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Because many of your requests are for rentals, I'm bringing back this web page, which also includes rentals that are available and where to look for rentals.

When a property has been found or rented, please contact me (click on link to open a preaddressed email) so I can remove it from this web page. Thank you.

Click on a link (always blue & underlined) to go to that spot on the web page.

Rental Wanted for February 2020

Where to Look for Rentals
     Look at Vacation Rentals by Owners
     Other Places to Look for Rentals

Rentals Available
     Designer Home Available in January 2020
Chester Court Villa w/ Golf Cart Available Due to illness, this rental is available January 15th January 31st at $75 a night or $1500 for half month.
     Blake Lane Villa w/ Golf Cart Available Updated
Southern Oaks Villa Available June 1st
2/2 Patio Villa Available Starting May 1st

Rental Wanted for February 2020

We have friends here in Des Moines that had a rental lined up in the Village of Caroline, but the homeowners just cancelled our friend's contract because of health problems. Fortunately, they got their deposit back, but now they are looking for another place to rent. They can only be gone for the month of February

If anyone is looking for an excellent renter, please let me know. Thank you.

Lorna Anello  (click on link for email address)

Where to Look for Rentals

Look at Vacation Rentals by Owners

Folks looking for rentals should check out the Vacation Rentals By Owners website,  I looked at it to see what Villages rentals were getting and there were quite a few listings for our community, the entire Villages (click on link to see current Villages listing)

I have personally used it for several years for renting in Arizona. The quality of the listed properties has always been very good.

Jim FitzGerald

Other Places to Look for Rentals

There are a number of websites that have many listings in The Villages, including

Some others include:

There are some Village rentals on other websites, but these four are the ones with the most listings.

Sue Laluk

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