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Useful Internet Links to Websites

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I have found the following links useful and I think you will too. If you have a suggestion, or if one of the links does not work, please contact the webmaster (click on link & copy email address).

Save on Car Insurance Reminder
Learning Resources for Seniors

Weather Websites
     The Emergency Email & Wireless Network

Miscellaneous Websites (Cheapest Gas in area, Kelly Blue Book, Market Watch, Free ads, Operation Shoebox, search tools, etc.)
Find 1-800 Numbers for Any Company

Local Websites & News (Villages news & links, homeowners associations & their online newsletters, weather, restaurants, CDDs, County Commissioners, Learning College, etc.)
     Restaurants In and Around The Villages & Restaurant Reviews (The Gourmet Club & Restaurant Review Site)
          Golf Cart Accessible Restaurants
     Talk of The Villages — Villagers' Online Community Connection
     The Villages Activities — Online Search of The Villages Recreation News

Federal Websites (Social Security, IRS, Hospital Comparisons, Fed. Info. Center, Product Safety, Postal Service, etc.)

State Websites (State, check a license, emergency information, consumer services, sexual offenders, etc.)
     Florida Division of Consumer Services (Check scams and other alerts, recalls, tips, services, etc.)
     Florida Sexual Offenders & Predators Website (Check for sexual offenders, family watchdog)

Medical Information Websites
     Medical References
     Wrong Diagnosis
     Health eNotes
     Prescription Drugs


     Mesothelioma Guide

Addiction Resource: Seniors & Drug Abuse — New
The Recovery Village®: Substance Abuse Resources in Florida — New
Too Old to Quit? Seniors & Smoking — New

Links to Pet Services Websites
Traveling with Your Pet
     Moving with Pets
How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog
     Looking for a Pet & Animal Services
The Villages PetFinder
Veterinary & Behavior Information
Veterinary Health Insurance
Medicine & Supplies
Plant & Florida Gardening Websites

Weather Websites

Miscellaneous Websites

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