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June Wild Card Bingo & Ice Cream Sundaes

The Lynnhaven Ladies gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center on Thursday, June 13th, looking forward to an afternoon of fun. As usual, Lucy Mills and Doris Bouffard greeted us with chocolates, and Diane Householder helped us unload our donations for Operation Shoebox, the Wildwood Food Pantry, as well as the other items being collected. (Shirley Palazzo is collecting mascara brushes for Wildlife Refuge to help clean birds and Lorraine DeGenova is collecting prescription bottles for an organization that creates portable mini-sewing kits). Quite a few of our friends and neighbors weren't there, being up north for the summer. Some were getting ready to leave. This was the club's last luncheon social until September.

Lauren Whitehouse was inside the door to give everyone a door prize ticket, as was Marion Getzes & her sidekick Christi Mathewson to welcome new and renewing members and guests. We picked up our name badges around the corner, where Mary Eill was selling 50/50 tickets. Tickets (and chocolates) in hand, we greeted friends and found a place to sit and eat our lunch.

President Ann Lewe (pronounced Lee) welcomed everyone and announced that we needed to get our 50/50 tickets before the meeting. She also suggested that we get in tables of 4. Lauren Whitehouse led us in the Pledge of Allegiance when the meeting was started. Shirley Palazzo told a tongue-twisting Joke of the Day, and Lorraine DeGenova delivered the an inspiring Thought for the Day. Ann then asked if we had any June birthdays? Three ladies got up to introduce themselves. Happy Birthday, ladies!

June is the month that we celebrate Father's Day, celebrating our fathers, husbands and partners. Ann shared that she celebrated an extra special Father's Day on June 18th, 1951. She presented her husband with a baby boy. Now that's a Father's Day gift! Ann continued with the announcements. The club donated $200 each to the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox. People were pleased about that. Lynnhaven Neighbors won't meet over the summer months, but will resume their socials in September, when they'll have a golf scramble in the afternoon, followed by a picnic-menu dinner & entertainment at Laurel Manor in the evening.

Ann then wanted to thank Sandra Walver and Pat McGraw for volunteering to take our food donations to the Wildwood Food Pantry, and Kathy Marston for taking our Operation Shoebox donations to them. And thanks to the Hospitality committee: Sue Oprisu, Colleen Farrell and Shirley Palazzo, and to our greeters: Carol Bouffard, Lucy Mills and Diane Householder.

Next on the agenda was the Treasurer's report. Anne Russell announced that after income, expenses and donations, the club has $1,626.53. Secretary Janet Steenburgh read a letter from Don Huggins, coordinator of the Wildwood Food Pantry, as thanks for our donation. Dot Powley reported the activities of Helping Hands over the past month and asked for volunteers should we need someone to provide a meal for someone getting out of the hospital, someone needing a ride to the doctor's until they are allowed to drive again, etc.

Marion Getzes was next, announcing that the club now has 159 members, and we had guests from Holland, Germany and San Francisco. She asked the new members and guests to tell us where they were from. She also welcomed Mary Lou Triola back. Also, beginning October 1st, Marion will start collecting membership dues for 2020. Ann reminded us that there weren't going to be meetings in July and August, but in September, the Cloggers with our own Darlene Woomer would be our entertainment. In October we'll have the fabulous, awesome, and incredible Clark Barrios! And the club's annual bus trip this year will be to the HSN (Home Shopping Network) Outlet & Mazzaro's Italian Market in St. Petersburg on Tuesday, October 15th. You can start signing up on Monday, August 15th.

With the meeting over, Lauren started picking tables to get their ice cream. Sue, Colleen and Shirley were busy scooping ice cream and putting it out on the bar as quickly as they could. We got our ice cream and added our own toppings. YUM!

As we cleared our tables, it was time for fun and games. Janet told us how card bingo was played, and some of us were redistributed so that four people were at each table. A table captain was picked and the playing cards were shuffled and dealt. We each laid out our cards face up. We were ready.... The cards were called out one-by-one and we put the card in the center of the table. The first one to have no cards left called out Bingo! In that first game, three people called Bingo. The tie was broken by drawing the highest card from a deck. The winner got $10. The cards were reshuffled and distributed, ready for the next game.

The next game would have jokers. If a joker was called, our instructions often resulted in us gaining more cards in front of us. The first time around, we had to pass one of our cards to a neighbor. Cards started piling up in the center again. We were so close to losing all our cards when the dreaded word "Bingo!" was heard (foiled again). The winner of that game got $10, as well. Sometimes when a joker was picked, we might give away or receive a whole suit, or someone had to move to another table. Another game, another win, and another $10... then another.

With the next game, everyone stood up. If one of the cards in front of us was called, we sat down. Last person standing was the winner. The winners of the next two games got $15 each. We came so close, with only one card remaining, and then Bingo! (So close and yet so far....) The winners of the next two games each took home $20.

But the afternoon wasn't over yet. Lauren called the ticket number of the door prize for $10 gift card to Publix. Next was the 50/50 drawings.

The owner of the first ticket drawn went home with an extra $30 in her pocket. The next three winning tickets were worth $21 each. Congratulations to ALL our lucky drawing winners, as well as our winners of the games and drawings! For the rest of us... better luck next time ( could happen...).

As we gathered our things to head home, several people commented that Wild Card Bingo was more fun than regular Bingo! Friends agreed with them. Remember, no meeting in July and August, but we'll be back together in September, with The Cloggers as our entertainment. And, you can start signing up for the October bus trip to the HSN Outlet & Mazzaro's Italian Market starting Monday, August 15th.

See you in September....

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