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Events in 2019
     Have an Idea or Entertainment to suggest and/or want to Volunteer for one of these planning committees? Our volunteers are what make our socials so special... and they have fun while doing it, too.

A Look Back at 2018
Membership Dues for 2019 Barb Hartmann is accepting dues for 2019.

Events in 2019

The Entertainment Committee is planning events for next year. Here is a preview of things to come. It is tentative and may change, but it gives you an idea of some of the events being worked on. Save the dates.

  • Friday, January 18th Starting the new year off with a BANG, high-energy entertainer Petrina will have us out of our seats, dancing & singing along with her to a variety of popular tunes at Churchill. You don't want to miss her dynamic show!
  • Friday, February 15th Golf Cart Poker Run & Ice Cream Social at Churchill.

  • Friday, March 15th Irish singer & comedian Cahal Dunne at Churchill in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

  • Tuesday, April 16th The Lynnhaven Putting Cup & Potluck at Laurel Manor.

  • Friday, May 17th Golf Scramble in the afternoon and an Oakwood dinner at Laurel Manor in the evening, with music by Bill Board & The Headliners.

  • June, July & August Summer Vacation

  • Saturday, September 14th Golf Tournament in the afternoon, then meeting at Laurel Manor that evening. A picnic menu catered by La Hacienda will be for dinner, with The Sounds of Time providing the entertainment. There will be tables of 8 and reservations will be taken starting Saturday, August 17th.

  • Saturday, September 14th TBD * at Laurel Manor in the evening.

  • Saturday, October 12th TBD * at Laurel Manor.

  • Friday, November 15th Horse Races at Churchill.

  • Sunday, December 8th Christmas/Holiday Party at Laurel Manor.

To Be Determined

You can join or renew your membership in Lynnhaven Neighbors for 2019 starting Monday, October 1, 2018.

Have an Idea or Entertainment for an Event? 

All of our fun activities are made possible by our many volunteers, and each month usually has different planning committee members.

And what great parties we've had!

If you have a Fun Idea for a social... or if you'd like to recommend entertainment that you really enjoyed, contact Ellen Conner (352-633-3203) with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number &/or E-mail Address
  • Your Suggestion or Recommendation
  • Contact Information for the Recommended Group or Entertainer

She will submit your suggestion to the Entertainment Committee.

A Look Back at 2018

The Entertainment Committee has been hard at work planning events for the year.

  • Friday, January 19th Starting the new year off with a bang, we'll have the Clark Barrios at Laurel Manor. It will be table-share, so start getting your tables together.
  • Friday, February 16th Bingo & Oreo Ice Cream Cake at Churchill.
  • Friday, March 16th Irish comedian George Casey at Laurel Manor in honor of St. Patrick's Day. It will be table share.
  • Friday, April 20th Photo Scavenger Hunt and Friendly Feud game w/cash prize and ice cream sundaes.

  • Friday, May 18th Golf Scramble in the afternoon, Flashback & Oakwood Pulled Pork & BBQ Chicken in the evening at Laurel Manor.
  • June, July & August Summer Vacation, but there will be a...

  • Friday, July 27th President's Putting Cup at the Arnold Palmer putting area near the retention pond, followed by a potluck dinner at President Ralph Helwig's.

  • Friday, September 21st Comedian, ventriloquist & magician Mike Palma & the All American Picnic catered by La Hacienda.

  • Friday, September 28th Golf Scramble & Hoagie Party
  • Saturday, October 19th A Night in Vegas at Wildwood Community Center. Snacks and beverages or a buffet will be available.
  • Friday, November 16th Horse Races & KFC at Churchill Street Recreation Center.
  • Sunday, December 9th Johnny Wild & The Delights

And a good time was had by all....

To Join or Renew Your Membership
To Read the Club's By-Laws about membership, refunds, etc.

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