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Revised June 3, 2016

Lynnhaven Ladies
Council Positions


To be eligible for the office of President one must have been a member of Lynnhaven Ladies for at least one year.

The President will be responsible for renewing the yearly agreement with Churchill Street Recreation Center for the use of the Lindsay Paddock Room from 12:00-3:50 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month.  She will also inform the Recreation Center of any meetings which are cancelled or moved to another location.   One week prior to the meeting, the President will arrange the room setup with the Churchill Recreation staff.

The President will hold monthly Council meetings, prepare the agendas for each meeting and conduct these meetings.  In the event of a tie vote on any issue, the president will cast the deciding vote.

Vice President

The Vice President will be in charge of greeting people at the door on meeting days.  She will answer any questions asked about the group and she will make everyone feel welcome. She will also lead the Pledge of Allegiance at each meeting.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform all the duties of the President.


The Secretary will take the minutes of the Council meetings and make them available to the Council members before the next meeting.  Minutes will be subject to the correction/approval of the Council.  She will also send articles for publication to The Villages Recreation News to promote club events.  She will write thank you notes to all speakers and entertainment personnel and handle all correspondence.


The Treasurer will be responsible for all monies received and paid by the club.  She will keep accurate records of receipts, disbursements, and deposits and give a Treasurer’s report at the monthly Council meeting.  The report is subject to approval by the President and the Council.  The Treasurer will give a current report at each regular monthly meeting.  Records will be available for viewing by any member. Both the Treasurer and the President will have check-signing and banking privileges, and both will register at the beginning of their term at the bank chosen by the Council.

50/50 Chairperson

The 50/50 Chairperson will sell 50/50 tickets at each meeting and award half of the money collected to those buying 50/50 tickets.  She will turn the rest of the money over to the Treasurer at the end of each meeting and she will give a report to Council each month on the money collected and prizes awarded. In the event that the 50/50 Chairperson is not available for a meeting, the President will ask someone to take her place.

Membership Chairperson

The Membership Chairperson will be responsible for collecting the yearly dues.  She will prepare a membership directory, distribute it to the officers, and give a report at the monthly Council meeting.  She will also give a report at the regular meeting and introduce new members and guests.  She will be responsible for making name badges for the members. She will create a Lynnhaven Ladies mailing list and send out meeting reminders and membership announcements to the members whenever possible.

Program Co-Chairpersons

The program co-chairpersons will research possible programs for the monthly meetings and present them to the Council for approval.  They will make arrangements and finalize details for the program.  They will do this in coordination with the President and the Council and they will verify that information posted is correct.

Hospitality Chairperson & Assistants

This position will entail organizing the desserts and beverages for each regular meeting.  There will be three members in this position with one member being the Chairperson.  They will handle the serving and clean-up each month of the desserts and beverages.  They will be responsible for buying and storing supplies necessary for each meeting and will be responsible for calling dessert volunteers each month. The Chairperson will sit on Council and attend all Council meetings. In the event she cannot attend, one of the Hospitality assistants will attend the Council meeting in her place.

Helping Hands Chairperson & Assistants

There will be three people in this position with one being the Chairperson who will attend the Council meetings.  They will work together to secure and coordinate volunteers who will provide meals, transportation, make visitations, or run errands.  They will send appropriate cards to those who have had surgery, a death in the family, or any other kind of emergency, The Chairperson will serve on the Council. In the event that she cannot attend one of the Helping Hands assistants will attend the Council meeting in her place.


The Webmaster will post all upcoming Lynnhaven Ladies events on the Lynnhaven website and send fliers about upcoming events for posting on the Lynnhaven mail station bulletin board. She will take pictures at Lynnhaven Ladies events, write a report on the event, and post them to the Lynnhaven website.  In the event that she cannot attend an event, she will attempt to find volunteers to take her place, to either take pictures or write a report, or both.

Past President

The Past President will serve on the Council as an advisor when needed.  She will help with regular meeting events whenever needed and she will promote good will among the club membership and Council.

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