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Survey Responses —
March 15th — Cahal Dunne & Potluck

Below are the Survey Results for the Lynnhaven Neighbors March Event. President Ralph Helwig's comments are shown as (RDH).

Overall, how would you rate the Churchill Street Recreation Center event?  (28 Responses)

  • Excellent — 20  (71.43%)
  • Very good — 5  (17.86%)
  • Fairly good — 3  (10.71%)
  • Mildly good — 0  (0.00%)
  • Not Good at All — 0  (0.00%)

What did you like about the event? 
(26 Responses)

  • Entertainment.
  • Well organized, good food, & Cahal was excellent.
  • Piano Playing and singing.
  • Entertainment.
  • Cahal held the audience's interest...he is very talented and charming. The room looked lovely and we weren't overly crowded. The food was exceptional.
  • Food was great and Cahal was great.
  • The entertainment.
  • Cahal Dunne is a fabulous pianist, singer, and musical personality!
  • Unique & phenomenal performer.
  • Everything was the best.
  • Good entertainment.
  • The entertainment and the variety of food.
  • The food was delicious and plentiful and Cahal Dunne was very enjoyable.
  • Food and entertainment.
  • Loved the way Cahal interacted with the audience and we got to sing some Irish songs.
  • Cahal Dunne is a very good entertainer, and we like pot luck dinners as you get to sample many different dishes.
  • The wide assortment of dishes. The entertainer was very good. The cake was excellent, too!
  • Great performer. Enjoyed his program very much.
  • The singer was fabulous! Loved his singing and appreciated his humor. Our Potluck was one of the best we have ever had.
  • The entertainment was excellent!
  • Entertainment and fellowship.
  • Not a bad show, just not my type of entertainment.
    We need someone to help schedule entertainers — how about volunteering?)
  • Everything.
  • Entertainment was excellent!!!
  • Having a good Irish entertainer for St. Pat's day was great. And covered dish dinners are fun. Entertainer was very talented, good humor, nice mixture of different kinds of music ...not just all Irish tunes.
  • Entertainment.

What did you dislike about the event?  (18 Responses)

  • Not enough tables for potluck dishes and the dishes weren't organized, taking longer to select from salads, side dishes, main dishes.
  • Really an excellent program.
  • Shouldn't have it on Good Friday.
    ?? This wasn't Good Friday, and next one is on Tuesday, April 16th, because of that.)
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing.
  • It was all very good.
  • Nothing.
  • Nothing, great job.
  • Nothing.
  • Not being able to hear the important announcements at the beginning because too many people were rude and talking! Especially regarding the AED.
    Agreed — Tried to settle them down.)
  • In the busy crowded months, events would always be better at Laurel Manor where there is more room to move around.
  • There was nothing to dislike.
  • Nothing.
  • Ralph talks way too long and belabored things. After all that delicious - who wants store bought cake?
    Agreed — however Laurel wasn't available for most Fridays due to The Villages taking Laurel Manor most months. We are moving our date to Saturdays for most of the rest of the year and will be in Laurel Manor.)
  • Ralph talks way too long and belabored things. After all that delicious — who wants store bought cake?
    Easily solved — volunteer for President and talk shorter. Can change the "who brings what" list in the future. Council tried to provide a treat, and most commented they liked Publix cake, however the few homemade ones were great.)
  • Nothing.
  • Pot luck.
  • Unclear audio.
  • Announcement about AED equipment. She rambled on for too long. It was vey crowded and we had a hard time finding a seat.
    Come earlier — I thought it was important to hopefully save some lives. Would not change my decision.)
  • The ladies go to great effort to bring hot foods and should not have their dishes suffer due to long business meeting before dinner. Announcements should be made after a covered dish dinner and before the entertainment... they took too long and food cooled off. OR, make it known there are several announcements so that the hospitality folks can leave the meal covers on to retain the heat in the dishes. Also, people are hungry when the doors don't even open until 6.
    Good point — this time we had the extra AED info.)

How organized was the event (28 Responses)

  • Extremely organized — 10  (35.71%)
  • Very organized — 15  (53.57%)
  • Somewhat organized — 3  (10.71%)
  • Slightly organized — 0  (0.00%)
  • Not at all organized — 0  (0.00%)
  • Other (please specify) — 1  (20.00%)
    • There were no second servings for those who would have liked more.
      (RDH: Actually, there were.... I thought we announced it. Apologies if you didn't hear it.)

