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December's Event: Christmas/Holiday Party at Laurel Manor
Sunday, December 10th
Hurry! DEADLINE is Friday, December 1st.

Lynnhaven Neighbors fun socials are usually held the 3rd Friday of each month. They provide a venue for having fun, meeting your neighbors, getting together with friends, and building a sense of community.

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Christmas/Holiday Party in December HURRY and make your reservation. The DEADLINE is Friday, December 1st!

Announcement Council for 2018... and Volunteers Needed New

November Gee Whiz Trivia, KFC & Side/Salad/Dessert Potluck Sorry, but because of Thanksgiving and family celebrations, you'll have to wait another week for the write-up and pictures. If you attended and haven't taken the survey yet, please do that now. Thank you.
     Survey for Gee Whiz Trivia event.

October Christine Joyce Show
More Pictures from the Christine Joyce Show
     More Pictures Lynnhaven Couples
     Survey Results for Christine Joyce in October

Coming Attractions for 2018 New
Looking Back at 2017
     Golfing Events of 2017

September Golf & Dinner Fling

Have an Idea or Entertainment to Suggest for an Event? Pass it along and the Planning Committee will look into it.

Membership in Lynnhaven Neighbors Starting October 1st, dues for 2018 are being accepted. Checks won't be cashed unless someone volunteers to be the club's President. If no one steps up, the club will be dissolved and your check will be returned to you after the 1st of the new year.
     What Do Your Dues Provide and Support?
          FREE Computer Service to Members
          FREE Lynnhaven Directory to Members
     Clarification About Membership

Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2017
     About the Lynnhaven Neighbors Council
Members At-Large
               Terms of Office
          Council's Mission
          Treasurer & Account

          Council's Services

The Club's Policies
          Members First Policy
     Club Policies
          Sign-Up Policy
          Cancellation Policy
               No Transfer Policy
          Refund Policy
          Singles Policy
          Non-Member Guests Policy
          Adults Only Policy
          Membership Policy
          Name Badges
          50/50 Drawings
          Admittance Policy
          Reserving Seats Policy

          Golfing Events
               Policy for Golf Events
               Refund Policy for Golf Events

Christmas/Holiday Party in December
Hurry! DEADLINE is Friday, December 1st.

A special evening is planned for you. Let's dress up and dance to a big band; it's semi-formal. The Ambassadors Dance Band will be playing the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s for our dancing and listening pleasure. This event is for Members Only.

 Sunday, December 10th
 6:00 p.m.
 (Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 5:45 p.m.)
Laurel Manor

A special menu has been planned, prepared by Pasta Faire. The menu will include:

  • Chicken Piccata
  • Crab-stuffed Flounder
  • Penne w/ Signature Sauce
  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Garden Salad w/ Ranch or Italian Dressing
  • Focaccia Rolls & Butter
  • Cannoli Sheet Cake for Dessert

Again this year, we have been able to give a very favorable price for this event. There will be table cloths and napkins, with china and silverware. The cost is $22 per member. Please make your check out to Lynnhaven Neighbors. Starting Friday, November 10th (NOT Friday, the 17th), you can sign up for this event. Shall we just say MERRY CHRISTMAS?

You can sign up with:

 Sharon Brough
 2304 Lamar Lane
 The Villages, FL 32162

Seating will be
long tables to accommodate all. Gather up your neighbors and sign up as a group on Friday, November 10th. Are you a couple, single or a group smaller than 8? Make your reservation and we will assign you to a table. Seating will be assigned in the order that reservations are made.

The DEADLINE is Friday, December 1st.

End the Year right with another FUN Night with your Lynnhaven Neighbors....


Thanks to Lynnhaven Neighbors for renewing the domain name (website address) and paying for the website publishing service we use for another year.

Barbara Kalmin  (click on link to get email address)
Lynnhaven Webmaster
September 2017

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