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Coming Up in 2018
Looking Back at 2017
Do YOU have a Program or Trip to Suggest?

Coming Up in 2018

Here is a preview of some of the events planned for 2018.

  • Thursday, January 11th Sue Schuler will bring us Dance Fusion, an energetic mix of song and dance routines. What a great way to start off the new year!

  • Thursday, February 8th High-energy entertainer Petrina will have us out of our seats, dancing & singing along with her to a variety of popular tunes.
  • Thursday, March 8th Our popular Salad Potluck Buffet will be back again, along with a Pocketbook Auction. Members donate gently-used purses that you no longer use & add a "surprise" inside. This could be a  piece of jewelry no longer needed, a lacy handkerchief, or some other trinket that you would like to share.
  • Thursday, April 12th Cliff Moody will bring his Doo Wop quartet to entertain us with songs from the 50s & 60s. This will be a wonderful trip down memory lane.
  • Thursday, May 10th Our annual Derby Day at the Races will be held where members become "jockeys" and the Ladies place their bets on who crosses the finish line first. We will also have a Derby Hat Contest and prizes will be awarded for the funniest, prettiest & most original.
  • Thursday, June 7th The annual Wild Card Bingo & Ice Cream Social will bring a close to the first half of this year. 

  • No meetings in July and August.

  • Thursday, September 13th DJ Leo, the Traveling Nerd, will have us singing karaoke and laughing at his crazy antics as he brings his unique show to us.
  • Thursday, October 11th Back by popular demand, Clark Barrios will have us singing & dancing to a variety of popular hits. Our ladies will be asked to request their favorites ahead of this meeting so that he will be sure to have the music that we all want to hear.
  • Thursday, November 8th The Dynamic Dog Club of The Villages will bring us The Tr-r-raveling Circus. These dogs are nationally registered & insured, are painted to resemble circus animals, and will amaze us with their feats. All the dogs are therapy dogs and this group raises funds for various projects such as providing a service dog to a veteran, the Humane Society & reading programs in local schools.
  • Thursday, December 13th Topping the year off is our annual Christmas/Holiday Luncheon, bringing a great year of food, friends and entertainment to an end. Happy Holidays to All!

Hopefully, all will go as planned.
Do YOU have a program or trip to suggest? Kathy Warner will check it out.

Looking Back at 2017

Here's a look back at the entertainment we had in 2017.

  • Thursday, January 12th  Duo Romantico will entertain us with their Bocelli & Broadway show. This husband and wife duo, Christy & Atilio Marinelli, are professionally trained opera singers who will enchant you with their wonderful voices, with a little "Lucy & Desi" humor mixed in. What a fun way to start off the New Year! Admission is $1 toward the entertainment since this pair is more expensive than most, but we wanted to start the year off with something extra special for our members.

  • Thursday, February 9th Ventriloquist Bill Lisby has been performing in The Villages since 2007 and will keep us laughing as he shares conversation geared toward "The Villages Lifestyle" with his "dummies".
  • Thursday, March 9th Sparky's Strummers will have us clapping our hands, tapping our toes, stomping our feet, and singing along to nostalgic tunes like "When You're Smiling", "Beer Barrel Polka",  "Goody Goody For Me",  and many others. It promises to be a fun filled afternoon.
    We'll also have the ever-popular Salad Potluck Buffet, where we all bring a salad to share. It's amazing, but we have very few duplications. Of course, that also makes it harder for us to pick which salads we want to sample. Ladies Council members will provide desserts.
  • Bus Trip If you have a suggestion for a bus trip, please send it to Kathy (click on link for her email address) ASAP; she's in the planning stage now.
  • Thursday, April 13th Ric Mitchell's Extreme Bingo. This game is Music Bingo based on the TV show Name That Tune. Participants listen to a song and try to solve the artist, song title... or both, and check their card to see if one of their Bingo squares contains the song. If it does, the participant uses an ink pen to X the square. If the song isn't on their Bingo card, the Bingo participant waits for the next song to play in hopes that it is a song on their Bingo card. This process continues with song files playing until a participant claims to have a Bingo (5 in a row or the pattern specified).
  • Thursday, May 11th Derby Day in Lynnhaven, an afternoon at the races.... We'll be placing $1 bets on our favorite race horses. We'll also have a Derby Day Hat contest with prizes for the prettiest, silliest, and most original hats.
  • Thursday, June 8th People loved Wild Card Bingo so much last year that we're doing it again this year. We'll be playing nine variations of the game and there will be prizes for all the winners. We'll also have make-your-own ice cream sundaes.
  • No meetings in July and August.
  • Thursday, September 14th Remember When Doo Wop, the harmonizing vocal group, will entertain us and have us singing along to tunes from the 50s and 60s. Cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. We will try and book them next year.
  • Thursday, October 12th Back by popular demand, the multitalented Clark Barrios will be entertaining us again. Clark is one of the most popular entertainers here in The Villages. His incredible versatility provides something for everyone. He can shift moods and styles easily and always sounds good. He also plays Frankie Valli of the Four Seasons in The Atlantic City Boys.
  • Thursday, November 9th Sue Ann Baker, one of the first women sworn into the United States' Secret Service back in 1971, will tell us how she came to be an agent, about being sworn in, and what it was like being one of just five women serving with 1,150 male agents back then, and will share some of her experiences as a female agent.
    You will be able to pre-order her book, Behind the Shades: A Female Secret Service Agent's True Story, and pick it up at the meeting. Hardcover is $20 and the paperback is $15.
  • Tuesday, November 14th Shopping Trip to the Christmas Tree Shops & Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs via Yankee Trails. Sign-ups will begin at the September meeting. Watch for more details later.
  • Thursday, December 14th Annual Christmas/Holiday Luncheon. This is a luncheon you don't want to miss and only members are invited. The event will be held at Savannah Center again and catered by Pasta Faire. Entertainment will be the 3rd, 4th & 5th grade chorus from The Villages Charter School under the direction of Hunter Britton. We'll have some great door prizes, too.
    The cost is $19 and you will be able to sign up starting at the November meeting. As always, checks only.
    Donations of items to the chorus' annual "Closet Clutter" garage sale helps offset the transportation costs of field trips and performances. Hunter will be accepting donations starting in September at the elementary school (across from Steak & Shake). Clearly mark the items with Hunter's name.

Join or renew your membership in Lynnhaven Ladies for 2018.

Do YOU Have a Program or Trip Idea to Suggest?

Have an idea you'd like to suggest for a program at one of our socials or a trip?

Contact one of the following:

 Kathy Warner  (Click on link for email address.) 751-5654
Program Chairperson

With your ideas and suggestions, we can make 2018 another great year....

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