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Framed Looney Tunes Stamp Collection  New
Travel Pet "Snoozer" for Sale
Decking in Shower & Ramp

Framed Looney Tunes Stamp Collection

I have a Looney Tunes stamp collection that has been framed that I want to sell. If you are a collector or are interested, I would like to talk to you so that negotiations can begin. If there is no answer when you call, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Elaine Mercier
822 Evelynton Loop

Travel Pet "Snoozer" for Sale

We have a travel Pet "SNOOZER" for sale. It's mesh and is a 4-in-1 pet carrier with wheels and an extendable handle like a small piece of luggage so you can pull your pet behind you, can be laid down for a pet bed, used as a backpack to carry your pet, or strapped into the car for a pet car seat. Meets most airline regulation requirements. Selling for $65.

Pauline Sheehan

Decking in Shower & Ramp

I made Pat Keim a Slatted Shower Floor Deck & Ramp (click on picture to enlarge it) for her late husband so he could safely navigate in his wheel chair. It has been sitting idle since he passed and someone can use it to make their life easier. It will probably need a small amount of modification to fit into other showers here in The Villages, but I can make it work properly for anyone who might benefit from it for the modest cost of the modification.

If you or someone you know could use it, call me.

John Manion  (click on link for email address)
Cell: 352-348-3946

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