Helping Hands
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Women Helping

The Helping Hands Co-Coordinators of the Lynnhaven Ladies organization lends a helping hand to fellow Lynnhaven ladies when they are periodically in need of short-term assistance, like when they get home from the hospital, if they are temporarily homebound and need some groceries or need a prescription picked up, need a ride to the doctor, etc.

Helping Hands cannot offer direct patient care or physical assistance, but they can provide meal donations, offer rides to doctor appointments or treatments, provide care baskets, and run errands.

If you or someone you know may need assistance... or if you'd like to help... contact Helping Hands.

Click on a link (blue and underlined) for email address.

To contact the Helping Hands Coordinator:
  • Helping Hands Coordinator:  Kathy Giles (352-750-5117)
    • Can you cook a meal for someone needing a helping hand, or help send cards? Please contact Kathy Giles. Thank you.
  • President:  Mary McReynolds (352-751-7422)

All help provided by the Helping Hands committee will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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