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Bushnell Yardage Pro — New
Garmin eTrex Mariner — New
Commemorative U.S. Stamp Collections for Sale

Discounted eSpring Water Purifier
Electric Lawn Mower & Trimmer for Sale
Whirlpool Refrigerator Filters for Sale
Two iPads for Sale — iPad 2 & iPad Mini
Jazzy Scooter Power Chair for Sale

Bushnell Yardage Pro

Selling a Bushnell Yardage Pro for golf in a case with instrument. On Amazon, a used one costs $199. I am selling it for $100. Contact me if interested.

Joan Hartung  (click on link for email address)

Garmin eTrex Mariner

I am selling a Garmin eTrex Mariner. The cost on Amazon is $169 and I paid $199. Selling for $100. Also, have pulleys for a boat that are new. Please contact me if interested.

Joan Hartung  (click on link for email address)

Commemorative U.S. Stamp Collections for Sale

I am ending this summer in 'clean out' mode. Must find a home for... Stamp collection for a grandchild, yourself, or to add to your existing collection.
  • U.S. Commemorative Stamps1975 — 1990

    • Album of mounted stamps on original White Ace Commemorative printed display pages (3-ring holes).
      Page numbers:  #149 (1975) — #283 (1990)

  • U.S. Airmail Commemorative Stamps — Assorted & un-mounted

    • White Ace Sheets # 1 — # 19

  • 15 Extra Blank White Ace display sheets

  • Mint Sheet Album w/ 42 pockets

The collection contains: 

  • 2 sheets of 50 Wildlife/Animals (.22)

  • 1 sheet of 50 Bicentennial-Era Flags (.13)

  • 1 sheet of 50 America’s Top Motion Pictures (.25)

Number of Stamps: 987
Condition of Stamps:  Mint, VF, Unhinged
Face Value of Stamps:  $202.68
Value of Display Sheets:  $2 each
Asking:  $125 for ALL  

Also will include lots & lots of various-sized mount strips, a treasury of cancelled stamps, foreign stamps... and more. If interested, please contact me.

Chris Mathewson  (click on link for email address)

Discounted eSpring Water Purifier

If you are using bottled water, it costs 80 cents/gallon. We have a healthier solution for clean water for just 18 cents/gallon — the eSpring Water Purifier. We have discounted the price for Lynnhaven residents.

For technical information, click on link:  http://www.amway.com/helwig/at-home/eSpring.

For more information about the promotion, please contact me.

Ralph Helwig  (click on link for email address)

Electric Lawn Mower & Trimmer for Sale

I am selling electric lawn equipment.

  • Electric Black & Decker 18V Grasshog Trimmer — $100

  • Electric Homelite 20" 24V Cordless Lawnmower — $100

 If interested in either of these items, please contact me. Thank you.

Myra Reff   (Click on link for email address.)

Whirlpool Refrigerator Filters for Sale... Cheap

I have four Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice & Water Filters for sale... cheap. Call if you want them. Leave a message if I'm not home.

 Carol Lipsit Nakkula

Two iPads for Sale — iPad 2 & iPad Mini

I have two iPads for sale. I've attached photos but they really don't show much because I reset them to their factory default settings.

  • The first is an iPad 2. It has a 9.7" screen, 32 GB of memory, and is Wi-Fi and 4G Verizon capable. It is in excellent condition and I want $150 for it. The cover is included.

  • The other is an iPad Mini. It has a 7" screen, 16 GB of memory, and is also Wi-Fi and 4G Verizon capable, also in excellent condition. I want $175 for it, cover included.

If interested, please call. Thank you.

David Shaw

Jazzy Scooter Power Chair for Sale

I have a Jazzy Scooter Power Chair that I am selling. It is top of the line. Selling for $600. Please call if interested.

Jim Caffrey

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