reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission risk." 
  • For a long time now, people have complained about continuing COVID-19 symptoms. Many had mild symptoms initially, but as time went on, new symptoms developed or their symptoms became worse and more debilitating, often referred to as having long Covid or being long-haulers. At Wednesday's COVID-19 news briefing, Dr. Fauci gave the condition a namePost-Acute Sequelae of Covid-19, or PASC (sequelae means aftereffect of a disease), and he announced that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) plans to study the condition. Some studies show that as many as a third of patients with COVID-19 may experience lingering symptoms. This new study seeks to find out exactly what's causing it, how widespread it is, the range of symptoms, and how they can be treated. It is also hoped that giving it a name will add legitimacy to the condition so physicians take it seriously and don't just blow their patients off, thinking it is all in their heads.
  • Many public-health experts got a surprise this month when U.S. coronavirus cases fell roughly 70%, on average, in the last six weeks. The U.S. has recorded an average of around 68,000 daily cases over the last week. The last time the country saw weekly averages that low was in October. Scientists have a few theories as to why cases fell: many high risk people have acquired some immunity through vaccination or infection; people stopped traveling and congregating indoors as much after the holidays; news of high case numbers and overstressed hospitals may have encouraged people to social distance, avoid crowds, or wear masks more (about 73% of U.S. adults now say they wear a mask every time they leave the house); and testing has declined so fewer new cases have been confirmed (this could explain Florida's puzzling drop in cases over the past two weeks while deaths increased).
  • I am showing statistics from both dashboards/data portals: Florida's COVID-19 Dept. of Health (DOH) statistics and Florida's COVID-19 Community Action statistics (both developed by Rebekah Jones). (Click on images to enlarge them.)  The statistics between the two continues to be quite different.
    Per the Florida Department of Health's (DOH) dashboard* as of Friday, February 26th, cumulatively the state has now had 1,898,223 residents testing positive for COVID-19; with 79,021 hospitalized; and 30,624 deaths;** 114,705 residents have been tested, with a 5.18% positivity rate. The breakdown of confirmed cases in our tri-county area is:
    • Sumter County: 7,965 cases (7,881 residents, 84 non-residents); 507 resident and 1 non-resident hospitalizations; with 238 deaths; only 404 residents tested, with a 4.21% positivity rate.
      (median age holding at: 65, with 51%
       males, 47% females)
    • Lake County: 24,445 cases (24,093 residents, 352 non-residents); 1,258 resident and 25 non-resident hospitalizations; with 554 deaths; 1,587 residents tested, with a 6.43% positivity rate.
      (median age holding at: 45, with 45% males, 53% females)
    • Marion County: 27,485 cases (27,368 residents, 117 non-residents), 1,718 resident and 8 non-resident hospitalizations, with 782 deaths; 1,708 residents tested, with a 6.03% positivity rate.
      (median age holding at: 45, with 43%
       males, 57% females)

    * The new data includes the number of test results the department receives from the counties, along with additional demographics and graphs that show hospital admissions for patients complaining of cough, fever or shortness of breath. Previously, that data was only provided for larger counties. Still not included is how many infected people have recovered from the virus and, unlike other states, Florida does not report "probable" deaths from the virus.

    * The newest reported deaths are the latest logged into the DOH system, and that process could take as long as two weeks or longer before they show up.

    Per the Florida's COVID Action dashboard as of Friday, February 26th, the state now has 2,090,470 residents testing positive (5,922 cases today, 42,215 cases this past week); with 3,968 requiring hospitalization; and 31,162 deaths (144 deaths today, 948 deaths this past week); 32,777 residents have been tested today, with a 18.788% positivity rate (DOH reported a 5.18% positivity rate — big difference). Today, 50,477 residents have gotten their 1st dose of vaccine, with 1,588,027 having both doses. The breakdown of confirmed cases in our tri-county area is:
    • Sumter County: 8,973 cases since March 1st (19 cases today, 248 this week), 64 current hospitalizations, and 238 deaths (3 deaths today, 12 this week), 134 residents have been tested today, with a 14.2% positivity rate (DOH reported a 4.21% positivity rate). Today, 810 residents were vaccinated, with 14,680 being fully vaccinated.
    • Lake County: 26,738 cases since March 1st (103 cases today, 641 this week), 66 current hospitalizations, and 565 deaths (10 deaths today, 20 this week), 486 residents have been tested today, with a 21.2% positivity rate (DOH reported a 6.43% positivity rate). Today, 1,464 residents were vaccinated, with 38,610 being fully vaccinated.
    • Marion County: 28,964 cases since March 1st (103 cases today, 667 this week), 72 current hospitalizations, and 786 deaths (2 deaths today, 60 this week), 489 residents have been tested today, with a 21.1% positivity rate (DOH reported a 6.03% positivity rate). Today, 1,068 residents were vaccinated, with 29,719 being fully vaccinated.

That's all for this week. Stay safe and stay well.

Remember... be happy, be kind, and SPREAD THE SMILES!
It all begins with YOU & ME... WE make this the friendliest hometown.
And... aren't we lucky to live in Lynnhaven?

Keep washing your hands frequently, wearing your mask, and practicing social distancing.

  • Fred Heidemann warns us about a Comcast email that he and others got that turned out to be a phishing scam.
  • The Turners are making their 2br/2bath home available after April 15th for those having family or friends visiting.
  • Leesa Willis recommends that you adjust your water sprinklers if trash is collected the following morning after you put your trash and lawn refuse out... especially important during the colder weather that we've been having.
  • Leesa Willis has another great suggestion when we are walking... be sure to always make yourself seen. In the least, wear light-colored clothing after dark and carry a flashlight.
  • The next Celtic Villages Show Band Driveway Concert is Saturday, March 13th. I've corrected the address. You are also welcome to sit in on their weekly practices every Monday at the Big Cypress
  • Please continue to keep Joyce Tisovec in your thoughts and prayers. Many have asked for Joyce's address so I've included it so you can send her cards and let her know you are thinking of her.
  • The grandparent scam is making the rounds again (still), so stay on your toes. Neighbors just got a call from their grandson saying he was in jail and to send $5,000 so he could get out, but "please, don't tell Dad." The call came early in the morning and predictably put the neighbor into a state of stress since the caller knew their son's name, where he lived, etc., so it was very believable. This was a phone call, but according to FTC Consumer Information and the AARP Fraud Watch Network, scammers are also sending texts. Both these sites provide tips on how to recognize a scam and how to respond. They also provide a video you might find helpful.
  • New Vision for Independence, the sole provider of support services for people with low vision or blindness here in The Villages and the tri-county area is selling LOVE facemasks (click on link to go the order page on their website) for $6 for one, 2 for $10, plus shipping. Weekly Meetings for visually impaired people has been updated, as has the Free Adult BLIND Independent Living Program information.


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