9-Hole Golf Scramble & Dinner Fling
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September Golf & Dinner Fling

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Golfers of Lynnhaven Neighbors participated in the 13th annual 9-hole golf scramble at Briarwood on Friday, September 29th. We were supposed to play Amberwood & Oakleigh, but they still weren't open in time for the tournament following hurricane Irma. It was hotter than anticipated for a September scramble, but we checked in then found shade as we enjoyed chatting with teammates and other players as we waited for our turn to tee off. Here are some pictures taken at the scramble.

The sun was bright, but we hoped for some cloud cover and breezes once we got started (be careful what you wish for). Clouds started building as we played and most of the time we had some breeze... until the last two or three foursomes were finishing up, when the wind picked up and it started raining. But our final teams persevered and finished. Bill Sims collected the score cards as teams totaled their scores.

Oh, no! The last teams were soaking wet and had to go inside the Chatham Recreation Center's air conditioning. Brrrr.... Some learned that what they thought was their rain gear was just a windbreaker. Double brrrr.... A few people like Shirley Palazzo thought ahead and brought a sweater with her. Our name badges were waiting as we arrived and Carole Hannigan was selling 50/50 tickets. After getting our tickets, we found a place to sit, chat awhile, and in the case of the last few teams, dry out.

The sub sandwiches from Gio's Deli arrived and Ralph & Fran Helwig matched the subs to the sign that identify what each was. We had our choice of five types of subs, plus a gluten-free assortment, and there were tomato and onion slices we could add, but had forgotten the condiments like mustard and mayonnaise, which Ralph heard about afterward. Too bad.

Everyone was asked to just choose two subs initially and we could go back for more after everyone had chosen. For many of us, two was enough so we passed on going back for seconds if we were still hungry. Later, two plates of cannoli were brought out. Again, we were asked to take just one initially and we had our choice of vanilla or chocolate. There was enough so that people could go back for a second one if they wanted.

Ralph and Carole held the 50/50 drawings first, then Ralph, Artie DeMarto and Dave Dahl announced the winners of the putting contest, followed by Bill Sims and Larry Seymour announcing the winners of the closest to the pin on Hole #4 and winners of the scramble.

Here are the winners of the Lynnhaven Neighbors 13th annual 9-hole golf scramble and putting contest.

Closest to the pin:

  • Men: Hole #4  Bill Sims
  • Women: Hole #4  Sue Oprisu

Putting Contest:

  • Men: Larry Seymour
  • Women: Fran Helwig

Winners of the Scramble:
Par for the Briarwood course is 27. Ladies hit from the green tees and men hit from the gold.

  • 1st Place Low score (2 under par):
  • Frank & Lorraine DeGenova
  • Ben Stankewwicz & Mike Mesaris
  • 2nd Place (1 under par):
  • Bill & Joanne Sims
  • Ralph & Fran Helwig
  • 3rd Place (even par and tied by two teams):
  • Tuck & Elaine Fisher
  • Dave & Sue Laluk
  • Jim & Suzanne Godfrey
  • Allen & Margaret McLean

The first to go up after being announced winners collected the prize money and divvied it among their team members. Congratulations to all our winners!

Thanks to Larry Seymour & Bill Sims for signing golfers up, making the pairings and registering players, and running the scramble. And thanks to Ralph Helwig, Artie DeMarto and Dave Dahl for running the putting contest after we'd finished golfing, as well as Ralph for arranging for the sandwiches and cannolis and Carole for selling 50/50 tickets. A good time was had by all.

Keep on Golfing... Lynnhaven Neighbors....

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