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the Potluck meals? (27 Responses)
(It saves us from charging a minimum of $17 per person.)

  • Very satisfied — 20  (74.07%)
  • Somewhat satisfied — 2  (7.41%)
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied — 1  (3.70%)

  • Dissatisfied — 2  (7.41%)

  • Very dissatisfied — 2  (7.41%)

  • Comments — 4

    • Too much meat for Good Friday.
      (RDH: ?? This wasn't Good Friday.)

    • Everything I had was great. Perhaps some meals should have been labeled.

    • Maybe we don't always have to have a meal! Start at 6:30 & people bring snacks OR only have simple dessert — ice cream?
      (RDH: We did that with last month's Poker Run.)

    • Do table share. Pot luck doesn't work for large crowds.
      (RDH: Difficult to do Table Share at Churchill with tables that extend the length of the room. We are looking at different table arrangements. Next functions are at Laurel and will be catered or Table Share.)

Did you enjoy Cahal Dunne's entertainment?  (28 Responses)

  • Liked a great deal — 27  (96.43%)
  • Liked a moderate amount — 0  (0.00%)
  • Liked a little — 1  (3.57%)
  • Neither liked or disliked — 0  (0.00%)
  • Disliked a little — 0  (0.00%)
  • Disliked a moderate amount — 0  (0.00%)
  • Disliked a great deal — 0  (0.00%)
  • Comments — 3

    • One of the best entertainers we have had at Lynnhaven Neighbors.

    • More than liked — LOVED!

    • A nice well-rounded entertainer!

Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?  (27 Responses)

  • All of the information — 20  (74.07%)

  • Most of the information — 7  (25.93%)

  • Some of the information — 0  (0.00%)

  • A little of the information — 0  (0.00%)

  • None of the information — 0  (0.00%)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?  (19 responses)

  • I think we should have a designated singles table...not necessarily mandatory...but available...and near the front of the room so people will be enticed to sit there.
    (RDH: Can consider that — will take this up next Council meeting.)
  • Sorry that a bigger room was not available.
    (RDH: Me also — solved for the rest of the year, with a few date changes.)
  • Great event!
  • I didn't realize that we were sharing the food with EVERYONE, not just those whom we were sitting with, but it worked out fine. Thanks to all the work the LHN committee puts in to making these events such FUN. THANK YOU!
    (RDH: Understood, Potluck is everyone; Table Share is your own table (like April 16th at Laurel Manor).
  • Everything about the event was EXCELLENT...Wonderful evening with good friends, good conversation, good food and great entertainment.... It doesn't get any better than that.
    (RDH: Agreed.)
  • Cahal's performance was so great — it was deserving of a stage (Laurel Manor?) so we all could see him better. To me — he was the best we've ever had.
  • I do believe everyone had an extremely good time.
  • Thank you!!!
  • Again, I think serving the food prepared to temperature is important for heath/safety reasons. The various meeting announcements should have been made after the meal, before the entertainment … talks took too long. Dot Myers deserves a merit badge for her efforts in coordinating this type of dinner, at times {content edited}.
    (RDH: Agreed about Dot, special lady and talents.)

Thank you for your support.
We need volunteers for our TUESDAY, April 16th, event at Laurel Manor. Please contact Dot Meyers at 508-331-4984 to assist! Thank you in advance!

Responses:  (4 responses)

  • Sorry- Out of town.
  • Dot...sorry, I have to renege, can't be there....
    These are confidential responses — we don't know who you are — please call Dot directly.)
  • I can't stand or walk very long anymore without my new walker, but I still should be able to help, especially while sitting. Please call me if you need help. {Name withheld for confidentiality}
  • A lady asked me how to help volunteer and I suggested she contact Dot and pointed her out in the room... but I was corrected by another person saying the contact should be made online on the website. Little confusion there and a frustrated volunteer may have been lost.
    Agreed — she is happy to accept volunteers any time, as am I. Hopefully, they read this Survey and now have Dot's number <grin>.)

RDH: Final note — We REALLY would appreciate new members volunteering for set up or help with other activities.
We need fresh ideas and new people if this organization is to survive long term.

Also — ANY member is welcome to attend our Council meetings:

1st Monday of each month
4:00 p.m.
Pimlico Recreation Center

Just please let me know (click on link for email address) that you are coming so we know how many to set up for. Appreciate it.

All answers to surveys are anonymous. 

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