Pizza Party
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August Homemade Pizza for Dinner

After a fun afternoon of bocce golf, Lynnhaven Neighbors showed up at Churchill Street Recreation Center that evening at 6:30 p.m. for the pizza party. Carole Hannigan was selling 50/50 tickets, and the food was being set up as we greeted friends and socialized. Beer, soda & water were in coolers against the wall.

Ralph welcomed everyone. Aside from the heat, he hoped everyone had a good time and asked if we should do it again, but during cooler months? Most seemed to like the idea and did agree that August is too hot. It looked like everything was ready and we got in line to get dinner. We added some salad to our plates, then picked slices from a large selection of pizzas. There were also some chicken wings for those who don't eat pizza. Plenty of food was left over so we were able to go back for seconds.

Last year, Ralph and Fran had a potluck dinner at their house following the games, and everyone got to know one another. He thought that since we had a smaller group than usual, it would be nice to go around the room and learn a little about each of us. He passed the microphone along and members introduced themselves, told where they were from, and anything else we wanted to share.

When the microphone came back to him, Ralph thanked his wife and her sister Mary for baking the homemade pizzas. They really worked hard, and Fran said, "Never again!" So, if they do this event again, they will order pizzas instead since Ralph doesn't want a divorce (LOL). Ralph also thanked Herb & Liz Geiser for helping with the bocce golf rules and Dot & Roger Myers for helping to set up.

He then got to announcing the winners of Bocce Golf. There were four winning teams that scored 11 each and one team that scored 12. Ralph announced the names of each winning team member and Fran distributed the cash prizes. The winning teams included:

Team 1 (11 points)

Barb Hartmann
Janet Steenburgh
Anne Russell
Tom Tighe

Team 2 (11 points)

Irene Weiman
Peg Edgington
Peg's guest, Malinconico
Kathy Bell

Team 3 (11 points)

Mil Fuhrman
Ron Fuhrman
Cherie Stewart
Richard Stewart

Team 4 (11 points)

Fran Helwig
Ralph Helwig
Helwig's guests:
Liz & Herb Geiser

Team 5 (12 points)

Vivian Fortier
Sue Oprisu
Rick Oprisu
Shirley Palazzo

But the evening wasn't over yet. We still had the 50/50 drawings to go. Carole Hannigan mixed up the tickets and had someone pick the first winning ticket. It belonged to Anne Russell, with Anne going home $22 richer. Anne picked the next ticket worth $17. It belonged to Arline Seymour. Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners.

For the rest of us, better luck next time... it could happen....

Before returning home, Ralph invited us to sit in on the next Lynnhaven Neighbors Council meeting on Monday, August 26th, at 4:00 p.m. at his house to see what goes on and how events like this are planned. Any club member is welcome.

Next month, the club is having a 9-hole Golf Scramble the afternoon of Saturday, September 14th, with a picnic menu dinner and the Sounds of Time as our entertainment that evening. The DEADLINE for signing up for the Gold Scramble is THIS Friday, August 30th. The DEADLINE for signing up for the dinner and entertainment at Laurel Manor is Friday, September 6th.

See you Next Month....

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