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February Haulin' Notes & Subs

The Lynnhaven Neighbors were in good spirits as they arrived at Laurel Manor on Saturday, February 8th. We waited outside, for a fun night. We checked in Jim Selock and Roger Myers and picked up our name badges, then waited outside while February's volunteers finished setting up the tables and centerpieces. When all was ready, Fred Heidemann opened the doors so we could go in and find a seat. Once we did that, we headed for the back of the room and got our 50/50 tickets from Pat Mitchell and Carole Hannigan. Next table over was Ann Lewe, taking reservation for March's event, Cali McCord with a Corned Beef Dinner in honor of St. Patrick's Day, when everyone is Irish.

President Jack Warner welcomed everyone and asked Irv Getzes to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lois Grace had the table numbers. They were mixed up and the first table was picked to go up for their food. This month, there were two food tables set up, one in the front of the room and one in the back. With each table called, they were instructed to go to either the front or back.

The different kinds of subs were clearly labeled so we could quickly pick the one we wanted, then pick up our bag of chips and cookie. The last table called had a surprise waiting for them when they returned to their table... a small bag of goodies on each of their placemats. What a nice surprise! Once everyone had gotten their food, we could go back for seconds if we wanted.


As we finished eating and started clearing our table, Jack asked Dot Myers to recognize February's volunteers. Thanks to Leesa Willis, Diane Davis, Lynn Dise, Lorraine DeGenova. Cherie Stewart, Lorna Anello, Julie McLaughlin, Jim Selock, Ray Ginsinger, and Fred & Marie Heidemann. Nice job on the Valentine theme! And thanks to Jack, too, who made the centerpieces to go with the table numbers. Jack then called our attention to his name badge attached to a lanyard. All the Neighbors Council members have their badges on a lanyard, as well, and he invited everyone to feel free to ask them questions, make suggestions and comments. If they can't answer your question, they'll put you in touch with the person that can answer them.

Fred Heidemann was next on the agenda, recognizing and welcoming new members. He asked them to stand up, introduce themselves and tell us where they hail from, bringing the microphone to them. Lorna Anello also introduced her friend and guest. Welcome, all! Fred also brought our attention to the Vial of Life program sponsored by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office. Vials are free for taking at the back of the room. Put your medical information in the vial and put it in your refrigerator where it can easily be seen so that if you have a medical emergency, paramedics can retrieve it quickly.

Next, Judy Selock told us about what was coming up in March, which will have a St. Patrick's Day theme. Singer and singer impersonator Cali McCord will be our entertainment and Li'l Bits will be preparing an Irish dinner of corned beef & cabbage, carrots & potatoes. In April, we'll have Ric Mitchell's Juke Box Bingo. Rather than a meal, eat dinner beforehand and just bring snacks to share with others at your table of 8. The club will provide desserts. And for May, Tom Tighe has again agreed to run the golf tournament. But if you don't play golf, there will be bocce and shuffleboard tournaments, as well.

Last, but not least, Ann Lewe told us about what's planned for Lynnhaven Ladies. March will have an Irish theme, as well, with The Parking Lot Band performing Irish songs and leading us in an Irish sing-along. We'll also have the very popular potluck salad buffet, with members bringing the salads and Council members bringing the desserts. All the ladies in Lynnhaven are welcome to join the club, which meets the second Thursday of every month but July & August, with the meeting starting at 12 noon.

Announcements out of the way, Haulin' Notes was ready to get the party going, starting with "Pretty Woman", encouraging us to clap along, too. "Secret Agent Man" was next, a Johnny Rivers hit, followed by "Brown Eyed Girl". Between songs, various members of the band were introduced, with some trivia thrown in. The band also encouraged requests; if it was in their repertoire, they'd perform it. Next they called for ladies in the audience to come up and be their background singers for their next song, "Keep Your Hands to Yourself." They were given instructions and on cue, sang "keep your hands to yourself!" That was a lot of fun.

Other favorites followed: "My Girl", another Johnny Rivers hit "Memphis Tennessee", "Margaritaville", "Twistin' the Night Away". Some of us got up on the dance floor, whether in front of the stage or around the room, or wherever. As our dinner settled, more of us got up to dance. Some of us enjoyed watching the dancers, sang along with the band or clapped to the beat, chatted with friends and neighbors, or just sat back and enjoyed it all. The music continued with "Poor Side of Town", "Johnny Be Good", "Suspicious Minds", and "Rock Me Baby". Of course, this is The Villages, so they played the national anthem of The Villages... the electric slide to "Mustang Sally"! Then everybody came up on the dance floor. A Beetles song, "You're Sixteen (You're Beautiful and You're Mine", was next. We were asked if there were any hippies in the audience? For them, the band performed The Doors' "Light My Fire" before they took a brief break.


Coming back, they performed a request, "Hallelujah", which got acknowledgement as a favorite of all of us. Changing the tempo was "Do Ya
Wanna Dance", the Beach Boys' "Fun Fun Fun 'Til Her Daddy Takes Her T-bird Away", "California Sun", followed by a slower tempo with "Walking in the Rain", then Del Shannon's "My Little Runaway", the Eagles' "Take It Easy", and Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues". They ended by introducing all the band members and a R & B favorite by The Impressions, "It's All Right".

But the evening wasn't over yet. We still had the 50/50 drawings to go. We all got our 50/50 tickets out and Jack had a band member pick the first winning ticket. People settled down a bit and waited to hear the ticket number read. Jack repeated the number again until someone confirmed that they had the ticket. Julie picked the next winning ticket and Jack repeated the number until the lucky ticket owner confirmed and claimed their prize. Julie and Dan each went home with an extra $39 in their pockets. The final winning ticket was worth $51, and Pat claimed her cash. It was nice to see people who volunteer at monthly events go home with some extra cash in their pockets. Congratulations to all our lucky winners. For the rest of us, better luck next time (it could happen...).

A big Thank You to Haulin' Notes for a nice evening of song and dance. If you'd like the band for another event, you can call Bill at 404-808-3880 or email him (click on link for email address). You can also go to the band's facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/haulinnotesband/), click on the messenger icon , and type in your question or message and send it. Bill will get back to you.

Thanks to Publix, too, for the great subs. They were nice and fresh and sooo good. Thanks to this month's volunteers, as well: Lorna Anello, Diane Davis, Lorraine DeGenova, Lynn Dise, Ray Gensinger, Fred & Marie Heideman, Julie McLaughlin, Jim Selock, Cherie Stewart, and Leesa Willis. The tables were decorated beautifully, getting us in the mood for Valentine's Day coming up.

Next month we'll have an Irish night in honor of St. Patrick's Day, with singer and impressionist Cali McCord & a Corned Beef Dinner. It's reserved seating for this event and you can reserve an entire table for 8 if you want. Non-Lynnhaven guests can be signed up at the same time Just be sure that if you want to sit with friends and guests, you must put all their checks into one envelope, along with the names of all in your party. Hurry and reserve a spot. The deadline is Monday, March 16th. A good time will be had by all.

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