Scammers in The Villages
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Beware of Scammers in The Villages

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Thanks to Carole Hannigan for passing this information along to us.

It appears that the "Gypsies" are back in town. These people come down from up North in the winter, trying to scam the residents of The Villages.

They were at the Rohan parking lot recently. A woman and a man in a beige SUV asked for gas money, claiming that they need to get to a hospital and ran out of gas and money. A couple the ladies from the Glass Club fell for the scam and gave them money.

They also break into cars and homes to steal property. We later found out from the front desk attendant at Rohan that 3 cars were broken into last week in the Rohan parking lot.

A couple members of our club had a man ring their door bell, then try to force himself into the house after the members opened their door.

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