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Have you lost or found something? Contact me (click on link for email address) immediately and provide as much information about the item and where you think you lost or where you found it. I will send out an email alert as soon as possible. The sooner you get the word out, the better the chances of the item being recovered.

If the lost or found item has been recovered, please contact me as well so I can remove it from this web page.
Thank you.

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The Villages Lost & Found
Lost or Found Pet


The Villages Lost & Found

Check or turn a found item in to the Regional center closest to where the item was lost or found:

  • Laurel Manor if lost or found south of Rt. 466
  • La Hacienda if lost or found north of Rt. 466
  • Eisenhower if lost or found south of Rt. 466A

You can also check the nearby recreation centers since some people drop found items off there, but those recreation centers do not hold them very long before they send items to the nearest regional center.


Lost or Found Pet

I strongly recommend having your pet micro-chipped and keep your contact information current. If a pet is taken to a local veterinarian or animal hospital, the vet can scan for a chip and access the contact information. In the very least, keep a tag on your pet at all times (in case they slip out... it happens) with the pet's name and your phone number on it.

A resource to keep in mind for Lost or Found Pets is:

  • Lynnhaven Webmaster to send out an email
    The sooner, the better... and if not found quickly, put on the Lynnhaven Village website.
  • The Villages radio station, AM640 WVLH: 750-9854 or 259-6400
    They will announce it on the air to reunite pets with their humans.

  • Pet Lovers Rescue: 352-598-1588
  • Talk of The Villages' Lost & Found web page
  • Local Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals

Another place to look for a lost pet or its owner:

Humane Society/SPCA of Sumter County, Inc.
994 CR 529A / PO Box 67
Lake Panasoffkee, FL 33538
Phone: 352-793-9117

Check their website or call for the hours and days they are open.

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