Trivia Night
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June Trivia Night with Tom Gourlay

Quite a few game lovers signed up for Trivia Night on Friday, June 10th. Our table and table mates were posted on the door as we entered the room. As usual, Leesa Willis was inside with our name badges, ready for pick-up. There was also a list of upcoming events, forms for joining the club, a box to sign up for next month's event, Wild Card Bingo, as well as a sheet if you can help set up next month. It's not hard. If you can help set up, please contact Jack Warner at 352-751-5654.

Some of us headed to get our 50/50 tickets before settling down, others found their table and dropped off their beverages and snacks first. Once we got our tickets, we settled in for some friendly conversation and to eat and share our snacks. Each table had a score sheet and a pen waiting, and our Trivia host flashed different images up on the screen to bring back memories, priming us for the trivia questions to come.

President Jack Warner welcomed everyone, and we started with the Pledge of Allegiance. He thanked Nancy King and Kathy Warner for helping to set up. Thank you, ladies! He announced that next month we'll have another game night, a favorite game for most in the village Wild Card Bingo! It is unpredictable and anyone can win. We need helpers to help set up for that game. Please, if you can help, call Jack at 352-751-5654 ASAP.

And in August, we'll have a driveway concert featuring Mark Schmidt and Mystic Ice Cream to help us beat the heat. With announcements out of the way, Jack turned the microphone over to our trivia host, Tom Gourlay. Tom explained that we were going to play Pop Culture Trivia and explained how it works. Except for the example in each category, we should not shout out the answer. Decide the correct answer among yourselves and write it on the score sheet.

The first category was TV Theme Songs. We were to name the TV show. He played a portion of each theme song twice, then moved onto the next, until he'd gone through all the songs on our score sheets. The next category was When They Were Young. He flashed a picture of a celebrity when he or she was younger, and we were to name the celebrity. If there were more than one person in the image, Tom specified which person we were to name. He cycled through all the images in that category, then moved onto the next category, Name the Real Life Person, not the character they played. Next category was Miscellaneous Trivia, it could be anything. Some of those were multiple choice. Next, we had to Name the Movie. The final category was Name of the Song. You know how that goes, it's right on the tip of your tongue, you hope someone in your group recalls, they don't, then you move on to the next, thinking you'll go back to it, but you never do.


Tom then went through all the answers one-by-one, category-by-category. Audible groans were heard throughout as we heard the right answer and our guess was wrong. Oh, of course! We should have known that!

At the end, our scribe totaled our correct answers, then Tom started asking how many got 65 correct? Raise your hands. 70... 75... 80... 85... more than that? The following are the winning trivia teams. The first place team got to split $90 among themselves, missing only three answers out of a hundred. The second place team got to split $60 among themselves, missing only five answers total.

Tom thanked us for coming, explaining that trivia is to bring back memories. He hoped it brought back some good memories and that we had a good time. We applauded our agreement. But we still had the 50/50 drawings to go and we got out tickets out. The first winning ticket was worth $40 and went to Ellen & Keith O'Conner. The second winning ticket was worth $35 and belonged to Elaine O'Sullivan. The big surprise was that the third winning ticket, also worth $35, belonged to Elaine, as well. Elaine was on the first place trivia team, so she was hands down, the big winner of the evening.

Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners! For the rest of us, better luck next time. (It could happen....)

A Big Thank You to Tom Gourlay for putting together a SUPER FUN trivia night. It did bring back some fond memories. If you'd like to contact him for another event, you can call 353-446-4125.

Also, thanks to Nancy King and Kathy Warner for setting up the tables for the evening. If you can help set up next month's table for Wild Card Bingo, please contact Jack at 352-751-5654. Volunteers make our fun events possible. Sign up with your friends. Thank you.

Next month is Wild Card Bingo. For all you game lovers, this is always so much fun, and with so many twists and turns, anyone can win! Have dinner at home and the club will provide desert. Coffee and ice water will be provided, or bring your own beverage. As with the June event, the more people sign up, the bigger the prizes! The DEADLINE for signing up is noon Wednesday, July 6th. Until then....

Let's keep the good times rolling with Neighbors....

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