Clark Barrios
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October The Fabulous, Awesome, Fantastic... Clark Barrios

Thursday, October 12th, the Ladies of Lynnhaven gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center for their monthly luncheon social. Lucy Mills and Doris Bouffard greeted us with chocolates as we arrived and helped us unload our donations to the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox. Lauren Whitehouse and Karen Vollman handed out door prize tickets as each person entered the room. Marion Getzes and her sidekick Christi Mathewson were inside the door to accept membership dues and guest fees. We picked up our name badges around the corner and got our 50/50 tickets from Pat Biancardi.

Kathy Warner was also on hand to sign people up for the bus trip to the Christmas Tree Shops & Altamonte Mall in November since there were still a few seats left, and to take pre-orders of next month's speaker's book, Behind the Shades: A Female Secret Service Agent's True Story. Sue Ann Baker, and entertaining and interesting speaker, is one of first female Secret Service agents hired in the U.S.

October's dessert volunteers dropped off their contribution to lunch at the dessert table. Once all that was taken care of, we found a place to sit and enjoy our lunch and catch up with friends and neighbors. President Ann Lewe wore her I Clark shirt and was excited that her favorite performer here in The Villages was our entertainment for October, Clark Barrios, and they posed for some pictures before the meeting started.

As everyone was cleaning up their tables, Ann welcomed everyone and especially welcomed our seasonal members back. It's good to see them again. She started by reminding us that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and long-time member and former Council member Marilyn Hetzer had been fighting breast cancer, was in remission, but now is fighting T-cell Lymphoma. She asked that we keep Marilyn in our prayers.

Pat Biancardi delivered the Joke of the Day about a little girl asking questions about her mother. Her questions were answered when she got to see her mother's driver's license. It was very cute and the punch line unexpected. Anne Russell was next, talking about a Brain Mapping Study she was involved in and The Villages Health was looking for more more volunteers. It is part of a clinical trial using brain network activation to better understand aging brain health. The study is out of Israel. If you qualify, they will check where your brain is now, bring you back a week later to see if your brain activity has changed during that time. Six months later, you do it again, then come back after a year. You have to be able to stay still while they are mapping your brain activity, and each session lasts about an hour and a half. She said it really is fun and that she recommends it. Marion Getzes has also signed up for it and agreed with her and highly recommended it.

Ann moved onto Lynnhaven Neighbors announcements. A few seats were still available for Saturday's Christine Joyce show at Laurel Manor. In November, the entertainment is Gee Whiz Trivia... a lot of fun... with the club providing KFC chicken and attendees bringing sides, salads or desserts. Carol Bouchard had been in the kitchen, but was ready to give the Tip for the Day. Carol swears by this method of easily removing the silk strands from corn on the cob, and wish she'd learned about it years ago. Put an entire ear of corn in the microwave and cook it four minutes per ear. Take the corn out of the microwave with heat-resistant mitts, cut the stem end off, then from the corn silk end, slowly squeeze the corn out. The corn comes out cleanly, ready to eat, with no silk strands to contend with or get stuck in your teeth.

Anne Russell gave the Treasurer's report. At the end of the month, after expenses, the club had $1,564.22. Ann Marie Barillo was next on the agenda, reading Thank You notes received by the club, followed by Mary Kay Willa reporting on Helping Hands activity. Mary Dooley announced that the Charity Chicks of Lynnhaven are having a Walk-A-Thon on Friday, November 10th, to honor Marilyn Hetzer and Lois Grace's husband, John, who are both fighting Lymphoma and receiving treatment at Shands. It is very taxing and very expensive for the patients and their families. There will be a 1-mile, a 2-mile, and a 3-mile walk, beginning promptly at 8:30 a.m. to collect donations and form walking groups. Lauren Whitehouse said that the money raised will go toward helping patients and their families with support like gas and food cards and the Shands Bone Marrow Transplant Program. If you can't participate in the walk, please donate. You can donate before the walk or you can donate beforehand. Donna Grillo has a donation box outside her front door for cash and check donations (2402 Tatum Terrace, the corner of Tatum & Wilson Way). Please be generous. Everyone is invited... the more the merrier!

