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Keep Friends & Neighbors in Your Prayers

There have been numerous studies over the years that have investigated whether the power of prayer works. Researchers like Dr. Elizabeth Targ in San Francisco selected practicing healers from a number of traditions — Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Indian shamans — and had them pray for 20 patients with advanced AIDS and compared their progress to a control group of 20 other AIDS patients. According to her, the prayed-for patients had fewer and less severe new illnesses, fewer doctor visits, fewer hospitalizations and were generally in better moods than those in the control group. "Prayer may be an effective adjunct to standard medical care," says cardiac researcher William Harris, Ph.D., who headed a study of cardiac patients at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Harris concluded that the group receiving prayers fared 11% better than the group that didn't, a number considered statistically significant.

We'd like to believe that prayers do help, and here is a friend and neighbor who could use your prayers now.

Mike & Tina Murray — New
Marilyn & Dan Hetzer — Update from Marilyn

Mike Murray Still Needs Our Prayers

Tina and Mike still need our prayers and still have a long road ahead of them. Mike has been in the hospital in Montville, New Jersey, for quite a long time now and Tina is asking prayers to be said for them. Per Tina,

Mike is still in the cardiac critical care ICU. This is his third week after his second operation. He just doing fair and we still have a long way to go. Please keep the prayers coming — we need them! Miss you all.

Tina is living with their daughter, Barbara, and you can send cards to:

 Mike Murray 
 75 Hook Mountain Road
 Montville, NJ 07045

He now has to have another operation because the previous operation was not successful.

Karran Dagon

Marilyn Hetzer Needs Our Prayers

Here We Go Again

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, things were progressing on schedule for the stem cell transplant. However, about a week ago, the darn Lymphoma decided to rear its ugly head again, so I am no longer in remission. My doctors are calling it a relapse. Since the cancer is very aggressive, they are planning to treat it as aggressively as possible. I will receive intense chemo in a hospital setting as an in-patient. If it goes into remission again, they will have to work pretty fast to either use my own stem cells which have already been harvested or, if that is not viable, they will search for an outside donor.

Please keep us in your prayers. I know it is the power of prayer that is giving us strength and taking our worry away. Hopefully, this is just a little bump in the road, not a pot hole!

As always, I would like everyone to get the same info. at the same time....




Cancer cells found again, but Marilyn's stem cells have been harvested and they look good. She & Dan will be heading back to Shands this week where they will be treating her cancer aggressively. Keep those prayers coming.

As many of you know, Marilyn's neck kept swelling up and in spite of performing multiple tests and biopsies, the doctors had a terrible time diagnosing what was causing it. She had been on high doses of steroids in an effort to control the swelling, but that caused problems with the tests. She was transferred to UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville in March 7th, where they did or redid more tests. Finally, they determined what was causing all her problems — T-cell lymphoma.

She has been undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy over these past few months and is finally cancer free, but cancer cells can also mimic healthy cells. The next step is harvesting Marilyn's own stem cells, called an autologous stem cell transplant, where the patient’s own stem cells are collected several times in the weeks prior to treatment. The cells are frozen and stored while she gets another high-dose chemo treatment, which will kill her stem cells along with any lingering cancer cells. Then, if all goes as hoped, the stem cells are given back to her through an IV.

This will be an arduous and complex procedure, and she and Dan need all the support and prayers they can get. They have an apartment lined up and expect to be there in Gainesville for about two months while she has to be near Shands. To send Marilyn your support and good wishes, mail cards to:

 Marilyn Hetzer
 2336 Wilson Way
 The Villages, FL 32162

Please send cards to their home, not the hospital. During those two months, Dan expects to be coming home about once a week to do laundry and pick up mail. Keep Marilyn & Dan in your thoughts and prayers... hugs, too.