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Keep Friends & Neighbors in Your Prayers

There have been numerous studies over the years that have investigated whether the power of prayer works. Researchers like Dr. Elizabeth Targ in San Francisco selected practicing healers from a number of traditions Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Indian shamans and had them pray for 20 patients with advanced AIDS and compared their progress to a control group of 20 other AIDS patients. According to her, the prayed-for patients had fewer and less severe new illnesses, fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations and were generally in better moods than those in the control group. "Prayer may be an effective adjunct to standard medical care," says cardiac researcher William Harris, Ph.D., who headed a study of cardiac patients at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Harris concluded that the group receiving prayers fared 11% better than the group that didn't, a number considered statistically significant.

We'd like to believe that prayers do help, and here is a friend and neighbor who could use your prayers now.

Prayers Needed for Mil Fuhrman
Joyce Tisovec Needs Our Prayers Updated
Prayers & Encouragement Needed for the Juliano's Granddaughter

Prayers Needed for Mil Fuhrman

Update on Mil

Mil is home now and has a nurse visiting and is getting physical therapy at her home. Hopefully, you will be seeing her walking around the neighborhood soon, even if she's a little slow and not going too far. Continue to get better, Mil!

Thanks to Joan Hartung for the following update.

Mill had her surgery this morning (2/10/2021). Ron, Mil's husband, said it went well. She was still half under when he saw her. He is allowed back in between 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. She will be in the hospital for 4 or 5 days.

Mil has had heart problems for several years now, but her problems have escalated. She is scheduled for open heart surgery THIS Wednesday, February 10th, and she can use all the help she can get. Keep her and Ron in your prayers to help get them through this. Send cards to:

Mil Fuhrman
939 Livingston Loop
The Villages, FL 32162

Joyce Tisovec Needs Our Prayers

Update on Joyce

Joyce has been having major health issues and needs our prayers more than ever. She had to stop her chemotherapy because she developed other issues from the chemotherapy. She was in the hospital, went to rehab before returning home again, and is back in the hospital again. Rich keeps in touch with Eileen Roberta. At this point, she doesn't want to talk to folks, so the best thing we can do for her is to pray for her and send her a card to let her know we are thinking of her.

The holidays were not happy for Joyce and Rich Tisovec. Joyce wasn't feeling well, and while we were enjoying a holiday meal, Joyce was undergoing tests. The news wasn't good. She has cancer. She is having treatments here in The Villages, but in a few months, she'll be heading northward for some delicate surgery, returning home afterward to continue her treatments. She's feeling pretty rotten right now and this is going to be a long haul. She and Rich will need our prayers to get through this.

Send cards to:

Joyce Tisovec
2427 Kingstree Place
The Villages, FL 32162

Rich will see that she gets them.

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