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Shop New Vision's Silent Auction

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Have shopping to do for the holidays? Check out the online Gift Guide Silent Auction. The auction started Thanksgiving Day and ends Saturday, December 5th, and has lots of gift ideas.

We decided to create this gift guide:

  • As a fundraiser for New Vision,
  • To support our local businesses, and
  • To share blind-friendly gift ideas for folks in your family who can benefit.

Check out the fun gift ideas from local businesses throughout our community (#SmallBusinessSaturday) available online (#CyberMonday), and support a good cause while you're at it (#GivingTuesday)!

You can buy the gift outright or place a bid. Some things that you can get include items like a 2021 Large-print calendar, gift baskets, a martini making kit, framed or canvas-printed pictures, jewelry, a video magnifier, handbags, a pedicure, a spa day, a barbeque set, wine, gift cards, and more... and the profits go to a good cause.

Hurry to get the best gifts; a few are already sold. And if none of the gifts appeal to you, please consider making a donation to New Vision for Independance.