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September Picnic-style Menu for Dinner & Entertainment

After a fun afternoon of golf, Lynnhaven Neighbors showed up at Laurel Manor that evening at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and entertainment... and to find out who won the scramble. Roger and Dot Meyers greeted and checked us in, then we headed for the 50/50 table where Pat Mitchell and Carole Hannigan were selling tickets. We found a place to sit.

That taken care of, it was time for some serious socializing.

President Ralph Helwig welcomed everyone and started with some jokes people had sent him. He thanked Dot & Roger Myers for setting up the placemats and decorations, and for doing that for every Lynnhaven Neighbors event. Dot added that Diane Davis and Lois Grace are also helping and will be cutting the cakes. The survey for the day's events was already online, so Ralph asked us to take it while everything was fresh in our minds. He then called our attention to the black board listing the club's upcoming events. For next month, we'll be back at Laurel Manor again for comedian/magician Todd Bogue and dinner will be table-share, where each table plans its own meal. If you want to sit with friends, submit the reservation for all in your party in one envelope. In November, we'll have the horse races, and December is the club's annual Christmas/Holiday Party.

The Lynnhaven Ladies are having Clark Barrios at its October meeting at Churchill Street Recreation Center on Thursday, October 10th. Bring your own lunch and October's volunteers will provide desserts. Although lunch begins at 12 noon, it is suggested that you come earlier than that to be assured a seat since Clark is a very popular entertainer and many of our seasonal residents will be back. All women living in Lynnhaven are welcome to join them.

After the announcements, greeting and socializing with friends, neighbors, golfing team members, et al, we were anxious to find out how our team did in the scramble. Ralph introduced Tom Tighe, who had stepped up to run the scramble with the help of Bill Sims. Tom said that this was the first time he had done this and hoped we'd had a good time. We had. There were some glitches, like getting Bogart when he was told we'd be playing Bacall, but it all worked out just fine. Getting the envelopes ready, he announced that the scores were very close. There were three ties for 1st place and five for 3rd. He read the names on each winning team, then presented one person on the team to take the money and divvy it up among other team members. The winners are as follows:

First Place:
  3 teams tied at 30 (1 over par)
  • Greg & Mary Gwidak, Ralph Harvey & Mary Eill
  • Brian & Kathy Werner, Sheryl Kolessar & Jim Caffrey
  • Charles & Mary Mellein, Lois Grace & Karran Dagon
Second Place:
  1 team at 31 (2 over par)
  • Al & Maggie McLean, Fran Helwig & Tom Tighe
Third Place:
  5 teams tied at 32 (3 over par)
  • Larry & Arline Seymour, Joan Hartung & Peggy Edgington
  • Paul & Rita Segnatelli and Ken & Pat Kraut
  • Dot & Ken Powley and Ron & Barb Kalmin
  • Keith & Sue Werner, Lynn Kensler & Heidi Habel
  • Jim & Sally Inderwish, Roger Myers & Barb Hartmann
Closest To The Pin:
  • Hole #2
    • Women Barb Kalmin
    • Men Greg Gwizdak
  • Hole #8
    • Women None made it onto the green.
    • Men Tom Tighe

Winning team members happily pocketed their money, many having been surprised that they'd won anything, sure they were out of the running for prize money. It looked like La Hacienda Catering was ready, we were hungry, and it was time to eat. Ralph had someone pick a table number and people started going up for their food.

Everything looked so good and many of us had eyes bigger than our stomachs. After everyone had gotten our food, we could have gone up for seconds, but didn't. La Hacienda always provides enough food for everyone, and then some. Rick & Paige were ready to go. Ralph explained that Sounds of Time weren't able to make it; Tony had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. However, Kathy called on Rick & Paige to fill in for them. Luckily, they were free this evening.

After we'd had some time for dinner to settle, Diane Davis and Lois Grace got to work cutting the cakes and setting pieces out for the taking. We had our choice of chocolate or vanilla cake. They were made by Publix and we loved their golf decorations, and everyone likes Publix cakes... always so moist.

Rick & Paige continued to play many of our favorite songs, as well as some that we don't often hear here in The Villages like Blueberry Hill, Unforgettable, Route 66, Boogie Shoes, Love Will Keep Us Together, Unchained Melody, Rock Around the Clock, Walkin' After Midnight, and more, as well as our favorites that most groups perform. They provided a nice mix of 50s, 60s, Country, Motown.... This is The Villages, so of course they provided several line dances, as well, with Paige coming down from the stage and joining in.

Although we were enjoying the music of Rick & Paige, our time for the room was almost over. Ralph told us to get our 50/50 tickets out and asked Paige to pick the first winning ticket. Karran Dagon went home with an extra $30. Karran pulled the next winning ticket, which belonged to Paul Segnatelli. He also won $30. The final ticket drawn belonged to Sally Inderwish. She went home with an extra $40.

Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners (scramble & 50/50). For the rest of us... better luck next time (...it could happen...).

Before returning home, Ralph invited us to sit in on the next Lynnhaven Neighbors Council meeting on Monday, October 7th, at 4:00 p.m. at his house to see what goes on and how events like this are planned. Any club member is welcome.

A HUGE Thanks to Rick & Paige for filling in for Sounds of Time on very short notice, and for the great music they provided, singing many of our favorites, as well as songs we haven't heard in a long while, songs that many of the performers here in The Villages don't do or don't perform often. If you enjoyed the music of Rick & Paige and might like them for another event, go to their facebook page (click on link to take you there) and click on the  Send Message box under their picture on the right, then type your message and send. They generally respond within a few hours.

A BIG Thanks to La Hacienda Catering and their crew, setting up the food table, keeping it hot, then offering to clear tables for us as we finished eating. Like the food that La Hacienda Catering prepares? You can go to their website (click on link to take you there) where you can see menu options and their prices, then call 352-753-2367 for a consultation.

But most of all, Thanks to Tom Tighe, Bill Sims, and Ralph Helwig for making the scramble a great success; to Dot & Roger Myers for putting out the fall-colored placemats and decorations, and for being there each month, sometimes with helpers and sometimes without. And thanks to Diane Davis and Lois Grace for volunteering to cut the cakes and setting them out.

Next month, we'll have The Ridiculous Comedy & Magic Show with Todd Bogue. We'll be back at Laurel Manor and it is table-share, where each table plans its own menu. Plan a table of 8 or just make your own reservations. If you want to sit together with friends, one person should collect the checks for everyone in the party and submit it in one envelope. Make your reservations with Ann Lewe at 2383 Wilson Way.

See you Next Month....

Survey Golf Scramble & Picnic Menu w/ Entertainment If you haven't taken the survey yet, please do it NOW, while the events are still fresh in your mind. Thank you.

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