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Special Requests — Can You Help?

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Sleep in Heavenly Peace Now Needs Donations for Linens 100% goes to buying linens.
Prayers & Encouragement Needed for the Juliano's Granddaughter
Used & Clean Mascara Brushes Being Collected

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Now Needs Donations for Linens

SHP Now Needs Donations for Linens


SHP has made a deal for bulk purchase of mattresses, but they still need linens to go onto those beds. Donations of cash or checks gladly accepted. (There are 175 kids currently on the waiting list for beds.)

Since we started in April 2019, we are almost at 250 sets of linens, which means 250 kids off the floor! ALL cash and checks given or sent to Marion — 100% goes to buying linens for the kids.

 Marion & Irv Getzes

 726 Bellerose Trail
 The Villages, FL 32162


Update on Sleep in Heavenly Peace Donations


A big heartfelt thank you to all of you who have donated to help get the kids off the floor.

Because of the generosity of so many of you, together we have gotten over 240 kids into beds in the last 2 years!!

At present, the Tarpon Springs Chapter has another 175 kids on the waiting list — which grows daily. The pandemic has made life especially tenuous for those less fortunate than we are. The need is still great.

 Marion & Irv Getzes

 726 Bellerose Trail
 The Villages, FL 32162



Sleep in Heavenly Peace has received some generous donations (thank you, all), but Sleep in Heavenly Peace is still in desperate need of funds to buy more mattresses. Please send your donations (cash or checks gratefully accepted) to Marion Getzes who is a volunteer in the organization. She will purchase the mattresses and see that they get delivered to the address where they are needed so that so that beds that have been made can be delivered to a child who has no bed and has to sleep on the floor here in Florida. Please help!
And again, thanks to all who have already donated.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace just informed me that their mattress order has been back ordered and they are in desperate need of funds to buy mattresses for beds ready to be delivered to children who have no beds and have to sleep on the floor. My husband and I volunteer with the Tarpon Springs chapter.

I am taking donations of checks and cash. If writing a check, please make it out to Marion Getzes. I will combine your donations and buy the mattresses myself and have them delivered directly to Sleep in Heavenly Peace a.s.a.p. Please help!

Marion Getzes  (click on link for email address)

More about Sleep in Heavenly Peace:

Prayers & Encouragement Needed for the Juliano's Granddaughter

Patti Juliano is the new program person for Lynnhaven Ladies. This is her granddaughter, Capri. She is the small one in the front with the braces.
Marion Getzes 

Hi Everyone,
We have a favor to ask....  As most of you know*, Capri goes in for her first surgery on Wednesday, January 27th. As you can imagine, she’s pretty nervous. For this first surgery, they will be reconstructing Capri’s left foot. In talking with the Doctor, we realize that she will have a tough recovery, and also a common sidebar is that kids tend to get pretty down. She will be confined to a wheel chair for a couple weeks, then in a cast for quite a while after that, and then will have a lot of work rehabbing her foot and leg.

So here’s my request of you. Please flood our mailbox with cards and notes of encouragement. If you could take a moment, write a card or a note of encouragement, and send it in the mail (you know… that thing that takes stamps), it would be awesome. Even if you don’t know Capri, that’s ok — she will be encouraged that people are pulling and praying for her. Our address is: 

Capri Juliano
1418 Wexford Way
Davenport, FL 33896

(The picture attached was from Garden of the Gods Park in September. The hike, only about a quarter of a mile, took Capri, with a lot of help, nearly an hour each way. However, it showed us her unwavering determination to beat the odds.)

Kj and Jamie

* For those that don't know, Capri was diagnosed in August with CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease), a neuromuscular disease. CMT is degenerative, affecting nerves, muscle and bone structure, balance, mobility, and strangely, hearing. Untreated, it generally leads to a high level of debilitation. We met with a pediatric CMT clinic in Orlando, one of four in the country, in September. They made the recommendation to perform a series of surgeries — reconstruction of Capri's feet and ankles. This, coupled with lots of physical therapy and hard work, will help to counter the effects of CMT, thus helping her keep her mobility and independence. We will be living in Florida for 2021 as she received treatment at Nemours Children's Hospital.

Used & Cleaned Mascara Brushes Being Collected

Have old or dried mascara or mascara you no longer use? If so, please clean the brushes and donate them to Wildlife Refuge. They need the brushes to clean birds. You can drop them off at Shirley Palazzo's or... bring them to the next Lynnhaven Ladies meeting. Shirley will take them to the refuge. So, don't toss them in the trash. Help save a bird.

Shirley Palazzo
2447 Due West Drive

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