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February's Event: Photo Scavenger Hunt
Friday, April 20th
Signup begins THIS Sunday, March 18th.

Lynnhaven Neighbors fun socials are usually held the 3rd Friday of each month. It provides a venue for having fun, meeting your neighbors, getting together with friends, and building a sense of community.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt in April Signup begins THIS Sunday, March 18th. New

March Irish Comedian George Casey Watch for write-up & pictures next week.
Survey Irish Comedian George Casey But in the meantime, please take the survey while the event is fresh in your mind. It is completely anonymous. New

Survey Results February Bingo Event New

Clark Barrios at Laurel Manor
     Table Share & Waiting for Everyone to Arrive (more pictures)

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Photo Scavenger Hunt in April

Signup begins THIS Sunday, April 20th.

Members must use a golf cart for this event, with two people to a cart. This was so much fun last year that they are having it again. Food:  Hot Dogs & Soda in the afternoon; make-your-own Ice Cream Sundaes in the evening.

Friday, April 20th
Scavenger Hunt:  11:00 a.m. (Sharp)
Churchill Street Picnic Pavilion
Dessert being served:  6:00 p.m.
Churchill Street Recreation Center

Members will pick up a list of things to be photographed, which will be timed from the time the list is picked up. Cell phones, iPads or digital cameras can be used, but only one device can be used per team. You can't use your partner or other participating members in your pictures. Only one "25 point" photo will count. This is not a clue sort of hunt; it is a things to be photographed hunt. Those who participated last year had a terrific time.

You must return to the picnic pavilion within 2 1/2 hours. Your team is allotted to 15 minutes going out & 15 minutes to return. For each 5 minutes you are late, your team forfeits 1 point. As you return, a volunteer will note your return time on your sheet & give you a number to be called when it is your turn to have your pictures checked. Members are then invited to pick up a hot dog & soda until their number is called and their photos checked and points totaled.

Return home and have a light dinner, then return to Churchill Street Recreation Center for Ice Cream Sundaes with all the fixin's for dessert. You'll have time to socialize with neighbors and meet some new neighbors until the Scavenger Hunt winners are announced. The 50-50 drawings will take place 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. Music will play in the background and you can dance or continue to socialize until 8:30 p.m. The cost is $7 per member.

In the event of rain, we will have a hot dog & soda & ice cream social at Churchill at 6:00 p.m. You can sign up with:

 Ellen Conner
 2422 Wilson Way
 The Villages, FL 32162

The DEADLINE is Tuesday, April 17th.

Another fun event! Party on... Lynnhaven Neighbors....

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