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January The Fabulous Petrina & Subway

Lynnhaven Neighbors gathered at Churchill Street Recreation Center on Friday, January 18th, to enjoy one of our favorite performers the dynamic and fabulous Petrina. We were greeted at the door by Roger Myers and Marie Heideman, who we checked in with, and Mary Dooley who helped us find our name badges quickly. Pat Mitchell and Carole Hannigan were seated just beyond so we could get our 50/50 tickets before we looked for a place to sit.

With that out of the way, we greeted friends and neighbors, and settled on a place to sit. The event had been sold out, so we quickly staked out our seats, before getting down to serious socializing... or to relax with our favorite beverage (it was BYB, or coffee and water).

President Ralph Helwig welcomed us with a Happy New Year! He announced that with a full house, it had been getting warm, so the air conditioner and the fans were turned on. Doing both was a bit too much and people were complaining that the fans running on high were blowing cold air directly onto them. The fans evidently couldn't be put on low, so the fans were turned off again. Ralph started with his "Rod South memorial" jokes. They were all winners this month.

Rather than have Dot Myers announce this month's volunteer committee, she had asked Ralph to recognize all those who helped. They were of course Dot & Roger, Kathy Warner, Janet Steenburgh, Ann Lewe & Ray Gensinger, Mary Eills, Maria Lahey, and Marie Heidemann. They got an appreciative round of applause. Mary Dooley was next, introducing new members. She asked them to get up and let everyone know where they hailed from and where they live here in Lynnhaven. One of the new neighbors was Dorothy, and that day was her birthday Happy Birthday, Dorothy, and Welcome all!

Past President & current Treasurer Ellen Conner was next with the microphone. She called our attention to the can at the back of the room near the door and asked that we drop our loose change into it on our way out. The money that is collected in the can throughout the year is combined with the club's annual donation to the Wildwood Food Pantry. Ellen also explained why we were at Churchill Street instead of Laurel Manor with entertainment like Petrina... The Villages took the club's previous Laurel Manor dates away, allowing them to only have the venue twice a year, and it was too late to get it back for Petrina's show, so the event sold out quickly and many of our friends and neighbors weren't able to get in. The club's Council has been working on getting the Laurel Manor for more than just twice a year, but the days and dates aren't the 3rd Friday of the month anymore (see What's Coming Up in 2019 and mark your calendars). Membership chairperson Barb Hartmann got up and explained that the club currently has about 250 members so far, but Churchill can only accommodate 110 120 people (depending on the entertainment), so sign up early for events held at Churchill to be sure you can get in.

Next month, the club is having a Golf Cart Poker Run & Ice Cream Social and they're having really good prizes for the winners. In March, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'll have Irish singer & comedian Cahal Dunne here at Churchill. Since they won't need a dance floor, the club will be able to accommodate 120 members. Since the 3rd Friday in April is Good Friday, April's event has been moved to Tuesday, April 16th, with the Lynnhaven Putting Cup in the afternoon (the large putting green just past the Arnold Palmer restaurant) and a potluck dinner at Laurel Manor in the evening. She also asked that if we can suggest or recommend an entertainment for the club to pass their suggestion along. Ralph then said that the survey for the evening's Petrina show would be on the website when it is published that night, and asked that we provide our feedback and take the survey. President of Lynnhaven Ladies Ann Lewe was next, announcing the club's upcoming event in February... Pop Culture Trivia. Its a really fun event and she invited all the ladies living in here in Lynnhaven to join them on Thursday, February 14th. Announcements out of the way, Ellen asked someone to pick the first table to go up for their food. She said there were assorted hoagies and wraps, and asked that everyone take no more than two items, only one bag of chips and one cookie so there is enough for everyone. After everyone has gotten their food, we can go up for seconds.

Things were going slowly as everyone pondered which sandwich, wrap or cookie they would take, but finally, everyone got their food and went back to their table to eat. Petrina made her entrance in a blur of energy, ready to start her show. She bantered some with Ralph, then asked how many have seen her perform before? Hands raised. She joked that she'd have to rethink her plan since so many of us have seen her perform before. She's been in the U.S. for 10 years now and in The Villages for 9, and became an American citizen in 2014. Her first job here was at Garvino's in Sumter Landing, doing a cabaret-like show. Her mother was co-owner so she had an in to get started. Since then, she has performed all over The Villages and at the Squares, as well as in area restaurants.

