The Hometown Cloggers
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September The Hometown Cloggers


Sad to say, I somehow lost all the pictures I'd taken at this meeting. I am heartsick, as you might imagine. I depend on the pictures to help jog my memory as I'm writing about the meeting and I had hoped to have gotten some really good photos to share with you. So sorry.

After summer break, the Lynnhaven Ladies gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center on Thursday, September 12th, looking forward to an afternoon of catching up with friends we hadn't seen in awhile. As usual, Lucy Mills and Doris Bouffard greeted us with chocolates, and Diane Householder helped us unload our donations for Operation Shoebox, the Wildwood Food Pantry, as well as the other items being collected.

Janet Steenburgh was inside the door giving everyone a door prize ticket. She also let everyone know that there were two boards at the front of the room with pictures of Ladies Council members, then and now. We were to match the baby pictures to the council members as they are today. Pictures were numbered. The person getting the most answers right would win a prize. What fun! Marion Getzes & her sidekick Christi Mathewson were inside the door to welcome new and renewing members and guests, as well. We picked up our name badges around the corner, where Mary Eill was selling 50/50 tickets. Tickets (and chocolates) in hand, we greeted friends and found a place to sit, then went up to try to match the photos. We thought it might be easy, but not so. (I like to think we've improved with age.) We did the best we could, then sat down to eat our lunch and catch up.

As we were finishing up, President Ann Lewe welcomed everyone back and Janet led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Ann then asked Shirley Palazzo to come up and tell the Joke of the Day. Then, Lorraine DeGenova gave us the Thought of the Day. Ann then asked if we had any September birthdays in the room and asked them to stand up. Everyone with a birthday this month got an extra door prize ticket. Ann is always on the lookout for fun ideas and she decided to adopt this one. On a more somber note, Ann read a poem in commemoration of 9-11 and all those who lost their lives that day and all those first responders who are dying still today, The Eleventh of September by Roger Robischeau.

We were going to find out which baby picture went with which Council member, but first, Ann excitedly announced the birth of her great granddaughter, Savannah Rose. We were so pleased for Ann and she just beamed over the news. Ann and Maggie McLean had put the Baby Board together. Ann proceeded down the list of Council members on the answer sheet and told us the number of the matching baby picture, then she asked who got all the answers right? 16... 15... 14...? She kept going until someone finally raised their hand, having made four correct matches. The winner got a lovely Fall dried-flower basket arrangement. Perfect for the season.

Next were announcements for Lynnhaven Neighbors. It was too late to sign up for the Golf Scramble on Saturday, September 14th, but there still might be openings for the picnic-style dinner and entertainment that evening. In October, they'll have comedian and magician Todd Bogue at Laurel Manor. It will be table-share, where each table plans its own menu. Ann will be taking reservations starting September 14th. The cost is $9 for members and $11 for guests. Ann then thanked all our volunteers... hospitality, desserts, greeters and those who take our donations to the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox.

Anne Russell was next with her Treasurer's report. There had been an error, but after income and expenses, the club has $1,725.66. Dot Powley reported the activities of Helping Hands over the summer. Marion Getzes reported that as of today, the club has 169 members, with five new members just today. She introduced them one by one so they could tell us a little about themselves. Welcome, all!

Lorraine DeGenova was next, telling us what was coming up in October, the FABULOUS Clark Barrios will be our entertainment; that's Thursday, October 10th. Our annual bus trip is Tuesday, October 15th. We're going to the HSN (Home Shopping Network) Outlet and Mazzarro's Italian Market in St. Petersburg. Only 6 seats were left. There are other stores nearby and places to eat, as well, and she suggested that we bring coolers along to keep the our food purchases cool for the trip home again. For November, Mistletoe to Go will get us in the mood for the upcoming holidays. They do comedy, skits and songs.

It was getting late and The Hometown Cloggers were ready to get started, so Janet called tables so we could sample the many desserts that September's volunteers brought so we could enjoy them during the show. After everyone had gotten their sweets, The Hometown Cloggers were introduced. One of our own members, Darlene Woomer, was one of the cloggers. The group was two women and two men cloggers in bright and flashy costumes. The master of ceremonies was Meg Coutinho, who told us about and introduced the group. The cloggers started their program by dancing to Mama Mia, a song guaranteed to get us in a happy mood. Between dances, Meg sang and joked. The cloggers had a couple of costume changes to go with the songs they would be clogging to, with Meg filling the in-between time. Parody was Meg's specialty, laughing at ourselves, getting older... all songs we could identify with and laugh at like Rogaine, orthopedic shoes, Walmart California (to Hotel California) Chick-fil-A, colonoscopy.... She even wrote a parody for us here in The Villages called "Queen of the Square" (to the music of King of the Road).

Our cloggers were Bob & Elma Grable, our Darlene and Leo Bitz. Some had been clogging for 32 years, others just started clogging when they got here... loved it and continued. Each of our dancers demonstrated the various steps in clogging, then put them all together to some toe tappin' music. Meg's husband Al was recording the show. (I tried to find the video online for you, but didn't have any luck.) Meg brought him into the show, saying that like most women, she can multitask... but not Al... then branching off into things he's said; translation, things you do not say to your wife. The Hometown Cloggers concluded their show with a country song, Hayday Tonight. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show, with clogging, song, and humor... a perfect combination and mix.

But the afternoon wasn't over yet. We had the door prizes and the 50/50 drawings yet. There were three door prize drawings, with one of the prizes being Halloween towels. Neat! There were five 50/50 drawings, with one person going home with an extra $25 in her purse, one with $20, two with $15, and one with $10. Congratulations to ALL our lucky drawing winners! For the rest of us... better luck next time ( could happen...)

A big Thanks to The Hometown Cloggers with Meg Coutinho. If you enjoyed this program and think they might be just the right entertainment for another event, you can contact Leo Bitz (click on link for email address) at 352-205-0881 or Bob Grable (click on link for email address) at 352-391-0060.

Next month, Clark Barrios will be entertaining us.

See you in October....

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