Golf Cart Poker Run
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April Golf Cart Poker Run

The Lynnhaven Neighbors had a perfect day on Friday, April 23rd, as they embarked on the Golf Cart Poker Run. Those who had signed up had been assigned a time to come and pick up their poker hand sheets and clues. We studied the clues and headed off to pick our first card.

We continued to social distance as we waited our turn to pick a card and have it marked on our sheet before heading off to our next location to pick another card.

Most of us had terrible poker hands, but we were told that there were some lucky folks who did get good hands. We returned to the Churchill Street Recreation Center Pavilion, turned in our sheets, then returned home until 4:00 p.m.

We returned to the pavilion for boxed lunches made by Li'l Bits Cafe and to learn who had drawn the best poker hand. As usual, Carole Hannigan was on hand to give us another chance at going home with some extra money in our pockets. We found a place to sit or set up our chairs and chatted with friends and neighbors.

Lois Grace and Judy Selock had gone to Li'l Bits Cafe to pick up our box lunches and the food was set up on a corner table. Judy had the list of what everyone had ordered in case we'd forgotten and Lois directed us to the box containing our order. We returned to our seats and enjoyed our meal... and the company.

After we'd all eaten, Jack reminded us that we'll have a 9-Hole Golf Scramble next month, followed by dinner from Oakwood Smokehouse & Grill. He then held the 50/50 drawings before announcing the winners of the poker run. Drawing winners were Nancy Ferris, Donna Grillo, and Keith Conner.

He then announced the winning poker hands and the winners. They were Wanda Dunphy, Nancy King, Jim Sookiasian, Lisa Sookiasian, Debbie Martinez, Helen Dittmer, and Janet Steenburgh. Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners. For the rest of us, better luck next time (it could happen...).

Thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible and so much fun, and thanks to Li'l Bits Cafe in the Palm Ridge Plaza for the great sandwiches and salad.

For May, we'll have a 9-Hole Golf Scramble on the Pimlico & Belmont executive courses followed by dinner from Oakwood Smokehouse & Grill dinner. Hope to see you there. This event is now Open to Guests.

Starting to get the good times rolling, again....

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