Petrina got us all involved from the get-go. Her first selection was Be My Baby and she had the women sing the "Wha oh oh oh" part on cue and the men singing the "oh oh", followed by Do Wah Diddy, with us singing the chorus of "singin' do-wah diddy-diddy down diddy-do". To get us up and moving, she sang Kansas City. Dale Bull and his wife Dianne Martin were the first to get up to dance. Hey Baby was next and Petrina led us in singing the "ohh ahh" part. When she sang one of our favorite John Denver songs, Country Road, she didn't have to urge us to sing along at all; it just happened.

She asked us what we'd like to hear, and someone said, Pink. Petrina said she had often been compared to Pink so was booked as a Pink impersonator. Although she sings Pink's songs, she much prefers to sound like herself. That was alright with us. She then asked if any of us had a thing that we'd do at parties. We weren't sure what she meant until she said her thing was to impersonate Elvis' lip thing, adding that she sounds like Elvis, too... in her mind. That got a laugh.

Petrina asked where Dorothy the belly dancer was? Dorothy raised her hand. It was Dorothy's birthday and she was 85. Petrina led everyone in singing Happy Birthday, then got Dorothy to to come up and sit. The next song was Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ol Oak Tree, and she had a roll of yellow crepe paper ribbon that she wound around Dorothy as she sang the song. Poor Dorothy. Before we knew it, Dorothy couldn't see to speak for all the ribbon. What a good sport she was! Petrina helped her break out before going on.

The lights were bright, and Petrina got someone to dim the lights to be more conducive for dancing. She sang Crazy. That did the trick and more people got up to dance. Could I Have This Dance kept the dancing going, then Unforgetable. A lot of us just like to sit and enjoy the performer, but Petrina changed pace with Shout, getting us to throw our hands up with every Shout! This is The Villages, so she had to get us up to do the Electric Slide to Mustang Sally, followed the Cupid Shuffle line dance to Down. She changed the tempo again with Let's Twist Again.

Next, she got everyone up, with the women in a line on one side and the men on the other. The people at the front of the line would meet and dance down the center aisle to Boogie Oogie Oogie doing anything we wanted, to be a crazy as we wanted, and keep going round until the end of the song. It ended up that we had a different partner each time. That was great fun! That was followed by Chain of Fools, then Bobby McGee, You Can Dance, then slowing it some more, Tonight You're Mine. Mixing it up some more, she sang the Tina Turner song, Proud Mary, with the same energy as Tina when she was singing it.

Before we knew it, our time was almost up; the end of the evening had arrived, but the evening wasn't quite over yet. We still had the 50/50 drawings to go. We took our tickets out and waited for one of our numbers to be called. There were three winners and Ralph had someone pick the first winning ticket. The first winning ticket was Ron Kalmin's, who went home with an extra $30 in his pocket. The second ticket drawn worth $35 was Joan Werner's, and the big winner was Joan Hartung, who went home with $45.

Congratulations to ALL our lucky drawing winners! For the rest of us... better luck next time ( could happen...).

A BIG Thank You to Petrina for a super fun and musical evening. There was lots of action and dancing and great variety... something for every one. If you'd like to see more of her, you can pull up her website at (her appearances are near the top, hi-lighted with blinking arrows), or follow her on facebook at You can also sign up for her newsletter and she'll email you information about where she'll be performing next; click on the arrow & envelope to send her an email, or call 407-621-1097. Her next show will be at the Havana Country Club on Thursday, January 31st, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Thanks also to this month's volunteers who planned and set up... Mary Eills, Marie Heidemann, Maria Lahey, Ann Lewe & Ray Gensinger, Dot & Roger Myers, Janet Steenburgh, and Kathy Warner... then cleaned up afterward. Great job!

Remember to renew your membership for 2019. For February 2019, the club will have a Golf Cart Poker Run in the afternoon, return home for dinner, then be back at Churchill that evening for an Ice Cream Social, with make-your-own ice cream sundaes. The event is Friday, February 15th.

See you Next Month....

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