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Summer Vacation: June, July & August... but there will be a...
Second Golfing Event:
President's Putting Cup & Potluck
Friday, July 27th

Lynnhaven Neighbors fun socials are usually held the 3rd Friday of each month. It provides a venue for having fun, meeting your neighbors, getting together with friends, and building a sense of community.

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June, July & August Summer Vacation, but there will be a...

President's Putting Cup & Potluck at the Helwig's in July New
September Golfing Event
Help Needed

May 9-Hole Golf Scramble New
Oakwood Dinner w/ Dawn DiNome & Flashback New
More Pictures from the Scramble, Dinner & Show New
Survey Golf Scramble, Dinner & Show Your feedback is completely anonymous. Thank you.

Survey Results March George Casey Event

Coming Up in 2018 Updated
Looking Back at 2017
          September 2017 Golf & Dinner Fling
Have an Idea or Entertainment to Suggest for an Event?

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President's Message for the New Year
     Please Complete the President's Survey President Ralph Helwig wants feedback on what you like, don't like, opinions about the club, suggestions, etc. It is completely anonymous, so please be honest. Thank you.

Lynnhaven Neighbors Council for 2018
One Position Still Needs to be Filled
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President's Putting Cup & Potluck in July

Even though it is summer break for most Lynnhaven Neighbors, President Ralph Helwig is planning a putting tournament in July.

 Friday, July 27th
 Arnold Palmer Putting Green
 Near the Retention Pond

Following the tournament, everyone is invited to President Ralph Helwig's home for a potluck dinner. What fun!

Watch for more information as we get closer to the date. Sounds like fun!

September Golfing Event

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the Golfing event in September.
Please contact Bill Sims (412-973-3429) or Ralph Helwig (352-205-3810) if you can assist.

THIS EVENT WILL NOT CONTINUE if we do not get a few more volunteers to help.

Remember, no dinner socials June, July or August.

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