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2020 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday Now through THIS Thursday, June 4th New

Golf Cart Social-distancing Driveway Concert Ralph thanks everyone for their support, included some pictures, and reported on how much was raised.

Lucy Misses Her Friends New

More Sad News Jeanne Fiore Has Passed Updated
Sad News Tony Hartmann Has Passed

"6 Feet of Separation" Garage Concert John Manion Reports
Mother's Day Community Food Drive Judy & Jim Thank Everyone

Lois Travinsky taking Wildwood Food Pantry donations.
Beds-in-Bags Needed

Golf Cart Towing with AAA
Parents in the Home Support Group

AED Programs in Lynnhaven:
     The Lynnhaven WATD (Wilson Way, Alcott, Tatum, Due West) AED Program Due to COVID-19, fewer CPR/AED volunteers available.
     The Lynnhaven South (Livingston Loop & Evelynton Loop) AED Program
          Lynnhaven South AED Program Update

Lucy Misses Her Friends

Lucy Mills has settled into her new digs closer to her children, but misses her friends in Lynnhaven. Like us, she is tired of being restricted because of COVID-19 precautions, but otherwise is doing well (picture taken prior to COVID-19). They bought her wiffle golf balls so she could practice indoors. If you'd like to send Lucy some cheer, she would love to hear from you. Send your cards and letters to:

 Lucy Mills, Apt. 208
 Sunrise at Schaumburg
 790 N. Plum Grove Road
 Schaumburg, IL 60173

You can also call Lucy at 352-459-9700.

P.s., Lucy's house at 2408 Tatum Terrace will be going up for sale soon, so if you know of someone who might be interested, let them know. It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. (Click on image on the right to see the floor plan.)

Golf Cart Towing with AAA

Great news! If you have AAA coverage here in Florida and your golf cart breaks down, you can now call them to have your golf cart towedSally Inderwish called them to confirm what she'd heard and the gentleman at AAA told her that yes, it is true. Since so many of us use our golf carts to get around here, they are adding this service for their customers, but ONLY in Florida. That will save us the cost of another towing service. Thanks for passing this information along, Sally.

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