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NO, Microsoft or Apple are NOT Contacting You!

A friend was at her wits end after she realized she had given a hacker access to her computer and everything on it. She was in the middle of getting plane reservations when a high pitched alarm screamed and flashed on her home computer. She thought she'd hit a wrong key or did something else wrong. The message she got was very official looking, so she followed the instructions on what to do. She got very good step-by-step instructions from Microsoft. It even told her how to lower the volume as they fixed the problem since the noise alone was stressing her to the point that she couldn't think clearly.

Once she got the volume down, the person at the other end was asking her questions about her system, as well as other things like accounts and numbers, things that couldn't possibly be connected to fixing the problem. She realized she'd been scammed and hung up the phone immediately. Her husband came home about then and immediately pulled the plug on the computer and took it to be (electronically) scrubbed and repaired.

These scams keep working over and over again, although I hadn't heard of a screaming alarm before. I have had urgent popup messages on my computer, but not an audible alarm. Even though we consciously know that we should be vigilant at all times when using our computers, phones and tablets, it just takes one unguarded moment to cause a heap of trouble. This happens on Microsoft machines as well as Apples. There have been so many cases recently, that it is worth repeating:

  • No, Microsoft and Apple will never call, text, or email you unless you contacted them first.
    There is absolutely no way they can tell when your machine needs service or repair.
  • No, Social Security, Medicare, and the IRS will never contact you this way, either.
  • Do NOT automatically respond to unsolicited calls, texts or emails.
  • Do NOT click on anything in an unsolicited email or text, or open an attachment. If you think it is from someone you know, call the person first to be sure they sent it to you.

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