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2/2 Patio Villa Available Starting May 1st
3/2 Bougainvillea in Lynnhaven

2/2 Patio Villa Available Starting May 1st

My fully-furnished 2 bedroom/2 bath patio villa at 2694 Craven Way is available for rent starting Wednesday, May 1st. The rental includes delivery of The Villages Daily Sun and use of a gas golf cart.

Monthly rates for 2019 are:

  • May $1,395
  • June September $995
  • October $1,395
  • November $1,895

Contact me if you want to rent for one of those months or for more information.

Will Manno  (click on link for email address)

Custom-designed Whispering Pine in Lynnhaven

A Whispering Pine ranch home at 2738 Churchill Downs is for rent, located midway between the Lynnhaven and Belvedere pools. It has 2 bedrooms, an office or guest room, 2 baths, and lanai.

Special features include sky lights, mature landscaping featuring 5 very substantial Sabal Palms, premium fans, sliding door screen for garage, drop-down stairway to storage area above garage, and ceramic backsplash in kitchen area. Includes all utilities, and 2 Temporary Resident IDs.

The home is available beginning Saturday, September 1st. Current tenants will show house. Photos will be added later.

Monthly rental rates:

  • September & October:  $1,700 per month
  • November & December:  $1,900 per month
  • January, February & March:  $2,750 per month
  • April:  $2,500 per month
  • May through August:  $1,500 per month

Total Rent:  $23,850 per year

Owner has a strong preference for a yearly rental so is offering a 12.25% discount to a year-round tenant.

Total Rent:  $20,950 per year

Please contact me for additional information or to see the house.

Brian Gearhart  (click on link for email address)

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