Thank You, Lynnhaven Ladies!
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Thank You, Lynnhaven Ladies!

Below is the email sent out to Lynnhaven Ladies members by Marion Getzes, the club's Membership chairwoman, and Gary Kadow's response to her annual inquiry.

HI Ladies,
June is the month Lynnhaven Ladies usually has it's Peanut Butter and Jelly Drive for the kids in the Ocala National Forest. 
I spoke with Gary Kadow - our District 5 Representative and a Lynnhaven Resident who is involved with the Families in the forest.
All items can be dropped at Gary's house on Friday July 10 between 9am and 2pm. He will take them to the forest on Saturday the 11th. (Please do not drop anything before the 10th)2412 Due West Drive.
Gary asked that we drop items in boxes if possible and to please wipe down all items with a disinfectant wipe before bringing it over. Please check all expiration dates to insure that all items are usable and in code.
Publix has peanut butter BOGO till tomorrow if you have a chance to get there.
Let's show him what Lynnhaven Ladies can do even without a meeting!!!
Call me with any questions,
Marion Getzes
Dear Marion,

Thank you for offering to assist our veterans families in the Ocala National Forest. Over the the past 12 years we have been very successful in helping our veteran families but with the Covid19 Pandemic we have had some major setbacks.

Many of our families have lost their jobs and as a result many have lost the meager housing we have provided in the past. Now we are faced with a serious shortage of food.

Each weekend we have managed to accumulate enough food to get them through the week but that is quickly coming to an end.

Your offer for Lynnhaven Ladies  to help provide peanut butter and jelly along with can goods would be a real blessing.

In addition, baby food, formula, and diapers would also be welcome. Last week we fed 823 families which included a great many infants and small children. Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated.

If someone is unable to shop they can give a check or a food card and we will purchase the food for them.

NOTE: All donations can be dropped off at my home 2412 Due West Drive (Lynnhaven) on Friday, July 10 between the hours of 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Thank you again for your kind offer.

Rev.Gary Kadow

Please note Every family in need of food is not always a veteran family but we let nobody go away hungry.

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