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Lorri Gill & Box Lunches  Friday, April 14th

HURRY! DEADLINE is noon THIS Wednesday, April 12th.

Lynnhaven Neighbors fun socials provide a venue for having fun, meeting your neighbors, getting together with friends, and building a sense of community.

For further information, please call Jack Warner at 352-751-5654.

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Lorri Gill & Box Lunches in April

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Lorri Gill & Box Lunches in April

Another special night of music is planned for this month singer Lorri Gill, singing your favorite songs made famous by female singers over the years.

 Friday, April 14th
 6:00 p.m.
(Please DO NOT arrive earlier than 5:45 p.m.)
 Laurel Manor

Lorri comes to us from South Dakota, entertaining crowds with a variety of music from 50s and 60s Pop and Rock 'n' Roll, standards from the Great American Songbook, with some classic Country thrown in. It's all the music of your life and you'll find you can't help but sing along as she brings her energy and vocals to Lynnhaven Neighbors.  

Box Lunches will be provided. You have your choice of a Roast Beef, Ham or Turkey sandwich. Please make your selections clear on your registration form when you sign up. As usual, coffee & water will be provided, or bring your own beverage (BYOB).

The cost is $9 per Member and $11 per Guest. Please make checks payable to Lynnhaven Neighbors. As always, if you want to sit with friends or a group (maximum 8 per table), please provide the names of all in your party, whether they are members or guests, then put all in one envelope and put your reservation in the box at:

Ellen Conner
2422 Wilson Way

As always, we'll have the 50/50 drawings. There can only be 1 winning ticket per strip of tickets (do not separate your tickets until your winning ticket is verified). Bring a pencil or pen to write your name & contact information on the back of the tickets going into the drawing so you can still get your winnings if you aren't able to stay until the end. Please have $1 and $5 bills when getting your tickets. Change for $50 bills and even $20s can be difficult to impossible to make. Who knows, you might get lucky and go home with some extra cash in you pocket... and who doesn't like that?

The DEADLINE is noon Wednesday, April 12th.

Another night of fun for Lynnhaven Neighbors!

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