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The Landscape Garden Club THIS Monday, November 16th
     Plant Exchange and Q & A New Venue
A Message from Kyle New

The Landscape Garden Club

The Villages Landscape Garden Club meets the 3rd Monday of every month, September through May.

Since we cannot get a room to accommodate even a third of our members, we are going to have another outdoor Plant Exchange in lieu of a regular meeting. The next plant exchange is:

THIS Monday, November 16th
2:30 3:30 p.m.
Pavilion at
Pimlico Recreation Center

For more information or questions call Connie at 402-672-4872.

Plant Exchange and Q & A

This will be a plant exchange and Q & A opportunity, so bring your divided plants, questions, pictures and join us. This is a good way to help others and to dispose of plants that have become too abundant in your garden.

If you are bringing plants to share, Please remember to label the plant or the box you bring them in with the:

  • Name of the plant
  • Whether it likes Sun or Shade
  • How Large it will get

And, if you plan on taking plants home, please bring some plastic bags/containers.

We'll have a Question & Answer session following the plant exchange.

Nancy King

A Message from Kyle...

Every good gardener knows "the right place for the right plant." This is also true of people. We all must realize the right place for each of us and my "right place" is taking me away from The Villages.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work (and play) with all of you over these past 5 years.

Keep digging in the dirt and remember to wear your garden gloves!

Kyle Gilgis

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