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Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2018... 4 Positions Open

     Member At-Large Needed for the Council New
Announcement — Council for 2018... and Volunteers Needed

     Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2017

     About the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council
     Members At-Large

Terms of Office
     Council's Mission
Treasurer & Account
     Council's Services


** The Club's Policies **

Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2018... 4 Positions Open

Member At-Large Needed for the Council

Sadly, Sue Fitzgerald has withdrawn from serving as an at-large member of the council due to physical limitations. We hope Sue is on the mend soon, but need someone to take her place. To volunteer or for more information about it, please contact Ellen Conner (click link for email address) at 633-3203. Thank you.

Also, please consider serving as Event Coordinator, Facilities & Volunteers Coordinator, or Publicity. Won't some of our newer and younger members please consider serving?

Thanks to the following members who will be serving on the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council in 2018. Thank you for volunteering.

PresidentRalph Helwig (753-8373)
Vice-PresidentMary Dooley (750-4517)
TreasurerEllen Conner (633-3203)
SecretaryPat Mitchell (818-455-4557)
MembershipBarbara Hartmann (352-399-5237)

Events CoordinatorHELP! The club needs YOU!
Facilities & Volunteers CoordinatorHELP! The club needs YOU!
PublicityHELP! The club needs YOU!

Members at Large:
     Judy Selock (
HELP! Another at-large member is needed.

Lynnhaven Neighbors Council 2018... and Volunteers Needed

Good News! Lynnhaven Council for 2018 is a GO! Since we now have a President, membership checks for 2018 will be cashed starting Monday, November 20th.

Ralph Helwig has volunteered to serve as our new President. Serving with him on the 2018 Council are Vice President: Mary Dooley, Treasurer: Ellen Conner, Secretary: Pat Mitchell, Membership: Barbara Hartmann, and Members-at-Large: Sue Fitzgerald and Judy Selock.

You heard the word “volunteers.” In 2004, volunteers started Lynnhaven Neighbors, and volunteers have kept it going ever since. They do it because they believe that Lynnhaven Neighbors continues to do what its mission statement says, and that is, “promote fun and fellowship among neighbors living in the Village of Lynnhaven.” And also because, let’s face it—we’ve got something good going. Let’s keep it growing!

But we can’t do it alone. We’re hoping that a few of you will be willing to step up to fill three vacant Council positions, or volunteer to join one of the committees.

Because Ralph will assume the position of President, we need a new Events Coordinator, a Council position. The Events Coordinator:

  • Heads two committees for monthly events — one to plan food and the other to plan entertainment.

  • The Events Coordinator then takes the committee’s recommendation to the Council meeting, where it is voted on.

This position involves no fiscal responsibility—the President or Treasurer is responsible for signing contracts with caterers and entertainers. And heading into 2018, much of the planning has already been done through next September!

Next, we’re looking for someone to volunteer as Facilities & Volunteers Coordinator, also a Council position. The Facilities & Volunteers Coordinator:

  • Takes the floor plan for the event to the recreation center and makes table arrangements.

  • Makes sure we have any needed table supplies, such as plates, flatware, and table cloths.

  • Heads a committee to plan event decorations.

  • Recruits volunteers to work in the kitchen, and help with set-up and take-down.

And last, but not least, we’d like to have someone in charge of Publicity, a Council position. This role involves:

  • Gets monthly event information to Barb Kalmin so she can put it on the Lynnhaven website.

  • Notifies the The Villages Daily Sun about upcoming events, and giving them a recap of each event after it takes place.

Council positions involve a one-year commitment (with a break from June through August). You may volunteer to serve for the following year—and most of us do!

Just a note about those Committees I mentioned. Committee volunteers do not need to attend monthly Council meetings, although they are welcome to do so at any time.

And yes, both Council positions and Committee positions are open to seasonal residents!

So how about you? Will you volunteer? Let’s keep going!

And how about your neighbors? Do they know about Barb Kalmin’s website, how to get on the newsletter's distribution list, and about the Lynnhaven Neighbors club? Invite them—especially those who are new to Lynnhaven—and let’s keep growing!

Lynnhaven Neighbors Council 2017

Thanks to the following members who have decided to serve another year on the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2017. These Council Members are:

PresidentEllen Conner (633-3203)
Vice-PresidentSharon Brough (410-7597)
TreasurerPeggy Bowman (633-5186)
SecretaryPat Mitchell (818-455-4557)
MembershipRon Kalmin (259-6648)
Planning Committee ChairmanRalph Helwig (753-8373)
Facilities Manager & HistorianBarb Roberts (751-5312)
Golf Chairman
Golf Co-chairman

Members at Large:
     Sue Fitzgerald (352-399-5038)
     Judy Selock (

About the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council

Serving on the Council takes a commitment of time, but it's also very rewarding. And, needless to say, Council members must be members of the Lynnhaven Neighbors club.

  • Council Officers attend the monthly Council meetings as well as the events, and serve for the entire year to administer the club's business and support our monthly volunteer committees.

  • At-Large Members cannot attend all the monthly Council meetings, but are willing to attend most of them and serve as able. At-large Council members are limited to three members. This experience helps groom At-Large council members for higher positions within the council.

Terms of Office

The term of office year is January 1st — December 31st.

  • The term of office for the President and Vice President, was two years, but is now one year.
  • The term of office for all other positions is for as long as the person in that position is willing to serve. Council members may change positions/jobs from year to year, as needed or desired.

Council's Mission

The Council's mission is to promote fun and fellowship among neighbors living in the Village of Lynnhaven. The Council meets monthly or as needed to review and solidify plans for the monthly Lynnhaven Neighbors socials (usually the 3rd Friday of the month) and other planned events.

If you have any questions, you can email or call a Council member, and if they can't answer your question themselves, they will direct you to the appropriate person.

Treasurer & Account

Money collected to fund Lynnhaven Neighbors events are deposited to a Community Bank & Trust of Florida account. Only one authorized check signer is required for each check issued, who may be:

  • Peggy Bowman (Treasurer)
  • Ellen Conner (President)
  • Sharon Brough (Vice President)

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