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Another Break-In in the Neighborhood
Stay alert! Break-In/Burglary in the Neighborhood Most break-ins and burglaries happen between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
     Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure
     If Going Out, Even for a Short Time
     Tips to Avoid Car Break-ins
     What to Do if Your Home or Car Has Been Broken Into
     How to Tell When Someone Might Be Casing Your Home
     If Going Away for an Extended Period of Time

Classic Version of your Email Being Updated?

Florida's CFO Jimmy Petronis' Rundown New
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesFlorida Consumer eNewsletter for April New

Medicare Fraud Using COVID-19
Google Android Apps Stealing Your Data

AARP Fraud Watch
     Grandparent Scam

     Tech Support Scams
     FREE Credit Freezes
     AARP Fraud Watch Network

FTC Consumer Scam Alerts
     Grandparent Scams in the age of Coronavirus Neighbors just got one.
     More FTC Warnings About Scam Coronavirus Treatments
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Scam
          Real Contact Tracers Calling
     Scammers are using COVID-19 messages to scam people
     Thinking critically about Coronavirus news & information How to sort out what's true and what's not?
Warnings sent to sellers of Coronavirus treatment scams
Coronavirus scams, Part 2

FBI Alerts & Warnings (The following are just a few of the scams and warnings on the website.)
     FBI Press Room

     Perpetrators Use Various Methods That Defraud Elderly Victims
     Cyber Actors Exploit "Secure" Websites in Phishing Campaigns

Internet Crime Schemes
Internet Crime Prevention Tips
     Frequently Asked Questions

          Filing an Internet Crime Complaint

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