Letter to Lynnhaven Neighbors Members
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Letter to Lynnhaven Neighbors Members

Unfortunately, 2020 is the year that wasn't. The club only had two dinner socials before COVID-19 closed down our activities. Because of this, the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council is rolling your 2020 membership dues over to 2021, but you must return this form to Mark Leiphart within the next 2 weeks. Otherwise, you will be treated as a new member.

With COVID-19 and current restrictions, the council is looking for a way for the club to move forward and outdoor activities seemed to be the way to go, where we are not breathing recirculated air, wearing masks when near others, and trying to maintain 6-foot social distancing and keeping our members safe.

A Poker Run has been suggested for January, a Game Day in February, and the club is hoping to get the Blues Brothers here in March for outside entertainment. Other suggestions were a Scavenger Hunt, the Horse Races, Himalayan putting. As for food and beverages, we could bring our own to the Churchill Street pavilion, have box lunches, or hire a food truck where everyone pays their own way.

If the club would organize events like these, would you sign up? Yes _____ No _____
Conditions for you to show up... or not show up?

Would you be open to help organize events like these?
Doing so involves some work and more helpers, but with everyone working together, it could be fun and doable. (Please include your name and contact information.)

Do you have any other ideas for moving forward or for activities we might try?
Any comments? All opinions are welcome (just keep it clean, LOL).


To have your 2020 membership dues applied to 2021, please print and complete this form and drop it off at
2353 Wilson Way (mailbox at front door) no later than Monday, November 16th. If mailing, must be postmarked by that date to be counted as a paid Lynnhaven Neighbors member for 2021. (Sorry, no refunds for 2020.)
New residents/members can include a check to Lynnhaven Neighbors at $10 per person.

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Name ____________________________ Phone# ____________ Email Address ___________________

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