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Council Services

The following is a list of the Council's most notable services on behalf of Lynnhaven Neighbors members.

  • The Council...

    • Contracts for a regular meeting place and any special events.
    • Helps plan monthly socials, special events, and entertainments.
    • Supports monthly and special event volunteer committees, and encourages diversity of activities.
    • Collects annual dues, establishes a budget, and maintains member information.
    • Maintains a treasury to ensure funding for socials, special events, and entertainment.
    • Administers the budget and reimburses volunteers for approved out-of-pocket expenses.
    • Administers 50/50 drawings to help replenish the treasury.
    • Establishes guidelines and policies when needed.
    • Provides easy-to-read member name tags at socials.
    • Recommends and passes along suggestions for events and entertainment.
    • Arranges and negotiates for all entertainment and food contracts.
  • Lynnhaven Neighbors came to the rescue to fund the Lynnhaven website when Comcast discontinued websites to its customers (Lynnhaven's webmaster). A new website host was found and Neighbors paid for the hosting service and new domain (new website address: as a service to the community.

    Resident and former Council member continues to volunteer and maintain the Lynnhaven Village website, put out e-mails about and report on Lynnhaven and other events, submit announcements to be posted on the Lynnhaven mail station Bulletin Board, and send out the Lynnhaven Directory to new or renewing Lynnhaven Neighbors members.
  • A resident and former Council member has consented to continue volunteering his expertise and time to assist members of Lynnhaven Neighbors with their computer problems for FREE (see FREE Service for Lynnhaven Neighbors Members).

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