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If you can help a neighbor with their request, please contact them directly and share your knowledge or the requested item.  Please contact me (click to get email address) when I can remove your request from this web page. Thank you. 

House Cleaners Needed New
Driver Needed New
Dentist Needed & Davis Clinic Opinions

Rental for February 2020 Wanted
Rental for April May 2020 Wanted

Donations of Yarn Needed
Audiologist & Hearing Aid Recommendations Needed

Used & Clean Mascara Brushes Being Collected
Empty Prescription Bottles Being Collected

House Cleaners Needed

I am look for a cleaning lady or crew to come to the house once a month... and maybe more often, but for now, once a month. If you know of anyone or can recommend someone, I would appreciate it. Thank You.

 Lois Ringland

 or 603-770-9454

Driver Needed

I need someone to periodically drive me to places like to the Lynnhaven Ladies meetings, doctor appointments, the food store, etc. I will pay you for your time. If you can help me, please call. Thank you.

Marie Brady

Dentist Needed & Davis Clinic Opinions

Help! I need the name of a good dentist. Also, can anyone tell me about the Davis Clinic of Chiropractic? Please email me with your recommendations and feedback. Thank you.

Polly Sheehan  (click on link for email address)

Donations of Yarn Needed

Irv and I have gotten very involved with the Tarpon Springs chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Their motto is "No Child Sleeps On The Floor In Our Town". There are over 148 chapters nationwide. They build and deliver bunk and single beds for children who can't afford them. There are no paid staff all are volunteers.

We have a wonderful woman in The Villages who is now making small afghans for the children. She will make more afghans if we can find her some donated yarn. She needs Worsted #4 yarn for the afghans.

If you have any Worsted #4 yarn to donate, please contact us and we will pick it up. This is a great way to help the less fortunate kids in this country. Thank you.

Marion & Irv Getzes

More about Sleep in Heavenly Peace:

Don't have yarn to donate? You can still help.

Audiologist & Hearing Aid Recommendations Needed

I need some recommendations for an Audiologist. Also, what are the least expensive hearing aids? Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Andrea Wanty  (click on link for email address)

Used & Cleaned Mascara Brushes Being Collected

Have old or dried mascara or mascara you no longer use? If so, please clean the brushes and donate them to Wildlife Refuge. They need the brushes to clean birds. You can drop them off at Shirley Palazzo's or... bring them to the next Lynnhaven Ladies meeting. Shirley will take them to the refuge. So, don't toss them in the trash. Help save a bird.

Shirley Palazzo
2447 Due West Drive

Empty Prescription Bottles Being Collected

Please collect your empty prescription bottles and bring them to the next Lynnhaven Ladies meeting. Lorraine DeGenova is collecting them for an organization that makes them into portable mini sewing kits. Please bring whatever you can spare.

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