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Survey Responses — October 15th —
Christine Joyce at Laurel Manor

Ralph's comments appear in blue as RDH.

Overall, how would you rate the Saturday, October 15th event?

  • Excellent — 7
  • Very good — 1
  • Other (please specify) — She made us laugh out loud!

What did you like about the event?  (7 Responses)

  • Table setup was great.
  • Good table arrangement. Able to move around and talk to friends. Outstanding performer.
  • Entertainer good, but everything seemed familiar.
  • Loved that she could sing, dance and tell a good joke.
  • Great.
  • Entertainment.
  • Very good voice and song selection.

What didn't you like about the event?  (11 Responses)

  • Way too cold. (RDH: Always a challenge until they fix location of the thermostat from near the stage lights. Actually this show was better in my opinion because the performer used her own spotlight, not the stage lights. Will remind people in the future to bring a jacket.)
  • Nothing.
  • Not one thing.
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • Maybe went a little too long, but we could have left at intermission. (Being very picky here. Sorry!)

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the Table Share and square table setup?  (8 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 6
  • Neither satisfied or dissatisfied — 1
  • Responses Other (please specify) — 1:  Worked out nicely!

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with Christine Joyce's entertainment?  (8 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 6
  • Somewhat satisfied — 1
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied — 0
  • Somewhat dissatisfied — 0
  • Very dissatisfied — 0
  • Responses Other (please specify) — 1:  Best show.

How organized was the event?  (8 Responses)

  • Extremely organized — 6
  • Very organized — 2
  • Somewhat organized — 0
  • Slightly organized — 0
  • Not at all organized — 0
  • Responses Other (please specify) — 0

Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?  (8 Responses)

  • All of the information — 7
  • Most of the Information — 1

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?  (5 Responses)

  • Great job, team.
  • Very professional entertainment! Well done!
  • Perhaps you should allow more time before getting the same entertainer. (RDH: She was here Jan of 2016 — Time do pass quickly.)
  • It was a great night with excellent food, great neighbors and just fun.
  • Thank you, committee, for doing a great job!  (RDH: You're welcome — it takes lots of volunteers — see below.)

Volunteers Needed for November's Event

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the event in November. Please contact Ralph Helwig at 352-205-3810 if you can assist. Thank you.
  • We filled out the form. Will give Ralph a call.

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