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Many of us are concerned about recycling materials and saving the environment, and minimizing the amount of solid trash that takes up space in the land-fill. In case you are not aware of the closest drop-off points for recyclable materials, they are included here.

Don't just put your recyclable items out by the curb. Take them to a drop-off point where they will do some good and help others.

If you know of any other sites that collect recyclables or items that should not be disposed of in the trash, please let me know and I will add them to this web page.

Recycling Drop-Off Points
     Disposing of Other Items & Materials
          Landscape & Lawn Debris
          Household Hazardous Waste

Recycling Drop-Off Points


Drop-off Point


Plastic Bags
Paper Bags
Foam Egg Cartons
Publix Southern Trace Shopping Center (3 dark green containers, side by side outside one of the entrances)
Newspapers New Covenant
United Methodist Church
Behind the
Southern Trace Shopping Center, Woodridge Drive, off of CR 101 (receptacle behind the church)
St. Mark's Evangelist Catholic Church SE Hwy 42, Summerfield
(in the parking lot)
St. Timothy's
Catholic Church
Paige Place, Lady Lake
(in the parking lot)
Newspapers & Magazines
Old Phone Books
Corrugated Cardboard
Computer & Office Paper
File Folders
Spiral Notebooks
Temple Shalom 13563 County Road 101, past the Summerhill entrance
(receptacle behind the building)
Eyeglasses &
(prescription & non-prescription)
Ocala Eye At Laurel Manor
Look for the Sumter Landing Lion's Club collection box.
Publix Southern Trace Shopping Center
Look for the Sumter Landing Lion's Club collection box on the window sill.
Rechargeable Batteries
Remote Controls
Wires, Cords & Cables
Ink & Toner Cartridges
CDs, DVDs & Cases
Gift Cards
Best Buy 492 N. Hwy 27/441, Lady Lake
(as you enter the front doors)
Cell Phones & Chargers
Savannah Center Look for the collection box on circular table in the lobby.

Disposing of Other Items & Materials

Landscape & Lawn Debris Curbside Pickup 2x a week, put out with your trash. All trash and lawn debris is picked up on your regular trash days and taken to the Covanta Energy-from-Waste facility to be incinerated (click on image to enlarge it).

If putting out palm trunks or other trees, they MUST be cut up into small enough pieces to be lifted. Otherwise, have the tree service you use cart them off and dispose of them.

Household Electronics & Hazardous Waste Sumter County
Solid Waste Facility & annual Amnesty Day
Unfortunately, Sumter County has not set up a program that is conducive to properly disposing of household hazardous materials, at least not for Villagers.

A fee may be charged.
No charge for Recyclables delivered directly to the CDA (Citizens Drop-off Area):

Hazardous materials must be in a bag, can or barrel; otherwise, it won't be accepted.

There is One Amnesty Day per year each Spring. (How many of us will hold those materials in our garages for a year?)

So, plan on taking your recyclables to one of these drop-off points every few weeks. Save the environment and help others.

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