Ice Cream Social & Bingo
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June Ice Cream Social & Bingo

The Lynnhaven Ladies gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center on Thursday, June 9th, to enjoy getting together with friends and some ice cream. We were welcomed by Linda Chekay offering us wrapped chocolates. It was also our annual peanut butter & jelly drive for children living in Ocala National Forest, who are out of school and not getting school lunches. Those who brought peanut butter & jelly deposited their donations on the cart, and others deposited checks and cash donations in a bowl inside the door, where Kathy Morey was to accept memberships and guests. Around the corner, Pam Geuss and her friend from Winifred, Doris Zackheim, were selling 50/50 tickets. We each got one free bingo card as we came in and could also buy extra bingo cards for a dollar a piece.

Joann Thibault popped out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Loved her apron! "Cooking is like Golf. You just slice it, chip it and put it on some greens." We greeted friends and found a place to sit.

Vice President Mel Gray welcomed everyone and lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance, then started the meeting with Karol Clark's Treasurer's report. After last month's income of $96 & $100 in expenses, the club has $2,716 in its coffers. Kathy Giles was next on the agenda, who reported that Helping Hands sent out a sympathy card this month. Kathy Morey welcomed two returning members and one new member, bringing the total number of members to 91. Our newest member, Judy Borland, told us a little about herself. Welcome, Judy!

Kathy Pumphrey provided a glimpse into the programs coming up September through December. She also asked for any unique suggestions you might have to make our Holiday/Christmas luncheon more special, or if you have any suggestions for future programs. Email Kathy Pumphrey (click on link for her email address) or call 352-533-1064.

The toppings were ready and our hospitality gals had scooped ice cream into bowls and started putting them out. We had our choice of regular or low fat vanilla ice cream. We topped our sundaes with chocolate or caramel syrup, chopped walnuts, mini-marshmallows, topped with whipped cream (regular or fat-free) and a maraschino cherry, grabbed a spoon and napkin, and returned to our chairs to devour our scrumptious treat. Yum!

As we cleaned up, it was announced that instead of waiting until the end, we would have the 50/50 drawings ahead of the bingo games. The winning numbers were read and Pam delivered the prize money. Each of our three winners got $20! Here are our winners.

We were ready for the games to begin. The first game was regular bingo. Mel rotated the wheel and called out the numbers and Joann kept them for verification. As usual, some of us wanted new boards when the numbers on ours never seemed to come up, some were waiting for one last number that was never called, then hearing "Bingo!" and the inevitable groans... so close and yet so far.... Kathy awarded the winner a $5 bill. Time to clear the boards for the next game.

There were four more games: crazy T, any 2 postage stamps, the little jackpot, and the double L for Lynnhaven Ladies. The tables had the patterns that we could check with if we forgot which we were playing. It was a fun afternoon... even if we didn't win anything.

A BIG Thank You to Mel Gray & Joann Thibault for running the bingo games, Kitty Brown, Linda Chekay, Kathy Engels, Pam Geuss, Charlotte Keller, Julie McLaughin, Kathy Morey, and Kathy Pumphrey for making this fun afternoon possible. A great way to usher in Summer....

Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners. For the rest of us, better luck next time. (It could happen....)

There won't be a luncheon social in July and August, but see what is coming up after the Summer Break and mark your calendars.

Total Donated During This Year's Drive

After the meeting, all your donations (this month's and last) were added up. We wanted to let you know that due to your usual amazing generosity, we will be presenting Gary Kadow from Support Our Soldiers (S.O.S.) with a check for $516 to buy peanut butter and jelly for the children of the soldiers living in the forest! This was over and above your donations of peanut butter & jelly.

Thank you all.

To Donate to Children Living in Ocala National Forest

Anyone who still wants to donate to help feed children living in Ocala National Forest while school is out and they aren't getting school lunches, bring or mail your donation to:

Sue Peregrine
938 Chester Court
The Villages, FL 32162

...checks made out to Lynnhaven Ladies. Thank you!

Another fun afternoon with the gals
. See you in the fall....

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