Gee Whiz Trivia, KFC & Potluck
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Gee Whiz Trivia, KFC & Side/Salad/Dessert Potluck
Photos by Keith Conner & Barbara Kalmin

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Friday, November 17th, Lynnhaven Neighbors gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center for some game fun, food, and neighbors. Sue Fitzgerald greeted us as we arrived and helped us pick up our name badges before dropping our contribution to the evening's meal off at the main buffet or dessert table. November's volunteers helped organize the side, salad & dessert potluck dishes.

Carole Hannigan was selling 50/50 tickets, Ron Kalmin was accepting memberships for 2018, and Judy Selock was accepting reservations for next month's event at Laurel Manor the club's annual Christmas/Holiday Party on SUNDAY, December 10th. The Ambassadors Dance Band is our entertainment, and Pasta Faire is preparing a very special meal for us.

Business taken care of, we looked for a place to sit and got down to some serious socializing (how I love alliteration... can you tell?). While we were catching up with friends and neighbors, November's volunteers were getting last minute instructions for serving the chicken. We had our choice of white or dark meat, frilled or original recipe KFC. Our choice of the kind of chicken we'd ordered when we signed up was on a ticket with our name badges. President Ellen Conner welcomed everyone. The food had been delivered and set up, and everything looked and smelled sooo good. Ellen had someone pick the first table number to be served. The rest of us sat back and waited until our table number was called. (You know the saying that a watched pot never boils? That was our table, the last to go up.) We handed the servers our ticket to confirm the kind of chicken we'd signed up for, then loaded up our plates with salads and sides. As always, it was hard to choose.

After we'd eaten and were cleaning up our tables, Ellen started with announcements, calling our attention to a container for Wildwood Food Pantry donations on our way out, so we could drop our pocket change into it, to be combined with the club's donation in March, when the Pantry needs the money most. The Lynnhaven Ladies Christmas/Holiday Luncheon is Thursday, December 14th, at Savannah Center. Make your reservation with Kathy Warner. The deadline for making your reservation is Wednesday. December 6th.

And the Lynnhaven Neighbors' Christmas/Holiday Party is SUNDAY, December 10th, at Laurel Manor. There are still some seats available. Make your reservation with Sharon Brough; the deadline for that party is Friday, December 1st. The club has subsidized the cost of events throughout the year, and this party is no exception. We also need some volunteers to help set up for that party. Please call Ralph Helwig at 352-205-3810 if you can help. Speaking of Ralph, the biggest announcement is that the club has a President for 2018! It's Ralph! Because of this good news, membership checks for 2018 will be deposited on Monday. But since Ralph's current job as Planning Committee Chairman is now vacant, people are now needed to move into his job. Entertainment has been booked until September, so much has already been arranged. Please talk to Ralph if you'd like to step into his position. Thanks, Ralph, for stepping up.

Ralph then started with some jokes and puns before announcing the entertainments planned for next year. He touched on the annual Christmas/Holiday Party in December with The Ambassadors Dance Band and a special menu prepared by Pasta Faire. Still seats available. In January, the Clark Barrios Duo (Clark Barrios & France Neil) is booked. What a way to start the new year! In February, cash bingo is planned, and in March, we'll have Irish comedian George Caskey in honor of St. Patrick's day. See Coming Attractions for 2018 for more about what's planned.

With announcements out of the way, Ralph turned the microphone over to Gee Whiz Productions... let the games begin.... It was explained that no cell phones could be used... no Google searches. Each table had to pick a name for itself and the names were added to a whiteboard for scoring. Each got a yellow pad for writing down answers to questions for their group, as well. For practice, we were given a sheet with pictures of celebrities and as a group we had to name the celebrity. Our scribe wrote our answers down, then the correct answers were read. This didn't count.

Starting the questions that counted, a basket of items was brought around so an item could be picked. They were theme items that would determine our next question. Ellen was the first to pick for this round. She picked a stuffed duck toy, which lead to a question about The Groucho Marx Show and the duck would come down when the contestant said the secret word. We decided on what we thought was the right answer and our scribe wrote it on the yellow pad. Next question... a TV theme song was played and we named the show. We had some multi-choice questions too, like what popular drink had lithium in its product in 1929?

Other questions included what the name of The Beatles was before they became The Beatles? Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky were married on which TV Show? There was a Tele-Trivia board that was used several times throughout the evening that had post-it notes with TV shows. That was brought around and someone picked a TV show. The next question was on the back of the selected post-it. The first round ended and our scribe took our answers up, were given a sealed envelope for the next round, and our answer sheets were scored, and the correct answers were read. Our team scores were then added to the whiteboard with our team names, and the each team's score was read, with special attention to the top teams... to teams to beat were named. While our answer sheets were being scored, Gregg Golden read some humorous, (old) age-related one liners, which brought smiles to our faces.

Round 2 began and we started with a new answer sheet. First question was what President signed the draft into law? Opening the envelope, we had a picture of the characters in The Wizard of Oz, and we were to name the actors who played those characters. Someone picked from the basket again; he picked a hammer and a song was played. Who sang If I Had a Hammer? Next question, who did Cher marry after Sonny? Some of us were really baffled over that one. Another TV show was selected from the Tele-Trivia board and we were asked who sang the theme song to the show? It was the end of Round 3 and our answer sheets were handed in for scoring, and we learned the correct answers. This time, Gregg read some humorous bumper stickers related to age, and each team learned its score.

It was Round 3 and we were ready for new questions with a new answer sheet. The race was narrowing between the front runners. Following Round 4, we again learned the correct answers, team scores were read, and the final score for all four rounds were read. The winners were the Not Ready for Prime Time team members, each winning a small bottle of wine. Congratulations!

But the fun wasn't over yet. We still had the 50/50 drawings to go and we got out our tickets. The first two tickets drawn were each worth $26, and the third was worth $33... a nice bonus for an evening of fun.

Congratulations to all our lucky winners this evening, the Not Ready for Prime Time team members and our 50/50 drawing winners. For the rest of us, better luck next month... (it could happen...).

BIG thanks to the Gee Whiz Trivia folks for a fun evening of trivia and music memories. It was a fun evening, even if we didn't know or couldn't remember squat. If you'd like to have them at another club event, you can call Gregg Goldin at 352-633-7176 or email him at They can customize their program to suit your group's interests. See their website at

A special thank you to this month's volunteers for a great job of setting up the tables, helping to arrange the potluck dishes, and serving the chicken: Keith Conner, Roger & Dot Myers, Suzanne Morrow, Sue Oprisu & Karen Vollman.

Next month we'll be back at Laurel Manor for the club's annual Christmas/Holiday Party. The Ambassadors Dance Band will be there for our dancing and listening pleasure, with a special menu catered by Pasta Faire planned. As the club's thank you to its members, the meal is offered at a reduced price. It is early in the month so it won't impact your holiday plans Sunday, December 10th and it is dressy casual so you can relax and be comfortable while enjoying the final Lynnhaven Neighbors bash of 2017. There is also room for some guests on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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