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The Club Still Needs a President (or Co-Presidents). Please volunteer....

Hi Ladies,

We all enjoy the great Lynnhaven Ladies Meetings and we have a great Council that makes it all possible.

After completing their terms, some of the Council members are stepping down to allow for new women to step forward and keep the Lynnhaven Ladies going strong.

This is your chance to help keep the Lynnhaven Ladies an active, viable group. Without volunteers we don't have the great meetings and entertainment.

This is your chance to get involved and meet new friends by sharing your interests and skills with all of us.

We have a lot of new members who have much to share as well as previous members who may want to get involved at this time.

The Nominating Committee has been formed and it would like to hear from anyone who may wish to be considered for a Council position for 20212022.

The Committee is headed by Lauren Whitehouse. Please send her your name and interests (click on link for her email address) or call her at 259-6213. Please respond quickly if you wish to be considered.

Thank you.

Open Positions for 20212022 are:

  • President Position (or positions if Co-Presidents) still open. Your club Needs YOU!
    Any other ideas?
  • Vice President Position filled.
  • Secretary Position filled.
  • Treasurer Position filled.
  • Membership Position filled.
  • Program Planners 2 needed Position filled.
  • 50-50 Chairperson Position filled.
  • Helping Hands 3 needed Position filled.
  • Hospitality 4 needed (Set up Refreshments and clean up after Dessert.) Position filled.

See Ladies Council Positions for the duties, which I will send in a second email.

I volunteered, just as we hope you will, and have met so many great women that I only knew in passing. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I'm so happy that I stepped up.

Marion Getzes