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December Meeting
:  Christmas/Holiday Luncheon
Event cancelled due to the restrictions placed on club gathering by The Villages.

Next Meeting:  Hopefully... Thursday, January 14th

The Lynnhaven Ladies Club is a social and service organization that plans fun activities just for the women of our village, and provides a venue for making friends. These socials are usually held:

2nd Thursday of each month
 12 noon
  Churchill Street Recreation Center

All women who live in the Village of Lynnhaven and receive their mail in Lynnhaven are welcome to join our group. For further information, please call Anne Lewe at 352-552-5300.

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A Letter from Ann New
Donations to our Charities New

Christmas/Holiday Luncheon Cancelled
Thank You, Lynnhaven Ladies!

April, May & June Events Cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.
July & August Summer Vacation
March The Parking Lot Band

Coming Up in 2020 December luncheon also cancelled.
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Membership in Lynnhaven Ladies Marion Getzes is accepting dues for 2021 until the end of the year. Updated
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The Club Supports...

     Helping Hands
Women Helping Women in Our Village

     Wildwood Food Pantry
     Operation Shoebox

Lynnhaven Ladies Council
Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2019 & 2020
     Lynnhaven Ladies Council for 2021 & 2022
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     Election of Officers


A Letter from Ann

November 4, 2020

 Dear Lynnhaven Ladies,

Greetings to all! It is hard to believe that our last meeting was way back in March. To say the least, it has been a very disappointing year. I have missed our meetings and seeing all of your smiling faces and hearing the good news you all have to share. However, there is some good news. 

First of all, we gave a total of $1,000 to our two charities, the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox this year, and we supported the children in the Ocala forest this summer with our peanut butter drive.

Secondly, fifteen ladies have volunteered to be on the 20212022 Lynnhaven Ladies Council, which is just fantastic! They will all do a great job and bring new ideas to our club!

I am very hopeful that we will be able to have our January meeting and at that time I plan to introduce the new Council members and our new President, and say my goodbye. Then, after the membership approves these gals, I will turn the meeting over to Sue Peregrine, the lovely lady who has agreed to lead our club for the next two years.

We are currently collecting dues for 2021 and there have been a few questions about that which I would like to address here. Lynnhaven Neighbors has elected to waive dues for 2021, which is very appropriate for that group since it has a large membership and a much larger treasury than Lynnhaven Ladies. I feel that we need to collect dues so that we can continue our philanthropic contributions to the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox. since our club is founded on the premise of friendship and philanthropy. We will also need money to pay for the entertainment that everyone loves so much. It is definitely a goal of our club to give back to the membership, and Im sure the new Council will continue to have door prizes each month and give back to our members with the ice cream social,  prizes on a bus trip, etc.

Currently, the Recreation Centers are only allowing 50% capacity for meetings and no outside entertainment. Of course, desserts and drinks are also restricted. But hopefully things will improve in the next few months and we will be able to carry on.

Until we meet again, stay well and safe.



Donations to our Charities

Our treasurer, Anne Russell, informed me that we have $1,761.38 in our treasury and the council decided to go ahead with our donations to the club's two charities, the Wildwood Food Pantry and Operation Shoebox. We have donated $400 to the Wildwood Food Pantry and $200 to Operation Shoebox. We donated $400 to the food pantry in April and I am sure they are still in need.

Ann Lewe
President, Lynnhaven Ladies


Christmas/Holiday Luncheon Cancelled

Due to the restrictions on meetings put in place by The Villages as it moves to the next phase in reopening, the Christmas/Holiday luncheon has been cancelled.

Hopefully, our luncheon socials will resume in January 2021.
Stay well, protect yourself, and look after each other.

Ann Lewe
President, Lynnhaven Ladies


Due to the continued situation with the Covid-19 virus,
all meetings and programs have been cancelled until further notice.

Good Morning, Beautiful Lynnhaven Ladies,

Hope you all are still doing well. I miss you all and admit that this pandemic has gone on far too long and it looks as though there is no relief in the immediate future. With that said, I am canceling all Lynnhaven Ladies events until further notice. I feel certain they will not open the Recreation Centers in September, and even if they open them in October, it will be pretty difficult to have a meeting with chair spacing, masks and a very limited number of those who will be able to attend. I still keep hoping that things will be better by December so that we can at least have our holiday get together. I will keep you apprised of any information I receive from the Recreation department... and I will try to keep smiling! Blush

Until then, take care and stay safe.

Ann Lewe
President, Lynnhaven Ladies


Membership dues are collected at meetings. Please pay your dues via check, made out to Lynnhaven Ladies.

See you next year for another fun afternoon with the gals....

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