Utility Scam
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SECO Energy Scam is Back

Thanks to Melinda Dodds for passing this along.

Scammers are back at it in The Villages, threatening to cut off your electricity if you don't pay an overdue bill. Angie Silvers of the Village of Sunset Pointe reported this latest attempt.

BEWARE! I just got 2 robo-calls saying they were from the "Billing Department at SECO" & I should call (888) 492-4994 right away to avoid "power disruption." This is a scam, please do not return the call. The actual call was coming from (888) 617-8937. I've alerted SECO to these calls.

SECO has been aware of this scam for quite awhile: https://secoenergy.com/tag/scammers/, which is aimed directly at your wallet. The scammer calls, gives a name and identifies himself or herself as a SECO employee. The scammer notifies the member of a past due bill and demands payment immediately. The scammer wants you to either give out your credit card information over the phone or to meet them at a location and pay cash. Be especially cautious if a company representative asks to meet at a location away from the company office. (Our closest office is at 330 US-301, Sumterville, FL 33585 — (352) 793-3801.)

In some cases individuals posing as utility workers show up at your home, threatening to shut off the power. As a reminder to members, all SECO employees carry company-issued identification — don’t hesitate to ask to see an employee’s identification.

If you receive a call that you believe may be a scam, hang up immediately and call SECO at 1-800-732-6141 and speak to a Member Support Associate.

Other scams SECO Energy warns us of include:

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Consumer Information bulletin provides information on how you can protect yourself from utility scams, the clues warning that it might be a scam, and what you can do if you get one of these calls, encouraging you to report the scam to the FTC, as well as SECO Energy.

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