Marion Getzes gave her Membership report and invited new members to stand and be recognized, as well as 13 guests. The club now has 179 members and 53 members have already renewed their membership for 2018. Ann thanked the kitchen staff Carol Bouchard and Nola Treacy, greeters Doris and Lucy, and all those who brought desserts. Nola will be leaving at the end of the year, but Janice Morola will be filling the void. And, some of the new members have already volunteered to help out and join Helping Hands. Last, but not least, Kathy Warner reminded us that next month, we would have Sue Ann Baker as our guest speaker, one of the first women hired by the Secret Service. Sue Ann also wrote a book about her experiences and Kathy was taking pre-orders for the book and will sign them. There are 3 seats left for the bus trip to the Christmas Tree Shops & Altamonte Mall. Of course, we have our annual Christmas/Holiday luncheon in December, which will be at Savannah Center again and would be catered by Pasta Faire. As a preview, Dance Fusion will be our entertainment in January, and we'll have our potluck salad buffet in March, with a pocketbook auction. If you have gently-used purses you don't use anymore, drop them off at Kathy's (2425 Wilson Way). Each purse will have a surprise inside it, and we'll get tickets and put them on the purse and whatever is inside it. It is like a silent auction, and the person whose ticket has been drawn gets the purse and its contents. It should be a lot of fun. So, go through your purses and see if there are some you want to get rid of. With that, Karen Vollman started picking the first tables to go for dessert. Yum!

We all had our dessert and Clark was ready. He explained that he was in a show and tripped on a cord, breaking some bones in his foot. Today was his first day without crutches. Instead of inviting all the October birthday gals up, he asked that they just stand while he sand Happy Birthday to them. He then sang a Michael Bublé version of Summer Wind. Clark asked what songs we'd like him to sing. He confirmed that he could sing them, but for other songs, he explained that he downloads his music from iTunes, and with a recent software update, iTunes wiped out much of his library and he is in the process of rebuilding it again. He has only gotten so far in restoring his library, so knows which songs were restored and which he couldn't perform yet. Luckily, he had saved some songs to his iPhone, but they were not effected, so that helped. For most of the requests, he had the music. Clark then went into the audience and kidded around with some of the ladies while he sang, and took the weight off his broken foot a few times. The ladies loved it. Joyce Tisovec pulled out an empty chair for him when he moved her way, which he seemed to appreciate.

Of course, he had to sing Hallelujah, everyone's favorite. Someone asked for Cherie Baby and he said it was a little early in the day for his falsetto voice, but he did fine. There were some quips back and forth between Mary Kay Willa and Clark that were priceless. Clark said he likes it when his fans get to know him and follow him. Some of us were surprised to know that he has a daughter who will be starting college soon. Brown Eyed Girl was next and he got us clapping and singing along, especially at the Sha la la la la la la la la la la dee dah La dee dah part. Then Mandy, followed by Sweet Caroline. At that point he had to change devices so he had the music to I Did It My Way. Someone asked whether his wife sings. No, he married outside the biz, but he said she is a phenomenal typist and keeps him organized.

Next was Uptown Funk, which got lots of us up to dance and earned him a standing ovation. Sunshine in My Pocket kept the ladies moving, followed by Good Girl (I Know You Want It). Wanda Supple got up and was dancing for Clark while he sang that song. I'm not sure he knew quite what to make of her, but everyone enjoyed the show. Clark ended his performance with It's a Wonderful World, topped with Satchmo's signature ending, "Oh, yeah...." in his best Louis Armstrong's imitation. Clark made it through the afternoon, most of the time on his feet. Hope he didn't overdo his first day without crutches and regret it.

The door prize drawings were next. Each winning lady received a $10 gift card, one for City Fire and one for the movie theater.

Then we had the 50/50 drawings. Here are some of the winners.

As Clark was packing up his equipment, he was hired to come back next October. It will be an All Request show. About a month before, we should send our requests so he will be sure to have the music we want to hear most. Sounds good!

 Congratulations to ALL our lucky winners. For the rest of us... better luck next month (it could happen...).

A BIG Thank you to Clark Barrios for a great afternoon of music, and for making it to Churchill in spite of his broken foot and making our ladies with October birthdays feel extra special. And thanks to all the ladies that provided the yummy desserts.

Next month, we'll have one of the first women to be hired by the U.S. for the Secret Service back in 1971 (5 women: 1,150 men), Sue Ann Baker. If you'd like to get her book about her experiences as a female agent in the male-dominated world of the Secret Service, you can pre-order hardcopy or paperback book that she'll sign. She will bringing some books with her, but if you pre-order, you'll be assured a copy.

See you in November....

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