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FREE Ads if You Can't Sell It Here

After not getting any bites here on their lawn mower, Bob & Marcia Cochran placed a "free advertisement" in the Star Banner in Ocala. The mower was sold on the first day it came out in the newspaper. They thought you might want to know about this free classified service for items under $200. The ad will appear for 4 days.

You can only submit information to the Star Banner online or drop your ad off at:

2121 Southwest
19th Avenue Road

Call 352-867-4010 and ask for Nelda.

Thanks, Bob and Marcia for passing this along.
Thanks, Cindy South for updating this information.


You can also sell items without cost on Ocala4sale.com. I've sold items using this service and have told others about it, as well.

Ocala4sale.com: http://www.ocala4sale.com/.
  1. Click on Place a FREE Classified Ad at the top of the website screen.
  2. Click on Place a FREE Classified.
  3. Select a Primary Category from the list (Secondary Category appears).
  4. Select a Secondary Category from the list (Ad Placement Category appears).
  5. Select an Ad Placement Category from the list the category that you want your ad to appear under.
  6. Then fill in your contact information and information about the item that will help sell it (e.g., low mileage for a vehicle, like new, etc.). You also might want to mention that you are located in The Villages since some people can't or won't travel too far if in Ocala.
  7. Select how long you want your ad to run (if you sell it, you can cancel it online and it will be removed by the following day).
  8. Click on the box if you want to include a picture of the car (a fee is charged) OR add to your description that "a picture is available upon request" (that way, you can send interested people a picture without incurring an additional cost).
  9. Read about the SCAMs that have been reported and click on the box that you have read it.
  10. Click on Finish My Classified.
You may want to place the same ad under more than one category. If so, you follow the same procedure for each Ad Placement Category.

Caution: You will get scammers for higher priced items and the SCAMs information will help you identify them.

When I sold some furniture, I made it quite clear that even with a cashier's check from a real bank, the merchandise would not be released, even if a truck showed up at my door, until the check was cleared by my bank. That protected me from a phony account number at a real bank and made sure I was not out my money and my item because they picked the item up before the check cleared and the bank received the money. The scammers quickly dropped away.

It is also recommended that you only accept cash and/or only sell to people locally, where you can get their address, phone number, driver's license, etc. should a check bounce.

There is also a Leesburg4sale.com and Orlando4sale.com, but I never got a single inquiry from those services, so I don't recommend them.

Barbara Kalmin