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Notice of Checks Only Policy

All club events must be paid by check or money order. We do not accept cash for reservations or membership dues.

The Club's Policies (Selected policies of importance for members listed below.)
     Annual Dues
     Members First Policy
     Checks Only Policy
     Sign-Up Policy
     Cancellation Policy
          No Transfer Policy
     Refund Policy
     Singles Policy
     Guest Policy
     Adults Only Policy
     Membership Policy
     Name Badges
     50/50 Drawings
     Admittance Policy
     Reserving Seats Policy

     Golfing Events
          Policy for Golf Events
          Refund Policy for Golf Events

The Club's Policies

Here are some of the policy decisions made by the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council:

  • These fun events and socials are the 3rd Friday of each month unless otherwise specified.  Other events may periodically be offered that are separate from the monthly socials (e.g., golf scramble, a special trip or dinner, etc.).
  • Dues are $10 per person annually.  The membership year coincides with the calendar year January 1st through December 31st.  Membership dues must be paid BEFORE signing up for any event/social, or before receiving service for your computer.
  • The policy for signing up for events is Members first.  When an event is sold out, a Waiting List will be started.  Should someone have to cancel, people on the list will be contacted in the order that they were put on the list first in, first called.
  • Reservations to events must be paid using a check or money order.  The club no longer accepts cash. All checks must be made payable to Lynnhaven Neighbors, not an individual.
    • For any event or if paying/renewing your membership, all checks must be made payable to Lynnhaven Neighbors, not to an individual.
  • For events requiring reservations, members can Sign-Up starting the day of the current month's social, either at the specified sign-up person's house or... at that month's social so they don't have to make a special trip to someone's house or on the specified date.

    If you will be away when Sign-Up for an event begins, we advise that you give or mail your check to a friend so they can sign up for you. A check MUST accompany a reservation.
  • The Cancellation policy is that if you signed up for an event but can't attend after all, you must contact the person taking reservations so your name can be removed from the Admittance List.
    • If an event you signed up for is Sold Out but you can't attend, you CANNOT transfer your seats/tickets to a friend; you must go through the person taking reservations and keeping the Waiting List.  Your friend will NOT be admitted if not on the admittance list and YOU will be responsible for reimbursing them.  This is to be absolutely fair to everyone.
  • The Refund policy concerning pre-paid events is that No refunds can be given for cancellations made after a food order or head count for an event or activity has been submitted the contribution made for tickets or reservations becomes non-refundable once the order has been placed unless it is a sold out event and someone takes your place.  (Again, only the club can transfer your seat to another person).
  • A Singles Policy has been instituted to allow singles to bring a guest with them to socials.  Single members can purchase one Guest Pass each year from Membership for $10.  The pass can be used by any person accompanying the Single Member to the event who does not live in Lynnhaven.  Those who live in Lynnhaven must pay their membership dues for the year like everyone else.  A Guest Pass is a transferable membership for the year.  Only people known to be single can apply for a Guest Pass.
  • A Guest Policy allows members to bring visiting guests or guests who live in another village (that is, non-Lynnhaven residents) to selected events if the event is opened to guests and/or extra seats are available.  A larger contribution toward the event may be required for/from the guest.
  • Lynnhaven Neighbors socials are for Adults Only unless otherwise stipulated.  No children under the age of 18 will be admitted.
  • Because of the number of current members, Membership in Lynnhaven Neighbors is restricted to full or part-time Lynnhaven residents.  Members who no longer live in Lynnhaven may continue to renew their memberships as long as they do not allow their membership to lapse.  No new non-resident members can be accepted.
  • Name Badges are provided at monthly socials, unless the event is held at a larger venue like Laurel Manor.  The badges are kept by the club and picked up by members when they arrive and check in for an event.  They are collected again at the end of the evening.

    If the name you want on your name badge is different from what is on your check or return address, you must let the Membership Chairperson know the name that you want on your badge.

  • There is a 50/50 drawing at most monthly socials.  Half of the money collected is divided among the winners and the other half goes into the Lynnhaven Neighbors treasury to help fund our socials and entertainment.
  • For events where the club contributes food or door prizes, members can choose to not participate in the event but attend the dinner only.  A contribution may be required for dinner only participants.
  • An Admittance Policy for Monthly Socials has been established to allow our monthly volunteer committees time to set up and decorate without having to work around us.  Doors will NOT open and no one will be allowed to enter until the committee is set up and ready.  The Villages has become very strict about the time allotted to clubs using the facilities, leaving the committees less time to prepare, so please respect their needs.
  • Reserving seats for friends should be restricted to no more than 2 seats per couple. The club wants everyone to feel welcome and enjoy its socials. Let's all do our part in making Lynnhaven the friendliest village here in The Villages.

Golfing Events

  • The Policy for Golf Events is that event registrations must be paid when registering.  Only current-year Lynnhaven Neighbors members may participate and win money.  When an event is sold out, names may be put onto a Standby List.  Should someone have to cancel, people on the list will be contacted in the order that they were put on the list first in, first called.

For Lynnhaven Neighbors golf events played at Championship courses, greens fees are over and above the cost of the event and must be paid separately in the course's pro shop.

  • The Refund Policy for Golf Events, which are prepaid, is that no refunds can be given for cancellations made after a food order or head count for an event or activity has been submitted the reservations purchased become non-refundable.

    If unable to participate after submitting your reservation, you may NOT give or sell your reservation to anyone else. Only Dudley Kortright or the event's co-chair can do this.  You must contact Dudley Kortright (click on link for email address or call 259-2428) as soon as possible.  He keeps a Standby List of members who did not get their reservation in before the event was sold out or of people who had to cancel.  If you contact him early enough, he may be able to resell or transfer your reservation to another club member.  If so, you will get your money back when the resold/transferred reservation is paid for.

    Reservations transferred, except through Dudley or the designated co-chair(s) will be barred from playing and their money will not be refunded... except by you.  This is to be absolutely fair to everyone.

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