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Survey Responses — January 18th —
Petrina & Subway

Below are the Survey Results for the Lynnhaven Neighbors January Event. President Ralph Helwig's comments are shown as (RDH).

Overall, how would you rate the Churchill Street Recreation Center event?  (16 Responses)

  • Excellent — 12  (75.00%)
  • Very good — 4  (25.00%)
  • Fairly good — 0  (0.00%)
  • Mildly good — 0  (0.00%)
  • Not Good at All — 0  (0.00%)

What did you like about the event?  (16 Responses)

  • Comeraderie with neighbors and great entertainment.
  • Entertainment.
  • Music.
  • It was high energy & very entertaining. Petrina knows how to get everyone involved.
  • Petrina. Talking with friends.
  • Food and entertainment were wonderful.
  • The event was wonderful.
  • Everything — setup, entertainment, food.
  • Petrina's enthusiasm and her involvement with the crowd. *The sandwiches were delicious...much better than my past experience with Subway.
  • Audience involvement.
  • Entertainment and food was very good. The whole night moved along very smoothly.
  • Great entertainment, ran smoothly, well organized from beginning to end. Table decor was simple but effective, nice little bit of sparkle. The announcement that we will be returning to Laurel for our events.
    As many as possible.)
  • Petrina is very entertaining. Good Audience involvement.
  • Petrina is an excellent entertainer. She is very friendly and extremely talented. She does a great job getting the audience involved!
  • Everything! Petrina is fun! She involved all, everyone was smiling. Food was fun, also. Kudos to all our "workers"👌😀 
  • Petrina was excellent! Liked the way she included the audience.

What did you dislike about the event?  (14 Responses)

  • Nothing (6 responses).
  • What happened to the veggie sandwiches??
    There were some in the sub selections.)
  • Nothing to dislike, this was perfect & a bargain for the price!!
  • Liked it all.
  • Room too crowded, could hardly move between tables.
    It is difficult to arrange tables AND allow for dance floor.)
  • The music.
  • We were the last table to be called. (Just kidding.)
  • We were the last table called. I know, someone always must be last. Perhaps if everyone took only one sandwich at first and used both sides of the table, most of us would have been able to eat & clear our plates before Petrina started. Not everyone ate 2 sandwiches. 
  • We had a wonderful night so "no dislikes."

Did you enjoy Petrina's entertainment (16 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 14  (80.00%)
  • Satisfied — 1  (6.25%)
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied — 1  (6.25%)
  • Dissatisfied — 0  (0.00%)
  • Very dissatisfied — 0  (0.00%)

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with Subway's food?  (15 Responses)

  • Very satisfied — 12  (80.00%)
  • Somewhat satisfied — 2  (13.33%)
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied — 2  (8.70%)

  • Somewhat dissatisfied — 1  (6.67%)

  • Very dissatisfied — 0  (0.00%)

  • Comments — 4

    • Food was not labeled.

    • Very satisfied, but the sandwiches should have been labeled. It took too long for people to decide what they wanted because they didn't know what was in the sandwiches. Also, the condiments should have been at the end of the line. It took too long for people to add them. 

    • Not what I normally eat but it was fun.

    • Great food for a reasonable price.

Do you like Johnny Wild's entertainment?  (22 Responses)
  • Like a great deal — 18  (81.82%)
  • Like a moderate amount — 3  (13.64%)
  • Like a little — 1  (4.55%)
  • Comments — 2

    • Fabulous!!

    • Great entertainers, but not good music for dancing.
      (RDH:  We asked him to do some more slow dances. Didn't realize the selection he is famous for doesn't include line dancing.)


Do you like the chance to mingle at an event?  (16 Responses)
  • Yes — 14  (87.50%)
  • No — 2  (12.50%)
  • Comment — 1
    • Somewhat. Especially with the people at our table. At Laurel Manor, you probably know whose at your table, but at Churchill you get to sit & mingle with neighbors you haven't met before. It's a nice change.

How organized was the event?  (16 Responses)

  • Extremely organized — 11  (42.86%)
  • Very organized — 5  (35.71%)
  • Somewhat organized — 0  (0.00%)
  • Slightly organized — 0  (0.00%)
  • Not at all organized — 0  (0.00%)
Prior to the event, how much of the information that you needed did you get?  (16 Responses)
  • All of the information — 14  (87.50%)

  • Most of the information — 1  (6.25%)

  • Some of the information — 0  (0.00%)

  • A little of the information — 0  (0.00%)

  • None of the information — 1  (6.25%)
    (RDH:  How did you know to show up?)

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the event?  (5 responses)

  • Everyone seemed to a good time. Lots of audience participation.

  • Very fun evening.

  • It was a fun night with my Lynnhaven Neighbors.... Her music made you want to get up and dance the night away.

  • You're doing a great job. Thank you!!
    (RDH:  You're welcome.)

  • We think our Lynnhaven Neighbor leaders do a FANTASTIC job. Please keep up the great work. We know you would like some young replacements, but if something's not broke, why fix it. We appreciate all your hard work.
    (RDH:  Without some fresh replacements, Lynnhaven Neighbors will die from malnutrition... (see below).

Looking for Volunteers in February

We are looking for volunteers to help set up for the event on Friday, February 15th. If you can assist, please contact either:

  • Dot Myers (508-331-4984) or
  • Ralph Helwig (352-205-3810)

All answers to this survey are confidential. 

1 Response: We can do March again. Sorry, not here in February.  


RDH: Final note — We REALLY would appreciate new members volunteering for set up or other activities. Need fresh ideas and new people if this organization is to survive long term. Thanks in advance!

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