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Recommendations for Out-of-Town Visitors Needed
Can you recommend an Interior Designer?
Bridge Subs Needed
White Wicker Glider Chair(s) Wanted

Recommendations for Out-of-Town Visitors Needed

My three adult children are coming to visit me on my 90th Birthday in October (WOW!). They will be staying overnight on Friday, October 14th & Saturday, October 15th. We'll probably be reminiscing and I'm really looking forward to it. Can anyone suggest a place near the Lynnhaven area where they can stay those two days? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Marilyn McLean

Can you recommend an Interior Designer?

I am looking for recommendations for an interior designer. If there is someone you've used and can recommend, please contact me. Thank you.

Karen Grimm  (click on link for email address)

Bridge Subs Needed

Kathy Giles is looking for subs to play bridge on Mondays, 3:005:00 p.m., when a regular member of the bridge club can't play. If you'd like to fill in if called, please contact:

Kathy Giles

White Wicker Glider Chair(s) Wanted

Rita Segnatelli is looking to buy one (or 2) white wicker glider chairs that don't rock but glide back and forth. One of theirs is deteriorating, but they can' find a replacement anywhere. If you have one you aren't using or are willing to part with, please call. Thank you.

Rita Segnatelli

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