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Survey Responses —
May 17th — Golf Scramble & Awards Dinner at Laurel Manor

Below are the Survey Results for the Lynnhaven Neighbors May Event at Laurel Manor — the 9-hole Golf Scramble, Oakwood Dinner with Bill Board & The Headliners. President Ralph Helwig's comments are shown as (RDH).

RDH: This is a winner every year. Someone wasn't pleased with Oakwood running out of plates (a number of us unintentionally took 2 (me included) AND the lack of dessert — but a good time was had by all.
Thanks for your support of Lynnhaven Neighbors. And, please be sure to download and print a copy of the Welcome Letter (click on link for letter so you can print it) and give it to new neighbors when you see a moving van.

Total Responses (as of  May 23rd, 2019):  16

Overall, how would you rate this event?
  (16 Responses)

  • Excellent — 8  (50.00%)
  • Very good — 6  (37.50%)
  • Fairly good — 2  (12.50%)
What did you like?  (13 Responses)
  • The golf and people we played with, and the songs that were picked by the band.
  • The food and the band were the best!
  • Golf. Dinner.
  • Food and Music.
  • Music and visiting with friends!
  • Food was good and band was excellent.
  • Meeting a new friend & playing with good friends.
  • Well organized.
  • Getting to know our neighbors.
  • Food, entertainment, golf & people!
  • Bill Board and the Headliners were a great band and a lot of fun and of course as always, the friendly people we have in the Lynnhaven Neighbors.
  • Getting to know neighbors, and the golf event and dinner were great!
  • The food, the music, and getting together with neighbors.
    Nice to see lots of people dancing again — with few exceptions, last two events folks just watched....)

What didn't you like?  (11 Responses)

  • The band's singing was often off key.
  • Nothing negative...soooo much fun!!!
  • Band was ok. No dessert?
  • I think that the 1st person to win the 50/50 tickets should get 1st prize because they were first to win. The first winner shouldn't get the third prize. Not fair.
    Finally agreed — see below.)
  • N/A
  • There was basically no info. given out. I was paired w/ unknown and had to find this person in the phonebook & hoped I had the right person. At the golf course, no Lynnhaven "starter" to tell the rules. Team in back of us rode up to ask us the rules!
    Sorry about the communication error — some neglected to include their emails (specifically requested on the signup form) or phone # (will request in the future). All the rules were on the website at signup and after. Could have re-posted when we sent out the pairings, but I thought all knew the scramble rules. Apologies.)
  • Nothing.
  • The off color jokes. The band was mediocre.
    (RDH:  There is one in every crowd... fortunately a minority opinion.)
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • Summer heat!
  • Nothing.

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Oakwood Grill BBQ Food?  (16 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 11  (73.33%)
  • Somewhat satisfied — 2  (13.33%)
  • Somewhat dissatisfied — 1  (6.67%)

  • Other (please specify):

    • Food was good, not overly abundant. Couldn't believe they did not have enough plates, or hadn't brought extra. And NO dessert!
      (RDH:  We were trying to save a bit of money on the meal since there were only about 80 signed up for dinner. Next time, will budget and price appropriately. We'll remind Oakwood to bring extra plates, but they had enough (barely). Unfortunately many (including me) accidentally took 2 plates.)

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Bill Board & The Headliners entertainment?
  (16 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 9  (56.33%)
  • Somewhat satisfied — 4  (25.00%)
  • Somewhat dissatisfied — 1  (6.25%)

  • Other comments:

    • Loved them.

    • Great group... Have them again.
       With one exception (commented earlier). Seems to be a repeat invite in the future year.)

How organized was the event
(16 Responses)
  • Extremely organized — 8  (50.00%)
  • Somewhat organized — 2  (12.50%)
  • Slightly organized — 1  (6.25%)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event? 
(4 responses)

  • I was told by several people that they did not know what time their tee time was and didn't expect to go to the tee time system to find out. They expected an email.
    (RDH:  There was an email that gave the parings, repeated the rules, etc.)
  • Wonderful night out with neighbors and friends....
  • Ralph brought up about the drawing for prizes. I agree that the first drawn prize should be for the FIRST prize. Drawing the 2nd & 3rd place first eliminates those folks from being eligible for First prize. Think about it, please!
    (RDH:  OK, OK — statistically accurate. I'll give up on the grand finish....)
  • We had a great time. We have only been here about a year and a half. Thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome.
    (RDH:  Welcome! So that others have your experience, don't forget to download and print a copy of the Welcome Letter (on our website) and give it to new neighbors when you see a moving van.)

Golfers — How did you like the Pimlico Scramble?  (11 Responses)

  • Excellent — Let's keep doing them. — 10  (71.43%)
  • Had fun, but not worth continuing. — 1  (7.14%)
  • Suggestions (please specify):

    • Would like to see golfing continued, but agree with others who thought they should have gotten an email.

    • It’s a great way to meet new people!

    • Earlier tee times if possible.
       Can do that in the future — or note your request for early tee time when you sign up.)

THANKS TO LARRY SEYMOUR & BILL SIMS FOR ORGANIZING OUR GOLF TODAY! We are looking for volunteers to help organize the Golfing event in September. Please contact Bill Sims (click on link for email address) at (412) 973-3429 or Ralph Helwig at 352-205-3810 if you can assist.

NOTE: THIS EVENT WILL NOT CONTINUE if we do not get a few more volunteers to help.

1 Reply: Sorry. We won’t be back until mid-September.
(RDH: Calling all new members — good opportunity to learn more about and help Lynnhaven Neighbors!!

All answers to this survey are confidential.

Bocce Golf Anyone?

We are considering doing a Bocce Golf (putting with golf balls on bocce court) event on Friday, July 19th, followed by a potluck dinner. In addition to Y/N below, please email Ralph Helwig (click on link for email address) if you are in town and interested in this event.  (13 Responses)

  • Yes — 6  (50.00%)
  • No — 7  (50.00%)

(RDH: Will do a signup request in June to see if more people are interested

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