Children Living in Ocala National Forest
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Supporting Project SOS Homeless Vets & Their Families

As a service organization as well as a social one, the club supports Children Living in Ocala National Forest. Lynnhaven resident, Gary Kadow, made us aware of homeless families living there. There was a need to provide peanut butter & jelly sandwiches so children could be assured of getting a meal once school was out and they were no longer getting free lunches at school. Lynnhaven Ladies decided to have a peanut butter & jelly drive, which then became an annual event.

Gary founded Project SOS (Support Our Soldiers), Inc. back in 2010 after his son-in-law who was serving in Iraq and Afghanistan made it known what it was like on the front lines, and what was needed to treat the wounded and children caught in the middle of conflicts overseas, and Gary worked hard to supply those supplies. As troops were withdrawn from these war zones, he turned his eye to helping vets and their families here in Central Florida, including those living in Ocala National Forest. Realizing that when the school year ends, the children in the forest lose their school lunches and might not get a meal at all. Gary appealed to Lynnhaven Ladies to have a peanut butter & jelly drive, and our Ladies promptly leaped into the breach. The drive was a huge success and everyone was so generous, that the club made it an annual event, right before schools were to let out in May.

A year or so ago, Gary appealed to the Ladies again. There was a desperate need for diapers and baby formula. Our Ladies were happy to help and donated what was needed. As a 501(c)3 charity, Gary was able to find a supply source that could provide what was needed at a greatly reduced price; he could get needed supplies cheaper than any of us could get, even if we got BOGO deals, so our money went further. Monetary donations also provided flexibility to change purchases quickly as needs changed, and 100% of our donations go to help our veterans and their families.

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